Book Review : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

I recently completed the third book of the year “Forbidden Dreams” by Madhuri Banerjee and was completely tangled in thoughts over the plot. The cover of the book has Huma Qureshi saying ” Madhuri gives us a peek into the modern Indian housewife who isn’t afraid to love and follows her heart ” and we can’t deny it after reading the entire book.


The book’s title and the cover design are spectacular in it’s own way that the author and the design team has chosen the perfect cover for the book. It is sure to grab the eyes of the readers. ( It has already hit the bestseller in some E-Commerce sites). They don’t mislead the readers and provide full justification to the plot.


The plot revolves around four women (the protagonists of course) Ayesha who is married but never loved her spouse, Kavita who regrets her marriage till date, Naina who has a love marriage and betrayed by the one whom she loves the most & Kaajal who has a complicated relationship deciding not to end up in marital life. Those married women pour all their time, energy,care in their falling bland marriage lives and decide to stay intact for the sake of children and their happy past.


All of them try their level best to make their marriage life boats to stay afloat in the life waters but life provides them with something else. They break the orthodox beliefs and follow their own path leading to their own desires.  They aren’t bound by the customs nor they cling to the life ropes of their failing relationships. This is the story of four women who make their own path and follow their minds.


The author has been successful in making the characters more relative to the readers as we can many women trying hard to make their marriage lives stay afloat amidst many troubles. The characters here too are well edged and particularly the character “Pinky” would stay in the minds of the readers. The events are very much familiar which makes this page turner relatively good. The language is simple enough to understand and the plot is also engaging.


The message that author provides is that all women whatever the hardships they receive must follow their own path and their desires. That is very much the message needed as the book will be a eye opener for many women who are entwined in a similar situation as that of the main characters. Although I suggest they act on their own rather than following the examples of the main characters. They should take the main theme of following their dreams and making their lives happier rather than making their lives worse by staying afloat in a relationship.


The book is a short one, so the plot engages us with a brilliant theme and never gives the opportunity for other thoughts to peep in while reading the book. The book is a light read and can be good for a travel companion. Expecting more thoughts from the author on her consecutive books which are to come in the future.



About the Book:

Title : Forbidden Desires 

Author :  Madhuri Banerjee

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137305 , 9788129137302

Rating :

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Flipkart : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Amazon : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Kindle Version : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee ( Kindle Ebook)


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Book Review : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Anuj Tiwari

There are some books that takes us away to other worlds just by their cover design, some by their exiquisite content and some like this book’s title. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”, the title stands alone giving us a brief good view about the book. The famous Whitney Houston’s R&B song which won her the Grammy’s Best vocal performance is a great way to be held as the title for the book and no wonder I saw the book “OUT OF STOCK” within days of release indicating the right title and the best content reaches the people far and wide.


The cover design is so colorful and gives us a peek about the content of the book making us guess it is a romance book. The cover design plays a crucial part in the success of a book and Anuj & his design team has well read the minds of the youngsters these days. The book would sure attract and catch the eyes of readers in a book store eventually due to its vibrant cover.


I haven’t read Anuj Tiwari’s previous books. So when the book was released on the New Year, I have made my mind to read this particular book and here I am completing the 2nd book of the Reading Year 2016. This book is the author’s third book and it has been an awesome experience reading it. The blurb of the book in various E-Commerce sites has a particular line that caught my eye when I browsed through them,


” If we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future. “

Even thought the line sounded like a line from an Rohit Shetty Movie trailer, this line particularly made me pick up this book with lots of expectations. 


The book is about the story revolving around youngsters particularly about the love story of Angira and Ved. Angira is a career driven girl and Ved is an footballer studying MBA. The fate brings Ved into the life of Angira who have different personalities developing an unexpected bond. The story thereby revolves around the events that happens aftermath and reveals about their dark pasts.

Anuj Tiwari

The story catches up with readers as soon as the book begins and it’s hard to keep the book down. The plot engages the readers with it and doesn’t force the readers into a state of boredom by indulging in giving unwanted plot twists that carry away the story. The characters are well etched like inks in the paper. The conversations between Ved and Angira in the form of messages in the phone (same as phone messages in the book) caught the eye and was a thought provoking idea by the author (scores again apart from the cover design part.) The language in which he has written is in casual form without having the readers to search for the words particularly focusing on the slang. The incidents happening can be much related to the normal people so these incidents doesnt have difficulty in bringing connection to the next ones.


The book finally is  fun light read without much exaggeration in simple terms. The book could be finished within a day as the the plot is too engaging and one would find it difficult to keep it way. The youngsters would be much attracted towards the book and the author kept his good work here. A must read for Indian based story lovers.





