Hello November


artsfon-com-80370-01The month of November is special for many reasons , one of the reasons will be the month which is the eleventh in the year and also the month which falls before the Christmas.

This month reminds us that still only 61 days are more for this wonderful year to end. So many things are in queue which are special about this month.

First and foremost thing will be , the start of monsoon rains (started two days back) , so don’t forget to carry umbrellas. The next thing will be, presidential elections which the world is keenly watching. Hope the better one wins(since we can’t actually determine).

The birthday of many friends fall in the wonderful month , do more and more treats and chocolates.

Ok , why this post suddenly ? I have taken some breaks the months before and I really wish to break the silence and wished to say , I’m back. Hope this month will be the month of finishing the remaining works which are pending for sometime due to the absence.

So this month , you can expect some reviews for books. I determined to revamp the whole blog with a new thene and a different look (Hope).

Really need to make some changes in the routine and I wish that I write atleast once in two days and finish off all the works. Hope to start a new series for the month mentioning about the good books which I have read. It has been too long , since I have seen a good series , so have to find a new one which is good .

I haven’t written something like this before and this had been in my mind for a long time. And finally I have written it , that too on the start of a month. Hope this continues every month , so that a everything is done accordingly .

Learning a new language has been in my to do list for a long time ( Spanish ! yes). Hope this wish is fulfilled .

I wish this November is not the same as before .


Happy ,

John Corlos