Book Review – Shakuntala: The Woman Wronged – Utkarsh Patel

We are at the cusp of the year 2015 awaiting for the new year to be exuberant all through. This year I have been lucky to read many mythological based novels which enriched my knowledge on various subjects. Although I am not the kind of reader who runs behind a particular genre, mythology has attracted me for the sake of how authors try to be different from the usual context of the yesteryear stories and how they make their own stamp in it.

I have been so curious to read the book Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged when I received the mail. The cover design illustration was particularly nice giving a indie feel intriguing the readers. Kudos to the designer for the excellent design. The author Utkarsh Patel tries to present his version of the tale of  Shakuntala from the Mahabharata based on Vyasa’s original characterization.

The author had portrayed Shakuntala as the women who is bold expressing her views without fears, debates with the well learned sages like a modern day woman. He also visually depicts to the readers the patriarchal society that existed during her age. The author has established a link with the readers by presenting the stories in a continuous manner  starting from Shakuntala’s childhood in the ashram, her meeting with the King of Hastinapur Dushyant and their marriage & separation due the curse and their reunion.

Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged (Cover Design) 

The fictional characters he has added as Shakuntala’s friends and Dushyant friends are adding good support for the flow of the story. Particularly when three friends see the peahen when Shakuntala worries about the marriage engaged to Priyamavada. Also the author gives his views on the patriarchal society through the thoughts of Shakuntala which was very satisfying.

The debate made by Shakuntala with his foster father Sage Kanva about Sati Ahalya on how she was made the victim while she was a scapegoat and her conversation with King Dushyant about hunting proves that Shakuntala was no lesser than a bold girl which every woman must acquire but at the same time be humble expressing her views in front of the learned and the aged.

The story was linear and is very helpful to the readers with the continuity without meandering elsewhere staying intact with the main thread of the tale. The peahen ignoring scene and the thoughts of Shakuntala on the same was the one I found particularly wonderful where the author has inscribed his stamp on the minds of the readers.

I haven’t yet read the version of Kalidasa’s Abijnanashakunthalam, so I found Utkarsh Patel’s version more interesting as  this was the first time I am reading more about the wronged woman Shakuntala. The views are expressed clearly without sugar coating and the characters add much flavor to the tale reminding in the readers mind even after finishing.

Any mythology book lover would surely love this book. I finished the book in a single sitting and the narration wasn’t allowing me to keep the book down. The Time chapter was something unexpected. So its time for me to search and read the Shakuntala by Kalidasa.


About the Book :

Title : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged

Author :  Utkarsh Patel

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Mythology

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 978-8129137463, 8129137461

Rating :

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Amazon : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel

Flipkart : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel

Kindle Edition : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel (Kindle)


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The Bestseller She Wrote – Ravi Subramanian – Book Review

Ravi Subramanian popularly called as the Indian John Girisham stepped into a different genre with his new novel “The Bestseller She wrote “. His books will usually be a thriller with a fast paced story line and a equal enthusiastic portrayal of characters. This new work of him is a different one and this too live up to his nickname with a little deviation from the usual genre.

The Bestseller She wrote is a romantic novel which has Aditya as the lead who is a banker as well as a leading author who have written bestsellers in his writing career. This novel makes a difference with the way the story is carried forward. This story revolves around a mid-aged author which nowadays many authors have forgotten. Whenever you pick a novel, that too a romance novel , you will definitely have a young couple in their 20”s as the protagonist.
This novel has a difference in it’s first impression itself. Aditya is a married author and a banker. He meets Shreya kaushik in IIM. It was not a good one and Shreya is a Student and is an aspiring writer , who wants to become an bestseller in the near future.

Aditya falls in love with the young student who later becomes a trainee in the same team of Aditya. Sanjay , the best friend of Aditya was not interested in recruiting Shreya but Aditya forces sanjay to recruit her.

Aditya was in the final stages of finishing a book and Shreya insist that she must be given the manuscript before anyone reads it. Then she found some parts in the story were uninteresting and tries to change it. Aditya falls as the prey of Shreya. Maya , Aditya’s wife came to know about the extra marital affair of Aditya and Shreya throws Aditya out of her life.

Later the story ends with the answers to what happened to Aditya’s story? Whether Shreya’s book published? What happened to the relationship of Shreya and Aditya ? Whether Aditya and Maya get reunited? What is Sanjay’s role in this?


best seller.jpg


The wonderful plot with a interesting story line moves the pages faster after the breakup of Maya and Aditya.

The marketing strategies used by the authors were also explained in abundance and the reader gets to know the process about how authors strive hard to print a novel of their creativity with hard work. It also details about how hard are to publish a book when you are a first time writer. Surely the author has to be applauded for his efforts to include this into the plot of the story and it happens to form the base of the story line.

Only Aditya’s presence was introduced in a superb way and I felt other characters description were less and it was revealed only during the time when needed. It would have made a clear vision about other characters to the readers.

Overall, the will be The Bestseller Ravi Subramanian Wrote in a romantic thriller genre and he stands apart from others with the clear and successful storyline.

A sure read for the thriller-romance readers, the aftermath of the situations after Maya’s separation  moves the story stronger.


About the book :

Book Title : The Bestseller She wrote

Author       : Ravi Subramainan

Publisher  : Westland

Pages         : 392 pages

ISBN           : 9385152386

Copy           : Blogadda Review Copy

Genre         : Romance

About the author

Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. For Ravi, The Bestseller She Wrote, marks the beginning of a new chapter in his writing. A significant departure from his usual fare, this is Ravi’s first book on romantic intrigue.


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Book Review – When Our Worlds Collide – Aniesha Brahma

I happen to stumble upon this book as a romantic novel and was intrigued to read it. It was a very small novella. The book follows the story of
Akriti who has a sheltered life under Mom without giving a damn about the outside world, secluded.

when_our_worlds_collide_aniesha_brahmaIt tracks how she overcomes her fears and makes her life better making friends, understanding her dysfunctional family and others feelings. It has been mentioned in the novel at the beginning that it would be a disparate one which will never leave your heart and true to that the character Akriti stays with us even after reading the book.

The book is all about realistic moments that we live in. When reading we expect for a different scenario, but the author establishes a simple real life scenario in the book without much exaggeration and discomfort. That doesn’t makes us weary as those are the things that happens in our life and we can relate to it.

The book is a very short novella and it wouldn’t take much time to complete it. The characters are well drawn with their own characteristics and really have an impact on us, especially the Riley & Ayoub characters which appears to be short but doesn’t fails to create an impact.

This rather than to be a romantic novel, feels like a young adult fiction which doesn’t take much of your time giving you a waking experience. IT has only a Kindle edition right now but that is not a problem for the readers as the novel is quite gripping and read worthy.



About the Book :

Title : When Our Worlds Collide

Author :  Aniesha Brahma

Publisher : General Press

Genre : Romance

Copy : Writersmelon


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Kindle Edition : When our worlds collide by Aniesha Brahma