When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon – Book Review

It intruiged me when I read the blurb that this book is set in United States of America based on Indian people and guess what it is of Young Adult Fiction. So simple that one doesn’t become tired on reading about love. The plots which are based on love never cease to top the bestsellers list and there is quite a frenzy for love stories. It is eventual that the emotion can’t be set aside.

Sandhya Menon’s book alternates between Rishi and Dimple who are the protagonists of the story. The change in the point of view is so exciting that the continuity is explicit and doesn’t stray away leading us to a point where turning the pages of the book becomes an natural ease. The majority of the plot is set in Insomnia Con (a summer web development programme) and beautifully spreads the base for a story wihtout hassle. The book cove could have been better for immediate pciking.

Dimple dreams and breathes programming who aims at winning the Insomnia Con before joining Stanford. She is annoyed at her mother’s thought that she isn’t making her presentable and her neglect to find the I.I.H (Ideal Indian Husband). And thus she reaches Insomnia Con with the dreams of winning it along with meeting her idol Jenny Lindt.

Rishi, who got to join MIT goes to Insomnia Con on the belief that he and Dimple can spend the six weeks time before joining the college on the insistence of his parents thinking that they would be compatible for a long relationship. Dimple who doesn’t seem to know whole fiasco is upset with her parents on setting her to this. Dimple and Rishi are paired to make the protype of the app for the Insomnia Con and did they win the Con and did their relationship workout or fizzled out forms the later part of the story.

The author has to be applauded for including the socio-economic aspects of the American Indians in the plot since it seems to have frimed the story deep into the minds of the readers with a better understand ing. The characters are also well etched with their emotions captured well.

But one cannot deny the fact that somethings were a cliche like Rishi assinged to the team of Dimple and the final climax act which sees to lower the speed of enthusiasm. The setting is superb fun and the flow of the chapters were flawless. The realtionship issues between the protagonist, their friends and parents are caputred well. They show the vulnerabilities of each character and let us realte them with characters we already know. I expect Sandhya Menon to still hone her story for her second novel coming summer 2018 and wish her success.

The story is simple, empathetic and a real page turner, but in the end I felt that there was a dragging in the middle which could have shortened. This is a book that can be perfected in a bollywood movie with its finess and the pleothora of characters involved would sure make for a blockbuster with some finetuning. I would also recommend this book for readers who adore Young Adult fiction and those who want to read a quick story that doesn’t take too much of their time.



About the Book:

Title : When Dimple Met Rishi

Author : Sandhya Menon

Publisher : Hodder Paperbacks

Genre : Fiction / Romance

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 978-1473667402

Rating :  Image result for 3 stars out five


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BAAZ – Anuja Chauhan – Book Review

Readers would be in for a surprise from Anuja Chauhan in her new book “Baaz” which has an interesting storyline with backgrounds of Bangladesh Liberation War. Apart from her regular female protagonists in her previous book, this book has a male protagonist with an intensive back story.

Anuja Chauhan is known for her books that strongly portrays emotions filled with befitting family relations, witty sub characters, romance overflowing with absolute Indian flavors.  But here is a romantic thriller that makes us go in awe and without giving us the opportunity to avert our eyes from the exhilarating plot.

The plot is about a fighter pilot named Ishaan “BAAZ” Fajudar aka Shaanu who is from Chakkahera, Haryana, who always finds pleasure in doing things that others dread even thinking about. He is all for the dhook dhook and the initial pages firmly establish his eagerness to attain wings and soar the vast blue sky.


He is in a constraint relationship with his father and have siblings who he loves more than anything in the world. He then joins the Jodhpur flying school and joins the Indian Air Force to fly the famous Gnat aircraft fighting for the army in the Liberation army. He is fueled with a passion of patriotism and justifies the war.

These are until he meets Tehmina Dadyseth aka Tinka, a war photographer plunging into war zones speaking about non violence and war less worlds, although coming from a family of army people. And both people fall in love.

The plot thickens from here and shifts to sequences which will be better if you read and know what is aftermath of this. The author has touched upon a number of things such as cumbersome parenthood, love filled siblings, effects of war, patriotism and also about incessant arguments that will be the highlight of this book.

Anuja Chauhan always indulge the readers into intricately oven plot line which doesn’t falters or diverges us from the main story and this is also a reason that this book engages us to the end.

The language of the book is simple to understand without any complications and makes for a breezy with characters like Raka, Tinka’s aunt who are as important to the plot line. The book rather than speaking about vanity of wars, the great courage of he army, love for the flying and this is a perfect ode to the Indian Air Force.

