Book Review : Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara

A non fiction book penned by Subrata Roy Sahara, most famously called “Saharasri” the founder of Sahara India Parivar will drive the readers amazed over the title he chose for his first book of his three part trilogy. Life Mantras isn’t his life events but his take on things about philosophies of life.


I must say choosing this book to read, your mind may mislead that you are about to enter a brief history on the tales of Sahara’s handwork and his skills which led him making the company, one of India’s top, but it isn’t the way he wrote the book. Rather he chose to say things which are essential to the life to lead a happy life. He indulges the philosophical views on knowledge, intelligence, the basic values of life, various emotions, etc., which would  find its way invoking that somewhere we have all learnt this in our lives too or is about to be learned. The cover design isn’t at its best but that doesn’t deter the readers from choosing this as it holds the name of the India’s leading businessman in its cover and would be sure to grab the eyes.

The author spending his life in prison has been thinking such things to write wouldn’t be a surprise to the readers, but the connect which he does with the stories here and there along  with his philosophical views, may it be his story or the stories which he had heard and the examples he gives along the course of the book is what makes the readers stay till the end. The book isn’t that arduous to the readers and rather simple ideas and facts which the readers would tend to know earlier too, but the author’s view would have given a much new perception to the existing views of the readers strengthening their knowledge on such philosophies.


Some repeated sentences all along the book (There are many!!) may tend to be boring for the readers but if they ignore it and read the book, they are up for a new experience on what a businessman who formed his company from a small thing into a nation’s great one and his views on how he thought during his times in prison is a new one for the readers without inculcating a sense of boredom in the readers. The author had said that the publication hasn’t edited and used his words as he had given. With a little bit of good editing the book would have fared well even well with the readers who think these non fictions are boring.


This book is a light read and could be finished in a single sitting. The book is very simple to follow and the 15 chapters in the book spanning a 298 pages having a Q & A in the end will be over even before you think of seeing the page numbers. Those need a simple understanding of lives philosophies may indulge in reading this book.


About the Book:

Title : Life Mantras 

Author :  Subrata Roy Sahara

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Non Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129139855 , 9788129139856

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