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It’s the time the world goes crazy with selfies in Instagram, statuses in Facebook and hashtag tweets in twitter to make their life in social networking linking them with Digital World. Thanks to all those digital tech savvy inventors without whom these tech facilities won’t be available with us. But in Indian scenario its totally a different scenario. Many citizens don’t know about internet.

We now have the facility of paying our telephone bills, electricity bills, taxes via the internet making our lives much sophisticated. But still there are people standing in long queues to pay their bills and their rations. Many still don’t know that bills can be paid with their ATM cards which also act as a Debit Card in most cards. We have many e-commerce sites from which if we make an order the product will be delivered at our home within a day but still lots of people travel more than half a day to buy their  basic essentials and the other things in the markets or the shops.

So to overcome this The Government of India has come up with a solution, a programme called “DIGITAL INDIA” to make a digitally empowered society in our nation.

The logo is a combination of binary numbers 1 and 0 which forms the codes. DIGITAL INDIA logo !!
The logo is a combination of binary numbers 1 and 0 which forms the codes. DIGITAL INDIA logo !!

What is Digital India?

A programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledgeable economy.

Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims to ensure that people in all parts of the country can access a range of government services through electronic means. The initiative also includes plan to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks.

Components of Digital India:

  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Delivering Services Digitally
  • Digital Literacy

Vision : Digital India

The vision areas of Digital India:

I           Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen:

(i)           High speed internet as a core utility shall be made available in all Gram Panchayats.

(ii)          Cradle to grave digital identity – unique, lifelong, online and authenticable.

(iii)         Mobile phone and Bank account would enable participation in digital and financial space at individual level.

(iv)         Easy access to a Common Service Centre within their locality.

(v)          Shareable private space on a public Cloud.

(vi)         Safe and secure Cyber-space in the country.

II         Governance and Services on Demand:

(i)            Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions to provide easy and a single window access to all                      persons.

(ii)          Government services available in real time from online and mobile platforms.

(iii)         All citizen entitlements to be available on the Cloud to ensure easy access.

(iv)         Government services digitally transformed for improving Ease of Doing Business.

(v)          Making financial transactions above a threshold, electronic and cashless.

(vi)         Leveraging GIS for decision support systems and development.

III        Digital Empowerment of Citizens:

(i)            Universal digital literacy.

(ii)          All digital resources universally accessible.

(iii)         All Government documents/ certificates to be available on the Cloud.

(iv)         Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages.

(v)          Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance.

(vi)         Portability of all entitlements for individuals through the Cloud.

Pillars of Digital India :

Digital India aims to provide the much needed thrust to the nine pillars of growth areas, namely

  1. Broadband Highways,
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity,
  3. Public Internet Access Programme,
  4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology,
  5. e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services,
  6. Information for All,
  7. Electronics Manufacturing,
  8. IT for Jobs
  9. Early Harvest Programmes.

Challenges & Solutions for Digital India:

To connect a country which consists of some parts still doesn’t see the light of electricity is a humongous task and a menacing one to our confidence of laying broadband lines around all villages in the country. Internet must be an indelible part of the quotidian life of the people in future generation. So Govt can take the necessary measures in using latest technologies from companies like facebook, google which uses drones, airplanes for supplying signals in places where internet doesn’t exists. So that this problem can be averted


Localisation of internet usage by means of using local languages in the browsers and to use the internet is very important as people would find it easier to use the internet and feel convenient.

Going into Digital governance would make all the offices to reduce the number of paperwork’s and the usage of paper. This is in par with the environmental strategy and is a very welcomed move.

Many people don’t know or is ignorant about the internet and its uses. So Government must make the necessary ways to educate people form the gram panchayats and rural areas about the internet and its uses and how it can uplift the fiscal economy of ours. Thus our Government can achieve in bringing a lot of users in internet within a short span.

Bringing public Wi-Fi hotspots is a great move but it has some complications. It must fully functional and never be uninterrupted making things easier. So Government must look into it and look for feasible ways in installing and operating it.

Digital India can be of much economic importance to our country. Many sellers and ethnic artists who are having great value of products but doesn’t know how to market them can use the e-commerce platforms or make their e-commerce platforms for selling their products on an international basis. This will empower them and will be a great inspiration to all citizens in making creative products.