This book will surely engage you with its amazing brevity. The Hinglish doesn’t bother us much as this brings genuine Indianess into the crux of the story and the witty places make us laugh well.

The book is a good page turner engaging us till the end with its awesomeness and of course Chauhan’s characters that mesmerizes wanting us know what happens next will sure make to pick the book for a re-read. Also there is much to know about how passion strives thoughts.

I would recommend this book to all Anuja Chauhan’s book and she has’t disappointed her readers and also for new readers who wants a racy plot with genuine Indianess imbibed within it. So do give it a read and share your thoughts.

About the Book:

Title : Baaz

Author : Anuja Chauhan

Publisher : Harper Collins

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9789352644124

Rating :  23bae-4-52bstars


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Palace of Assassins – Aditya Iyengar – Book Review

Writing about the non spoken one’s in a mythology is a trend now and this book follows the same. Nowadays readers are looking for the history based thematic fiction which are selling like never before. Even though many stories are fiction people like what the author writes. Many books are written based on Mahabharata and the lead characters and now the author tries to reveal the aftermath of the battle and it’s lone survivor, Ashwatthama from the kaurava camp.

The author has already written The Thirteenth Day and the book was a good read. This is his second book based on Mahabharata. This book is purely a fiction and apart from some of the things in mahabharatha , there is no reference to the other parts written by the author which is purely fictional.

One could ask why many authors take only Mahabhratha and make fiction in many ways , the answer lies in the question itself. Since there are many characters involved and not all of them are detailed very deeply may be the reason.

Coming on to the plot of the palace of assassins , The Mahabharatha war comes to end in the eighteenth day and the lone survivor from the kaurava clan is Ashwatthama. He was cursed by Lord Krishna for killing the sons of Pandavas and three other warriors in the sleep. Since a warrior is not likely to do such a thing , Lord Krishna curses him with leprosy and a life of immortality. He find these things after he regains his memory.

He finds a life of immortality in the midst of those sufferings. There after comes the story with a fictional plot from the author. Ashwatthama conspires to kill all the pandavas and their last one in their clan. The one thing which was interesting was regaining the Shyamanataka which will not only sole the immortality but also will cure the leprosy. What happened in the end whether Ashwatthama regained his powers and was he out of the deadly leprosy ends the story.

The author has a maintained a good flow that the readers are not bored till the end and the one thing which lags at the last is , this is only the author’s version and it’s purely fictional. Since there were too many fictions coming out one after another , but the enthusiasm of every reader increases to read all those fictions. Nevertheless how many books out of the characters of the Mahabharatha , it is of much interest to the readers.

I would suggest this book to readers who love mythological based fiction and also a short one. Readers will not be get bored during the read as the plot is interestingly written by the author. So Mythological Lovers grab the book as your next read.

About the Book:

Title : Palace Of Assassins

Author :  Aditya Iyengar

Publisher : Hachette India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9351950824

Copy : Publisher

Rating : 

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Amazon : Palace Of Assassins


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Book Review – 50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right – Khushnuma Daruwala

The world isn’t the same as it was before. In the mean time of those changes copious things have changed. Some were good and some were bad. Two things have changed obviously in the tide. Coffee and the art of looking for a Mr. Right/Mrs. Right. You may be perplexed, is this the only two which had a major change. My answer will be a big no, But these were transforming along the period constantly without any notice.

Coffee is something special for the coffee lovers and also to the ones who are on the look for their life companion which includes both men and women. There is a great transformation in this part of life where finding a right person for the perfect person is still a life taking task and the expectations which they have has to match with the others in the lookout.

This Book talks about Dia, who is on the lookout for her Mr. Right through dating site and the persons she meet during that course of time and the hunt for the perfect husband. The emotions she goes through each time she meets a person during the date in a coffee shop and the characteristics of each of them is told hilariously. Also, Finding a perfect life partner who matches with your taste and ideologies is a long process and some lucky ones gets that soon.

50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr RightOn the contrary Dia had to meet 50 persons in different occasions for a coffee date to find the right person. This book is not a mere writing of the agglomeration of those things and also not an inspiration or a guide to dating but an integration of this collection of meetings with the intent of finding the right partner.

At present there are many sites for dating and this book takes us back to those days of matrimonial boom when the traditional way of meeting to find the right one was there. Since the lead character is female the detailing the author included in the ways how each date would go makes this book stand apart. Like how women thinks and what are the characters they are on the look for.

