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Children mean the whole world to their parents and they will always want the best for their children. From the day of birth of their children parents tend to take good care in selecting what is best for their children. Modern parents always wish to fulfill whatever their children wish for be it from the latest toys to their favorite food which they crave the most. In fulfilling their children’s wishes most parents forget about the nutrients which are essential for children’s growth. These days parents tend to get all kind of junk foods without thinking of its adverse effects on growth. ( I’m not blaming everyone, most of them place their children’s wish first and I wont say it is wrong).

Advanced Nutrition for Growth & Development
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Think of a child who is 10 years old but doesn’t get the essential nutrients due to his food style and misses out the growth necessities. Junk foods tend to increase the fat content of the body and children tend to become obese and due to this their external activities such as playing in the outdoors are limited. Due to this factor, they tend to become overweight or less in their heights without getting the needed nutrients adding unwanted things to their body which also tends to affect their health. This can even affect their knowledge because nutrients play a vital role in the growth and knowledge of children.


If a child tends to be under nutritious in their developing age, they miss out various things. If they get shortened heights due to their under nutritious food they may get develop inferiority complex within them which may take its toll on their mental health as well as their physical health. Nutrients are the essential things of our body and children who make growth over the period require adequate nutrients during their growth for their metabolism. Many children in India are under nutritious says an report that is too much of shock to common people we must say. A under nutritious children or future generation cannot make a good future society or a good work force in the future which will affects its toll on our Economy.


So parents must concentrate ultimately on providing adequate nutritious food to their children without comprising them due to contemporary children’s junk food wishes. These days many nutrients are available in products such as Horlicks which stands atop in their category for children and women where they specialize the more. They must concentrate more on this particular nutrients specialized foods to enrich their children both mentally and physically which will boost their confidence. People must fall for the fake advertisements these days on junk foods concentrate on getting back the lost nutrients which were lost to the arduous junk foods which make children obese and cause many untold disease and make them lazy. Children must also be introduced to natural foods and fruits which will increase the vitamins, nutrients and parents must make sure they indulge in any kind of physical activity which will increase their will power and physical strength. If people indulge in healthy practices making their children also do the same India will emerge as a nutritious country in the future.


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