The focus is on making technology central to enabling change. But E-governance is about more than streamlining processes and improving services. It’s about transforming Governments and renovating the way citizens participate in democracy. The real challenges are how to develop and sustain successful e-governance projects and deliver state of the art e-services to citizens. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as adding e in front of your service delivery mechanism. No country in the world has so far implemented an e-governance system for one billion people.

The Microprocessor Giant “Intel “Inside Digital India :

Public-private partnerships (PPPs), solutions enabled by partnerships between government agencies and private companies are  important for success of country digitization initiatives. One such example has been of Intel. Intel has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India.Intel has been committed to making Indian citizens digitally empowered for several years now. Over the last 20 years,

  • Intel has trained over 18 lakh teachers throughIntel Teach programme
  • Intel Learnprogramme has reached 1.8 lakh under-served students
  • Over 2.35 lakh students and 4,500 faculty across 450 institutes have been impacted through Intel Higher Educationprogramme
  • In 2012, Intel launched the National Digital Literacy Mission(NDLM), along with Nasscom. Over 16,500 youth were trained by 450+ volunteers from 10 NDLM partners in seven days during Digital Literacy Week
  • In December 2012 Intel adopted 3 villages (BBNL pilot for Tripura, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan) and set up digital literacy training camps Achieved 100% digital literacy in these villages, as measured by one e-literate person per household

In Dec 2014 Intel announced  Digital Skills for India and  Innovate for India (#DigitalIndia) initiatives,  Intel India will also work with Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) to build capacity by imparting digital literacy training to key resource persons in the first 1,000 panchayats under the National Optic Fiber Network roll-out in India.

Intel Supports Digital India
Intel Supports Digital India

As part of its Digital Skills for India programme, Intel India has unveiled a digital skills training application, which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages. App is available free on Android Play Store from December 6 2014 in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada. A similar offline training module will also be made available in seven Indian languages. To know more visit

This article I suppose would have given an essential intel and knowledge on #DigitalIndia and my personal opinion is we must support our Government in all its activities to empower our government.

Jai Ho Digital India 


Palm Sunday – What should it remind us ?


Palm Sunday 

 The last Sunday in the Lenten season which Signifies the beginning of the Holy Week. The Holy week is the week which comes before the Easter and it indicates the days where Jesus spent his days in Jerusalem before his resurrection. It promptly tells the ” Entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem”. The Saturday before the Palm Sunday people  or believers prepare palm fronds by knotting them into crosses in preparation for the procession on Sunday. The hangings and vestments in the church are changed to a festive colour mostly in golden colour. On the Palm Sunday , believers from the church hold the Cross which were prepared from the palm fronds and sing the songs and read , readings from the Bible and walk through the streets of the city , which reminds others the beginning of the Holy week. 

Palm-Sunday-Cross-1     Palm-Sunday-Cross (1)

Jesus made a miracle of giving life to a dead named Lazarus , while he stayed in the home of Mary (Don’t confuse with the Holy mother Mary ).

How does it relates with the HOLY BIBLE ?

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ entry into the city Jerusalem. As he rode into the city on a donkey, his followers spread palm branches at his feet and called him “Hosanna” or “Saviour.”  The branches of Palm where considered a symbol of victory , glory and triumph at that time and even now.

Some days after the people who welcomed the King , turned against him and asked the Roman king to crucify Him.

The Holy Week told the world that Jesus was here to redeem the world through his crucification.

Lent days – The days for God

                        Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter. In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included in the count).

                        Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ – his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection.

Easter celebration in India – a common scenario

This ritual is popular in India too, where Christian families give up meat and other special foods during Lent. Some even give up their recreational activities. The money saved from giving up these luxuries is put aside in a little box or earthen pot to be offered on Easter Day at the local church. The day of Easter , brings joy and relief to the people and tells a message that The king is risen.

It reminds of the Questions which the Pope quoted in the last Palm Sunday

The Holy week is a remembering entry of Jesus and people singing and chanting the choruses about JesusAlso this is the week when Jesus was crucified and do we get questions during the week?The questions which will intrude into the minds are

Who am I?

Who am I before the Lord who enters Jerusalem and into me?

Whether I am able to receive him with pure heart?

Whether I am worth to seek his blessings?

Am I like the many people who hated the King “Jesus”?

Whether I am like Judas who betrayed Jesus?

Whether I was like the sleeping Disciples while Jesus was suffering?

Am I like the soldiers who strike the Lord, spit on him, insult him, who find entertainment in humiliating him?

Am I like the Cyrenean, who was returning from work, weary, yet was good enough to help the Lord carry his cross?