Kudos to the designer who have illustrated a classy design to the cover. This book is a short one and ideal for non-fiction readers and also for those who are on the look to find their right companion. So if you are on the look out for your ‘Right’ partner grab this one.


About the Book:

Title : 50 Cups Of Coffee : The Woes and Throes Of Finding Mr.Right

Author : Khushnuma Daruwala

Publisher : Penguin Random House India

Genre : Non-Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9780143428206

Rating :

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Flipkart : 50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right By Khushnuma Daruwala


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Paintings and drawings have long intrigued people from times immemorial. And with the advent of the Internet Age with all the technological advances, paintings have come over a long time. Into the modern age paintings are rather comical in nature. A picture is worth a thousand words and graphic novels have their edge over fiction, non fiction, prose or poetry.

Amruta Patil, an established author of graphic novels from her first two books “Kari” and “Adi Parva” continues her quest with “Sauptik : Blood and Flowers” too, conquering the readers. Mythology has captivated many authors in the contemporary times where they drew parallels of the epics or try interpret, retell them showing their writing prowess.

We, the readers can sense that this book will offer a totally new kind of experience which we will cherish for a longer time. But a graphic novel is a new try and Amruta Patil has aced it with her “Adi Parva” bring the epics into a new dimension of story telling.

She stays true to the stories and fuses both the elements of Mahabharatha and Puranas in Sauptik. The cover is an absolute stunner which grabs instant attention and will make people inquisitive about the book. Not only the cover but entire book entices us with its retelling that stays honest and engages the readers until the end.

The author has played with her imagination of choosing not the conventional rectangular box borders that we usually see in a comic or graphic novels rather she has played with unconventional borders that doesn’t distract us from the fundamental theme of the book.

I am not a professional to review the kind of drawings of Amruta Patil and I want to be honest in reiterating that the drawings were instrumental in choosing her books from Kari and till now it fascinates me. Sauptik is no different from it and the awe still remains for the drawings that act as a crowd-puller for her fantastic books. The book is divided into many portions to events that lead to the crucial war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the aftermath of the war. The narration is picture perfect and leads us until the end.

We have to applaud the author for her smartness in blending the Puranas and the Mahabharth into Sauptik, with the author never missing chances to amaze us wherever she can. The finale of the book resonates us with the effects of the fateful war reminding us of the tragic and devastating events. Amruta Patil’s Sauptik just isn’t a mundane graphic novel that passes by in the hoards of graphic novels.

The rich colorful drawings gives us a never before experience and the tones of the portion of Krishna particularly remains in our hearts. It remains unique with its enticing drawings, simple narrative, distinctive characters with her retelling making a fresh experience out of her novel.

I would recommend this book for all graphic lovers who would like to indulge into an experience to cherish for. Happy Reading.



About the Book:

Title : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers

Author :  Amruta Patil

Publisher : Harper Collins India

Genre : Graphic novel

ISBN : 9789352640645, 9352640640

Copy : Publisher

Rating :

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Flipkart : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil

Amazon : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil


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The High Priestess Never Marries: Stories of Love and Consequence -Sharanya Manivannan – Book Review

“The High Priestess never Marries” , the tile is enough to make you look puzzled over what experience will this book give me upon finishing it. The title really lured me into getting the book and I’m not judging a book by the name. But the readers are in for a roller coaster ride of emotions through the 26 short stories depicted in this vivid collection of book. I have already been hearing rave reviews on this book and was waiting to read it. The book cover with all those rose textures and the bold title gives you chill over the spine making us look in awe. Kudos to the designers and the team for choosing this cover design.

Each particular story in the book has its own aura of enticing us, be it the words or the clarity that it portrays, the vastness of the plot everything takes the readers into a state of bliss. Every story is blended with a landscape with which we can relate to and it’s vivid describing is sure to entice the readers. We couldn’t believe it is the author’s first attempt in fiction and it doesn’t give a feel like a new comers try. The variations of each story be it, some which last short pages of two to some which goes lengthy doesn’t really impedes reader’s interest with the book.

Image result for high priestess never marries

The references to Chennai which have a lot of Tanglish makes us connect with the book and stay in our minds relating each and every story somewhere as we read. So the words aren’t italicized or given the meaning in brackets.  In my point of view, this will not be a hindrance in choosing a book which readers will enjoy for its diversity.  A non Tamil reader will get the whole picture even though they will miss knowing those words or the places.