About the Book:

Title : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay 

Author :  Anuj Tiwari

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137321, 9788129137326

Rating :


Links :

Amazon : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari

Kindle Version : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari (Kindle)





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Book Review : Kissing Frogs for a While :Pavan Tarawade



This book is Pavan’s first step into the literary world and I am glad that he chose to write his first novella with such confidence and quality. The book is a short one and anyone would be surprised to see that a nascent writer chose “short story romance” as a genre rather than beginning with a currently trending genre such as Mythology or a  Thriller. Congratulations for that boldness Pavan.


About the book, its about Ayesha living in Mumbai who has a illustrious career, short list of friends and had a bitter experience with love relation is on a hunt to choose the Mr.Right of her life through a matrimonial site when she is pushed to the edge by the uprising age and her parents. She is bold and the type of girl who we can see in our quotidian life, but when it comes to marriage and choosing the man for her life she seems to be gone lost in thoughts.  So she signs up in a matrimonial site searching for the man of her life. She is supported all along the way by her parents, her lonely friend who always accompany her to the cafe who has a crush on her. Did the find the right guy or did Piyush (her Ex) came back into her life or the her friend who had a crush on her managed to be the Mr.Right forms the climax of the story.



The book is well written in words and quality that we couldn’t keep the book down until it ends. The book is short so it keeps us engaged till the end without giving much headaches about the number of pages. The titular character Ayesha sticks well with the readers as her character is scripted like a door next girl one, so we can relate what she thinks and how she acts in situations. The other characters like Piyush, her Mom, her Friend doesn’t stick well as they don’t have much job in the book. The twist which is at the end of the story is rather guessable but nevertheless it didn’t make us hate the book. The connection between various events could have been better told which carries us away in our thoughts.


Any good book is judged by its cover design (At least for a non reader book covers act as a great thing to pickup a particular book), and in this particular book the cover design isn’t much attractive with mundane title design. It’s a good book and I want the author to focus well on the cover design and title design part to be much better in his upcoming books.


This book is finally fit for any reader who is interested in exploring new writers and those who particularly indulge in books having an Indian background. Such a short book with a good story and totally enjoyable.

About the Book:

Title : Kissing Frogs for a While 

Author :  Pavan Tarawade

Publisher : Notion Press Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789352062553, 9352062558

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart :  Kissing Frogs For A While by Pavan Tarawade


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Wake up to a Gold Morning with good vibes

Colgate BlogEach and everyone of us believes today that the next day should be full of good things exactly like a golden morning with the day occupied with utmost happiness and enjoyment. But every wish will not happen until it is wished by God.

People these days are finding less time even to speak with their family because of various tensions and mainly due to the technological invasions in our houses. Lots of factors decide our sleeping time and our morning times. But there are something that happens to be unchanged even in the course of time and one such event is brushing and a hot morning coffee.

Atmosphere plays a very major role deciding the day with its fragrance. Whenever you search for the longest day and the shortest day , you will get only unique days in google and in the case of our lifestyle which has become so routine instead of lovely gives us many longest days in terms of work and keeps us sticked to our commitments and shortest days are very rare and even there were possibilities of a zero shortened day in your mind Google when searched.


World you are a unsolved puzzle ,

yet you rise everyday, for what ?

Even though it is bad or good , 

I go on with it forever.

How my mornings turns out to be a gold morning which makes me to run that day with good vibes and happiness.

We have forgotten our KG times resolution which have fled like words in air and that is ” Early to sleep”. Following this mantra is difficult , but it may be essential but various research tells that a good sleep is essential to have good health. So take a proper nap.

The other mantra which everyone will say as prayers in the morning. I still believe prayer has its power , as Paulo coelho quotes in Alchemist ” When you want something , the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “. So it can makes wonder. It’s my personal wish though as everyone will not have a morning prayer, but have time to speak with God.

The other mantra is a morning walk with my pets. In the morning after the sleep our minds will be fresh to take in vibes and if it is good our day is saved and if it went the opposite , it’s hard to predict how the day would go. My days would always start with a walk with my dearest pet friends and even though it is small it would eventually make the day good , even though i may face any conditions. Other thing would be watering the plants and wonder the beauty of the nature for God has created beautiful trees to grow up towards the sky. I still find many would prefer a walk with the pets, since it will also benefit due to the fact that it helps to maintain the health process. Also pets always show love towards their owners, how harsh they are to their pets.

Morning brushing would make not only us feeling better but also others who are with us during the whole day. This routine may have changed in a manner with many brands introducing new ways to lessen our burden in these works. Still brushing our teeth makes us feel good and makes the first positive vibe in our mind and a assurance that this day will be good.

There is also another message hidden in that work , which is, forget the old things that happened in the past because your past day yellow stains which has been this long have been eliminated with a simple brushing , so positive vibes will be automatically inflow when we erase the bad old memories which will not be of any value.

Golden mornings are not made , it is created with our thoughts , habits and positive vibes. So don’t worry about the past and never feel for the future , your present day is more precious than those things and be happy all the time.

Hope everyone gets a #Colgate360GoldMornings everyday with good thoughts and lot of happiness.

  Happy Reading with happy mornings,

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