Am I like those who walked by the cross and mocked Jesus: “He was so courageous! Let him come down from the cross and then we will believe in him!”. Mocking Jesus….

Am I like those fearless women, and like the mother of Jesus, who were there, and who suffered in silence?

Am I like Joseph, the hidden disciple, who lovingly carries the body of Jesus to give it burial?

Am I like the two Marys, who remained at the Tomb, weeping and praying?

Am I like those leaders who went the next day to Pilate and said, “Look, this man said that he was going to rise again. We cannot let another fraud take place!”, and who block life, who block the tomb, in order to maintain doctrine, lest life come forth?

Where is my heart? Which of these persons am I like?

Let the questions be in your mind and heart and you decide and find the answers for these questions , whether a yes for all these or a no. Let us all prepare our mind to speak of the words what our Lord mentioned and follow the footsteps of Him and the guidance he gave to us and rejoice on the day of Easter and to think of the agony faced by the Lord on Good Friday. Let this Holy week bring the changes we need n the spiritual path.

Link to the Pope’s message : Pope’s message on Palm Sunday

Link to know more about palm Sunday : Palm Sunday 

Link to the images used : Images

With Love,


My Dose of Smartphone Experience : En-route Moto E

Blog 1Technology has improved a lot in over the last few decades. One of the best and biggest technological advancements is the creation of smart phone. A smart phone is a device which offers more advanced computing and connectivity than regular mobile devices – in other words, it’s much more than a phone. It’s a piece of equipment, small in size but very powerful. Although smart phones can be used to make and receive phone calls, they have many other features. Smart phones are changing the way people around the world live, work, study, communicate, play, pay and create.

 RISE OF ANDROID – Evolution

No one would deny the fact that android phones created a buzz in the nascent smartphone markets. With the rise of the Android smartphones people were introduced to various new hi tech things which weren’t available until then. It was like all our childhood geek thinking was put on together in a single smartphone.

      Image Credits : Google Images ; ;android

And then with the rise of the smart phone usages, Moto was quick to adapt the tech things and made new ones like Moto G and the Moto E and the success of them with Flipkart making them genuine.

Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page
Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page

Everyone wants a smartphone in hands – touch screen mobile to be precise. The nascent smartphone user would be perplexed crazy when he uses them for the first time. The joy that is unbound as the growing technology once considered as costly is now at the float of his hands.

Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page
            Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page


Then came the apps. In older Java or Symbian phones, one needs to browse the internet for everything he needs to know. Well, there comes the savior in smartphones in the form of MOBILE APPLICATIONS. For everything and every need you have an application and all you need is an internet connection and to download & install it. Voila!! You need to search a best restaurant for a date there is Zomato, find a way to a location there is Google Maps, Message your favorites there is Whatsapp and what else is not there. You can find applications ranging from Education to Entertainment, Sports to Politics, News and the list goes on.


The main thing that became a hit and still is the handy well developed games. Older java made us boring. So, people sort of wanted to try out real time games in a handy mobile phone rather sitting before their play station or computer. Then came the hit of the Season – the games that hooked the mobile owners along with them. You can now see every children asking for Subway Surfers or Temple run as they are the top games now. These games were quite stress busters and we can play it anytime, anywhere we want. There is no need for systems, PlayStations, cd’s and with only a smartphone we can play it with pleasure.


Smartphones came as a savior for every budding photographer who couldn’t afford to buy a flashy exorbitant DSLR camera. The high clarity cameras attached with the smartphones were able to capture most of the emotions with the budding photographers honing their photography skills. Also people tend to use mobile phones in every function rather than carrying cameras which causes tensions to protect it whenever they carry it. Also modern day selfies were a product of the Smartphone cameras. Thanks to them, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is flooded with zillions of selfies in the virtual world.


Its great thing for musicians on the go to create foot taping beats, program the music via the apps available and also a tool to learn new musical instruments. The smartphones are also a great tool for learning new languages reducing the need to search for language tutors across our living area as the applications contain A to Z of many world languages.


People nowadays use smartphones even to criticize the unlawful acts and provide their voice over social Medias and the messaging apps spreading their unity to stand against the evil. Smartphones has now become a symbol of unity among people.

Having a smartphone provides us many advantages in the day to day quotidian life. Smartphones were the crucial route through which we are experiencing sophistication in our daily life’s and are an indelible thing. So having the new Moto E to develop those above mentioned things and the android experience which can even be accessed by an man who doesn’t even have pre Android experience is a great thing.

