Book review – Chronicler of the undead – Mainak Dhar

Chronicler of the Undead book written by Mainak Dhar is the first of the horror genre books based on Zombie apocalypse that I have read. Most of us might have enjoyed the movies and series based on Zombies but to read a book will it evoke the same fear, thrills ?


Mainak Dhar proves it right and he brings in the same emotions of curiosity in his lines. The book is about a Zombie apocalypse that makes the people of the world into undead and roam about the streets. The author who writes in his journal thinks he is the only man surviving in Gangtok in bungalow situated on the hill. The events that unfurls after he decided to hit the roads when he is shortage of food and water, to survive the undead from attacking him makes the rest of the story. The transition of the Captain from a failed army men, failed writer to someone who inspires others, instill the will to survive is thoroughly superb.


The author apart from the serious elements of instilling suspense and thrilling, he has an excellent sense of humor that will sure have a hit among the readers. I finished the book in a single sitting and the book was too engaging that makes us to finish it. The suspense element of the name of the Captain revealed in the very last is a good technique. Calling the zombies as Moreko (its Nepalese) was good one avoiding the quotidian word. But I found the end little bit filmy. Overall this book was quite a horror suspense one and the readers will sure enjoy it.


Some of the quotes that I enjoyed during reading the book (No spoilers I suppose) :


What you need most to survive a zombie apocalypse is not a shotgun, but a bloody can of air freshener. 

People study, work hard at their jobs, gain impressive degrees and qualifications and then, at the end of it, it turns out that grunts shall inherit the world. 

When all else is gone, holding on to decency and honor is the best a person can hope to do.


About the Book :

Title : Chronicler of the Undead

Author :  Mainak Dhar

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Horror

Copy : Writersmelon

ISBN : 978-9385152498, 9385152491

Rating :



Links :

Amazon : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Amazon)

Flipkart : Chronicler of the Undead (Flipkart)

Kindle Edition : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Kindle Edition)


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Stay Inspired – Stay successful

Everyone has a inpiration or to be precise a Demi-God who they worship and follow them to make their path a glorious one. These days even a TED-X speech instills a lot of courage and evoke inspiration in millions. (No offence for Ted-X videos). But still the inspiration or the Demi-God always fade away in some days while we grow up or sometimes it makes us a fanatic. We like to imitate them, follow their way and dress up like them. Most children in their young age without knowing who would have dressed up for their fancy dress competitions. But that’s not the way with inspirations. We read every interview of them, memorise their favourite lines byheart and instill their doings in our day to day habits. Well they are no magicians, but they do magic within ourselves that we change our lives by seeing them.

Well, the readers may think why is he lamenting this long ? But its all about my inspiration and how he influenced my life. My first contact with him was when I got bemused by watching a computer. It may be Bill Gates who has popularised the computers in Indian scenario and the way Windows XP has gelled within our lives wasnt that fascinating to me. It was the Apple computer that I saw in a realtive house and I asked what it is. Till then I have seen only a windows desktop pc and the white thing that was pristine in its color and its clarity and the features that it showcased really amazed me. I asked my realtive what it was and he told me that it was the Apple computers. Fascinatingly, he had the Steve Jobs wallpaper with an apple in his hand. Till then I have heard only of Newton’s apple and I was confused why this apple was with Steve Jobs ? Then as my cousin shared his knowledge about Steve Jobs, I wanted to know more about him. Owning a PC at that time was very not affordable and the apple was even more costly. So I went to my school libary and asked my Librarian about Steve Jobs. He quickly said “Oh.. The Apple guy” and the scene picked up amusement immediatly. He brought me a history about the apple company and I didnt what many terms meant. I was only studying 6th grade and I couldnt get hold of anything other than the company names and the pictures of various computers. As years went, eventhough I didnt have a computer, I developed my knowledge on them by studying various books and magazines about computers. I would use the computer at my cousin’s home and he would be amazed at the knowledge on how I solved issues on anything related to computers. I would have collected games and softwares thinking that one day I will get a computer and these will be useful for me. Whenever I felt bad and was on the verge of losing, I would think of his quote, 
” Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick,don’t lose faith” 
I was a guy with stammering problem and was ridiculed for the most. Everyone will be waiting for the moment so that I stammer and they will laugh out. Whenever I felt like crying and thought I wouldn’t be able to speak properly. But all that ridicules made me stronger and I emerged as guy who could win eloquent competitions. All I did was speak within myself and spoke with the trees and the wall. Whenver life knocks you out for anyhting, do not get deterred nut continue to do whatever that we do so that Victory may emerge and we can smile back at the fate which is waiting to ridicule us thinking we will be detered by our intial failures. 

And with the introduction of animation movies to me, I took a liking to drawing and designing which made me slef learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Everyone would ask me how I learnt or where I learnt Photoshop, and when I say them I self taught myself they will always look at me amazed and ask me to teach them also. I would be very proud and finally when I had myslef my first computer, I really thought how Steve Jobs would have thought when he made a company from nothing and introduced the world to the universe of animation and the world of latest technologies. I was always thought how the man was always thinking of introducing latest technology that only movies featured to even a common man and move ahead. Who would have thought of talking assitant like Siri to be real when only seeeing JARVIS in Iron Man brought us much happiness. The cameras, The Itunes where we can the world music in a place and the Ipods which replaced the nascent Walkmans which required bulk quantities of physical cassettes. I always feel to give something new to this world and have been thinking of give new things, hwich was inspired by him. Eventhough I amn’t a famous person, I will always look upon my persona and will climb the ladders of success and reach the stars one day where my inspiration Steve Jobs will be looking me from Heavens above. The day is not far away and I am looking forward for that day. 