The women in the book are those who choose their own lives for themselves, respecting their own personal choices. Every one of them, be it a house wife or a lonely women or goddesses impress us in their own way of choices and thoughts. This makes us fall in with the book as the characters are well etched with some brilliant touches. Also the men are not forsaken in the book and not told in a bad light but the women characters stand still in our minds.

The stories doesn’t seem alien and each one seems connected with an underlying theme. Sharanya has a good grip over her pen and the themes which she intends to tell is told at an ease showcasing her fluency over the thoughts which she describes. Each story brushes upon the thoughts of nostalgia over the previous story and has a distinction of newness which brings a edge in choosing this book. I had enjoyed this book and would suggest this to every reader out there who looking for a fresh piece of fiction which will make a difference.



About the Book:

Title : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences

Author :  Sharanya Manivannan

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9352640888

Copy : Publisher

Rating :

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Flipkart : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences

Amazon : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences


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Book Review : Summit – Harry Farthing

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world with its peak at a height of 8848 meters is a dream for every climber and mountaineer in the world to scale its summit. Though many achieve it by reaching the summit, for many it remains a chimera. It is such a daunting task as one may think of the hazards unseen such as the altitude sickness, coarse weather, avalanches, blizzards and what not.

The eerie silence which they witness along with the frigid winds makes the task more tough. The physical and mental problems faced in the uninhabited spots of the summit, the home to many corpses makes this task even more daunting and unimaginable.

Image result for summit harry farthing

Summit by Harry Farthing as the title suggests, takes place with the backdrop of the highest mountain. This is the first time I am reading a fiction on the lines of Everest and You can well imagine my enthusiasm in my minds. The author has beautifully captured the landscapes with all its essence and have intertwined two different stories of expert mountain climbers of disparate nationalities and after a period of 70 years their paths cross taking the story to the twists and turns and to three different countries. The author have thoughtfully inserted characters which are well researched and doesn’t fails to sick to our minds with no characters turning feckless.

Josef Becker, German Nazi soldier has been given the humongous task, conquering the Everest – the highest mountain which hasn’t been conquered still and place the Nazi flag on the summit. He is given either to reach the summit or die trying by the Nazi officers. He reluctantly agrees and the aftermath that happens is itself a puzzling, nerve tickling part that follows.

The plot continues after seventy years later when Neil Quinn, a British mountain guide expert accompanying the sixteen year old Tate Nelson, son of an American Billionaire. The billionaire wants his son to claim the record of being the youngest to make the summit and Neil Quinn guides him through the summit. During the arduous task of making it to the summit there happens some unexpected events that span a chain of events in three different countries with some unexpected treasures. It also provides an hint of the history return type of nostalgia to the readers.

The Everest itself plays a role in the book which two men try to tame and conquer this natural beast.Also the native people who are experts in climbing the unfathomable heights of the summit without a pinch of fear, the Sherpas are well said and the thoughts of their belief considering Everest as a Goddess makes the readers know more about them even though some are fictional. The plot plays a major role in enticing the readers hooked to the book. The well researched characters, the not so deviating plot, the unexpected twists and turns makes this 648 pages book even more interesting. Although a fiction inspired from some historical elements, the way they are amalgamated with the thin line of fiction overpowering the readers to give such a tale of awesomeness is a welcome step. So I would suggest this book to every reader who is thinking to read a book which isn’t mundane and some spices of adventure on the go. Enjoy the read.

About the Book:

Title : Summit

Author : Harry Farthing

Publisher : Westland Publication

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9789386224330, 938622433X

Copy : Review Copy

Rating :

Image result for four and half star s

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Amazon : Summit by Harry Farthing

Flipkart : Summit by Harry Farthing


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Book Review : Toppers – Aayush

Whenever it comes to Young Adult fiction there are only little books that are from India. I wonder why such a attractive genre much sought after is being in the dark. So when Toppers was introduced to me I was really glad, a book with a political thriller edge. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Aayush debuts to the writing universe with his Young Adult fiction and it doesn’t sound a bit like a new writer. So the book’s plot is set in a fictional town named Woodsville. A school clustered with the brilliant minds which is a top shot with the national level of appreciation and the plot is set when there is an election for “Head Scholar:. The narrative really intrigued me as I was visiting my days, I used to be a student.  The characters introduced to us makes the readers really find in their own reflection in the description of the characters and this makes us entwined with the story.