#ChooseToStart – For a change

   Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page

And Moto E is the just the phone to start with experience of the smartphones with perfect camera, android platform for the apps, music for the buzzing musicians and the music lovers, application developers to think and create new apps and a zillion ways to enthrall our experiences to make life and world a better place to live in.

You are the creator of your own destiny ; So decide what you want to witness in the new Moto E Gen 2 and you can see the features according to your liking and the show is yours. You decide the happenings in the show of the MOTO E.

Catch the new experience of the new MOTO E Gen 2 with all the experiences from the team of creation and from the Head of the Designing Team from Motorola.

I have #ChooseToStart with the New MOTO E Gen 2 smartphone.

With Love,


A breakfast with Gupta Family & Cornflakes

We will all have a plan to go visit our family or friend’s house to have lunch and for a change why can’t a breakfast. Usually we tend to eat breakfast in others house when we were a guest to them and if we had to stay with them , we ought to eat breakfast there.

Image credits :
Image credits : Kellogg’s Anaaj Ka Naashta Facebook Page

The one thing which , I have found different from today morning is everyone is saying that Guptaji’s breakfast will be yummy and they have decided to visit them for a breakfast it seems. I was puzzled at first , why people are so crazy about the breakfast nowadays.

I also got amusument when people said , gupta’s wife made the breakfast in some minutes without keepping the guest to wait for trheir breakfast. The amusument increased when everyone of their neighbours said the same about the breakfast. Also the other reason for that is , there wil be multiple dishes and the dishes will range upto a century.

This information was a real stunner to me and I thought , I should also visit them for a breakfast to know about the recipe.

The first reason of why , I have to visit Gupta family is to know the secrets behind their recipe and soon I also be a\ble to tell other people about the recipe and it’s greatness. Also the wide range of recipe , which Mrs.Gupta prepares and the hospitality they provide for their guests. The differentiation of the recipe will the ultimate reason for their wide talk and the reason should be known to the world , So if not for any reason , I should visit them for their

                                                 Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes

Image credits :
Image credits :

People say that it was the real winner in the breakfast competition rather than the others. But most of them said only this stood extremely well and all the other dishes were not less equal to this and all the other dishes which Mrs.Gupta does is not less when compared to the competition with the other recipe she makes.

The other dish what people mostly spoke is Banana Praline cornflakes which they told is the fastest to make. It’s preparation time is less when compared to the making of noodles. I thought here after whenever a batsmen gets out fast , people will use the meme’s specifying Gupta family’s dish. That will be the unique one about that dish and nothing to worry , I have also learned the dish preparation from one of the family which ahave went to Mr.Gupta house for breakfast.

The dish was so simple that even those who don’t know to cook can make a wonderful dish out of that. The steps follows the conditions that , fill the bowl with cornflakes and add the milk mix and put banana and other chikki and that’s it , you can serve it immediately.

That will be the fastest dish in the history of breakfast making. Also as , I said , I should also learn the tricks behind all the recipe, but it was not at all possible because Mrs.Gupta cannot make all the dishes in one day. So it takes time to know all the dishes.

But you can find all the dishes and how Guptaji’s family prepares them all through the Kellogg’s Facebook page  and also Kellogg’s Youtube page.If you want to check taht withgin a minute , you can by using the video which is provided below.

Kellogg’s Facebook Page :

Kellogg’s Youtube Page :

With Love,


Together – We stand and win

The proverb which impinged my mind and it would be uttered everywhere , whenever they say about unity.

” United we stand , divided we fall “

There may be circumstances when we will realize that togetherness or a team performance will get ourselves more fruit than the work done by our own. The humans in this world will have more of such instances to share. So , I would like to ask why together and not as a single ? , the answer is so elementary that the joy of doing a work as a team will never come when it is done by our own.

What do I have to say with the above topic ?. Is there anything ?, I was pushing my thinking capability beyond the limits to ensure that I tell the best. The one such occurrence stroked my genius mind and I thought that would be also a tribute I give to my friend and my mentor.

The month of august comes every year without fail so as the important events. One such happening which happens regularly is the placements in every college. If the college has a remarkable accolades to it’s honor then there is no chance that it don;t miss the season of placement without fail. The same situation prevailed in mine too. The long sessions of training from the summer till the date we have the final day for our placements and everlasting practice tests , the sessions for group discussion where the faculty will make everyone to speak of such old topics which where familiar from the olden days. The mock test , interviews will make the student to feel like am I studying his departmental stuffs but the truth is the reverse.