“What do you think of Tata Motors association with Lionel Messi ? ”
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With Love
John Corlos

Book Review – Bhima : The Man in the Shadows by Vikas Singh

I always wonder why in the recent times many authors chose to take the epics and re-interpret them with neoteric narratives and disparate perspectives. New books on the epics with new interpretations are all flooded there (May be it is the season for mythology and epic related series). All we have to do is rightly pickup the one which would amuse us with their words and perspicacity that they enrich within us.


Only the past week I have finished reading the Thirteenth Day by Aditya Iyengar which is based on the epic Mahabharatha. On finishing it, the book Bhima : The Man in the Shadows by Vikas Singh came as an astonishment from Writersmelon as a part of their #FestiveReading series. So here I am scripting my reflections of thoughts that I had after reading the book.

The blurb that I saw in the Internet when I googled about the book in Amazon gave me a brief vista of what the book contains.

The book is all about Bhima, the brave warrior about whom we have heard a lot of fables and tales and read a lot in the epics and seen in the movies. The author has to be appreciated and lauded for the thought of taking Bhima as the protagonist of the book amidst the plethora of characters in the epic, as we may have read more about the epic in the views of Draupadi, Karna, Yudhistra, Arjuna (the most) and even the Kauravas. But this is the first account I am reading which focuses on the feelings of Bhima and how he thought throughout the tale.


The book takes us through Bhima’s maslin of thoughts and emotions. It tries to portrays the other side of the hard grim faced, muscled warrior of his passion, honesty, love towards others, humor senses. The thoughts that Bhima has whenever he thinks of what he will doing if he was there will evoke humor in the readers for sure.

“What would have I done if I were in his place…maybe I would have just taken Draupadi’s hand and walked away from there forever…” 


He was always a warrior on the field while the whole focus fell on Yudhistra and Arjuna. He fought valiantly although Krishna chose to be Arjuna’s charioteer. His thought process on the whole thing of ignorance and the things about his side of feelings will sure make the readers wonder why they haven’t thought these for many days.


But I found the book to be a little bit akward boring as the in the whole book Bhima is seen lamenting about different things. It may be thought process of the protagonist according to the author, but how can a warrior we heard so long great can be only lamenting throughout. I found it little bit misleading there and the other thing is about the consummate thing. Every book finds somewhere a place about the consummating or sex even if it is not needed. It is been as if it has been forced or something. But the author had in some pages tried to incorporate life lessons through the eyes of Bhima. That was interesting to read.


The book is a good read those who want a disparate attempt on an epic and rave for mythology based stories. This book could be finished in a whip as it is easy to follow (The ideas are new though).  Though boring sometimes, this could be a savior during travels and those who prefer to read mythologies.The cover of the doesn’t instantly attract as it seems too dark at places. (May be they should have planned an alternative cover)


About the Book :

Title : Bhima : The Man in the Shadows

Author :  Vikas Singh

Publisher : Westland Limited

Genre : Mythology Fiction

Copy : WritersMelon

ISBN : 9789385152504

Rating :

Links :

Amazon : Bhima : The Man in the Shadows (Paperback)

Kindle Edition :  Bhima : The Man in the Shadows (Kindle)


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The Thirteenth Day by aditya iyengar – Book Review

What is the need for a new novel on Mahabharatha ? Well the epic contains a store house of ideas to be re-invented whenever the authors saw it in a disparate perspective. Aditya Iyengar’s debut novel “The Thirteenth Day” is that kind of a novel which provides a panoply of the events that takes place from the Tenth day to the thirteenth day.

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As the readers of the epic knew the firsts dozen of the days in the war is not that much to exaggerate but the days from the tenth day to the thirteenth day has been told in a awe by the author. He makes a difference in the re-telling by taking a very diverse route.

The author narrates the story by using three main characters that are often not chosen – Yudhishthira, Radheya (Karna) and Abhimanyu. What bemuses me is the handling of the narration by the author by not providing any importance to a particular narration and balances it between them making the story more important rather than the characters. Although the characters are very powerful in their own, Aditya Iyengar brings in on the human aspects of the characters and avoids the usual asuras and the other things focusing the readers on the particular days. He also takes great pain in avoiding the romances and the other stuffs to focus more on the battle.

The character of Yudhistra particularly attracted as he was often misunderstood the most. Aditya shows his other perspective and his thoughts on how he is the sole authority vested to make the decisions while the others defy him of his troubles and the war is fought to claim him the throne.

The book on the whole was an interesting read and it wasn’t the usual blah blah of the famous Jaya story. Those who like the epics which are told in an different perspective will sure like the book, but for the other readers this will sure be a lagging one. But on the whole, the author needs to be lauded for a disparate attempt.

About the Book :

Title : The Thirteenth Day

Author :  Aditya Iyengar

Publisher : Rupa Publications India

Genre : Mythology

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 9788129134752

Rating : four_half-stars_0

Links :

Flipkart : The Thirteenth Day : A Story of the Kurukshetra War

Amazon : The Thirteenth Day : A Story of the Kurukshetra Wara

Kindle Edition : The Thirteenth Day [Kindle Edition]

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