The events will prevail until the end of the year. On one such events one of my dear friend didn’t made an offer with the companies which visited my glorious institution. He was a real motivator for other students in his batch and to the bizarre he couldn’t make it. The reality is he headed a group of students from his department for the placements and was really fed up after this incident. The saddest part which added fuel to the burning situation he also could’t make it in the day two companies which appeared.

This made him to feel much. Me and my friends decided to find a solution for this and we decided to plan the strategies will make him to clear the next firm which comes for the recruitment. I made up mind and called him. I told him that we will go outside for a cup of coffee. He eventually rejected that request.

One fine evening when there was another event of recruitment going on our campus , he was eagerly preparing, but he was not allowed to take part in it as his department was not eligible. My friends will usually help him out , I will also help him out when I find time to so.

So , I called my mentor, who was my department placement coordinator and told him the circumstances and the events. He called my friend and we three went for a coffee break in our college canteen. He was little hesitant to talk to us.My sir asked what prevented him to give his best shot and he broke down to tears. Then he said about the circumstances which he faced in his life and on hearing that me and my friend thought , what problems have we faced greater than that. After hearing that we went for a walk from the canteen to the lawn of the computer science department. The walk lasted for about 30 minutes but usually it would take a 5 minutes walk.

The coffee break would have stirred the mind of my friend. My mentor inspired every second he got with his intruding words and thoughts. Encouragement was over flowing from his side. On reaching the destination my friend told him , “Sir , I don’t know whether these are bad but your encouragement raised my mind to work hard to reach the desired one to get recruited.” My mentor was a real boost to him and encouraged him wherever he saw , usually he will do that with no rewards.

The together plan worked out so well that he cleared the first round of the next firm which visited our college , two days after the coffee break day. He was so happy and went straight to my mentor and told it in exclamation. The one thing which , I have failed to say is my friend doesn’t belong to my department and the mentor differs from department to department.

“The Optimistic belief”

We were from different departments. My mentor wished him and he went for his consecutive rounds and cleared those and got offered. A bit of worry is that , Me and my mentor were not there. He came all the way long from the placement department to the place where we were which was at a farthest distance. We were much delighted to hear on hearing the great news.

The happiness which we got can’t be described in words. The optimism which my mentor propagated to my friend was unbelievable.

Image credits : Brainy Quotes
Image credits : Brainy Quotes

Together we have made a mighty thing and due to that my friend succeeded. The optimism helped him to gain his momentum which he has lost during his tough times and made him to achieve greater things and he started a new career in his life after the college days. My mentor’s motivational optimism was the key to the success which I believe. too uses optimism and look up in their strategies to overcome the hurdles to become the best. If you want to know more about it visit the link provided below.

Image Credits :
Image Credits : – #together

Both my friend and my mentor really played a greater role in my college life. May be I take this opportunity to thank them for that. Without you both I couldn’t think of a better me. Thank you.

With Love,


START A NEW LIFE – To reach the desired destination

You get a chance to start new

Change is the only thing that never changes. Everyone will change their stream of life into a convinced path, the reason why they take this most hard decision is because they get a better life whenever they change the path. Not everyone chooses the same path. Everyone will have their own destination and dream and they will get guidance from their relatives and friends and even from their own parents in succeeding their change.The toughest part is in selceting the ultimate change which will give more fruit at the end. People are dare to choose their change with much concentration.

Image credits : facebook page
                                      Image credits : Facebook page

The reason that made me to post this is , to reveal the change which happened in my life. Everyone will be eager to hear others story rather than their own, So I thought it would be a great moment to reveal the instance through this.

Life gives every person in the world an opportunity and those who uses it wisely become the well known. One such instance happens to everyone in their lifetime which is their change over from schooling days to college days. For some it is favorable and for many it is still unfavorable.

The destination what I picked is a college from Coimbatore , the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu and also proudly known as the ” Manchester of South India “. I got good scores in my Higher secondary exams and got a good cutoff to pick the one of the outstanding colleges in Tamil Nadu. To the contrary , I have not visited the city since my childhood days and it was the first that i’m travelling to the city to join my undergraduate degree. I hail from the northern part my state and the institution which i’m about to join is on the west.

I’m so proud at that time , because i’m going to be a college student soon. The pleasure when hearing about good reviews about the college in which i’m going to study fascinated me and also the another reason for the allure is about the city. The day came , I thought ” It’s a new start in my life where , I have to prove myself and it’s going to play vital role in my future days ”


The transition was not easy because there were many logic’s and reasons behind that. The foremost which I would tell is the climate of the city which made to shiver like anything and it was the beginning of the winter. The new environment of the hostel , was entirely new to me. The friends who I missed a lot. I missed my family a lot due to the stay in the hostel and also the mess system which was very new to me. The evergreen city with a beautiful climate and so many good people was entirely different from me and the one thing which differentiated the other places from this mighty city is their ascent in their language of Tamil.

Slowly I overcame all these odd things one by one and I was able to manage everything without my family near. I became self working and everything was happening good.

Later on at the last year of my college after it got over, I has to travel to another location in India , which is not at all related to my state. The reason for which , I have to go is for my Job which I have acquired during the campus placements in my college. The best time in my life is spent on a respectful city called Coimbatore which is a pleasant to stay. Life has to move on right. The next transition as a Software pro began in the later months of November last year.

         TRANSITION TO A NEW START IN LIFE – Again for a reason

The fear for a new city and a start over again is not there , as I have learned many things during my last start of a new life in the journey towards success and career. The things which are similar to both the city is the climate and the later city is still worse in the form of winter. The next important thing is that people. I began a new career in my life and I’m leading a life with much happiness and love.

This all happened because of the new start over of my life and the transition from the schooling to college and to work. The start over of life gave positive energy about how to handle life on my own and also the courage to do things by myself. This was the 1st bold step that I took and it brought great rewards and fruit to me.

If I haven’t gone through this phase of my new life , I fear what I could be now and as evryone says the change makes us different.

” As I enter a new phase of life and my circle broadens, I start learning new things. “

                                                                                         –  Kapil Dev

To end the part of my writing ,  loves good changes and also it prompts to change the way housing market goes. It is good to see has made a drastic increase in their business. As said , the best is yet to come from their brand. 

Take a look at what the brand has for you through this video.

I have made my mind to start a new life in the aspect of technology.

With Love,


House of Cards – Book Review

Starting with the title “House of cards ” , which is enough to say the plot of the novel in that. Yes, as the title projects it is the story of a women in a family. Usually in a set of cards , there will be king , queen , jack , ace and numbers and this also relates with the characters in the story.

Penguin Publications
Penguin Publications

Sudha Murthy’s way of writing would surely impact the young readers. To say something about the specialty of some of the things about the writings it is simple to read and not too many twists and turn.

Characterization is aptly shared between the charters and eventually every characters makes a strong impact that they are needed for the story. The main protagonist Mridula and Sanjay are well portrayed in this. The story mainly revolves around them.

The story in a word would be, how a girl from a village in Northern Karnataka grows up there and married to a guy called Sanjay and moves over to a far away place in Karnataka. The other characters like Mridula’s mother , father and the potrayal and description of the Village in which Mridula says the power of Sudha Murthy to make the readers virtually think of the same village. The couple moves and due to the much heard politics in between the government officials in a Government hospital , the main lead , Sanjay gets frustrated over the job. Also during the course of time , a boy child was born to them. Due to this Mridula also goes for work and their child is taken care by the senior of Mridula who was a senior staff in her school , where she worked.

LAter due to these circumstances Sanjay leaves his job and starts his own clinic in Bangalore with the help of his friend , who became rich in a sudden period of time. Time changes fast and the couple attains all the wealth which they have dreamed of. They buy every needed thing and what initially they had was missing.

The author finishes with the story in a kollywood style . like what you tell as a old fashioned women. The end of the story reveals the whole length portrayal of changes made in the life of a girl turned wife and the impact it has made in her life.

The way in which the author written the story is in a female perspective. The story runs in that way , no way the author could be blamed. The story is not of a MUST READ type, but if read it will make a impact.

The areas in which the author scores are characterization , portrayal of the places , the serious twists , the arrangements of the characters , the knot between the events . I think the story revealed the happenings in the hospitality management and it’s outcomes.

Title                     House of cards

Published by      Penguin Books India

Imprint                Penguin

ISBN13                9780143420361

Category             Fiction

Language            English

Source                Own Buy (bought)

Verdict                 If you love to read a village based family story this is the one you are looking for.

                             Those who are looking for ” how revolution has impacted the society “.

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