It is the plot and the narrative that keeps the readers hooked to the book although nostalgia plays an important card like I mentioned earlier. The characters although large remains in our heart portraying the emotions we have all gone through all our school life. The plot is also filled with many twists which makes this particular book to be even adapted or worked on to bring as a TV series which will eventually be a winner. The only negative is that there are many sub plots which I personally thought were deviating from the main line and distracting.

But the very thought of a political thriller set in a school atmosphere makes all these negatives become zero and the plot makes the only way to amaze us all through bringing intense emotions and imagined twists. The narrative makes this book to be in our hands without making a pause in the middle or something so that the  curiosity factor doesn’t gets diluted in the mean time. The author is to be lauded for making such as a story in his debut book and introducing to authors and readers alike for what they have been missing most in the Indian contemporary Young adult scene. It may be many books are hidden in the dark but it is the duty of books which will be successful in the future to encourage readers to expect more like these  books and the authors to have the courage to explore the school scenarios or the teenage sections.

This book is a wake up call to be read by anyone who is interested in political fiasco’s and school stories. Don’t miss it, go and enjoy the days.



About the Book:

Title : Toppers

Author :  Aayush Gupta

Publisher : Penguin Publications

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 0143428071, 978-0143428077

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

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Flipkart : Toppers by Aayush Gupta


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Pearl by the River – Sudipta Mitra – Book Review

History is always written in two versions , one with true incidents and another with false identities and incidents which didn’t happen at that time. We believe the one which is unfurl before our eyes and the incidents with facts. What if the facts and details of those incidents are false. So a detailed research of those happenings has to be done.

The book which I received some days back had a detailed research with facts and decipher the history of the last king who was in exile on the banks of the river Hoogly and also the man who influenced the cultural and the social life of the then capital city.

The King Nawab Wajid Ali Shah who ruled Awadh from the city of Lucknow lead to the reawakening of the cultural aspects in the city of Calcutta. The King’s last years were described in the book and how the city on the river banks have been awakened in cultural aspects after the king arrived were portrayed in this book by the author. The Kingdom’s of various Indian rulers were annexed by the East India company due to the flamboyant life of the rulers. This was the reason for the annexations and the it was called as the Forward policy.Pearl by the River : Nawab Wajid Ali Shah's Kingdom in Exile

Wajid Ali Shah also face the same situation and he along with his associates planned to meet the governor to take his kingdom back , but when he arrived there , it was unuaual and he was arrested and kept in fort William by the British Government. The reach to the banks of hoogly was a tiring one and twenty five months of imprisonment in a luxurious way , he was released by the government.

After the release the King settled in the banks of Hoogly in a palace and how he was instrumental in the cultural change around the place which is called as Metiyaburj. The impact was on the every art form including dance, drama,poetry,cuisine,etiquette,music and architecture.

The author has to be applauded for the research and detailing of every aspects in this book. The clarity is one such thing which adds strength to the book. Also it has a lot of reference to the authors who have said about the events which took place at that time and it is a long list.

The book is ideal for readers who loves history and to those who wish to know about the history in detail. This book is a collection of facts from all details about the King with a deep research. Also you will be able to retrieve some memories of your history learning back to your mind while reading this book. This is a 195 paged non fiction apart from the notes which is till the end.

If you wish to read a non fiction which is based on history of an exile king, this is the one to choose. So enjoy your read.




About the Book:

Title : Pearl by the River

Author :  Sudipta Mitra

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Non Fiction

ISBN : 9788129144881

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Pearl by the River by Sudipta Mitra


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Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles by Ankit Chadha – Book Review

Dastangoi is entirely new to me. It is an oral storytelling art form in urdu. The author is one of the youngest Dastongs ( which means storytellers ). Ankit Chadha have performed many dastongoi and his youtube channel, it may give some enlightenment about the art form , if you wish to know more.

This book reveals the life of Amir khusaru, who was a sufi musician , poet and scholar. He was also a mystic and spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi and also the “Father of Qawwali”.

The book consisits of 20 riddles or puzzles which reveals the life of Amir Khusrau. The puzzles are both in Urdu/hindi and in english. The puzzle urges the readers to find the answers which are again given with beautiful illustrations. These illustartions are not seperate ones and goes along with the answers. The life of an poet is poetically revealed through this book.

The illustrations are perfect and go along with the puzzles and its answers and the illustrator Urmimala Nag has done a great job in enhancing the puzzles along with the illustrations. Ankit Chadha has to lauded for his book because he brings the life of Amir Khusrau in the form of puzzles. Moreover the book consists of both puzzles and verses.

The verses , puzzles and illustrations engages the readers along the line of the book till the end and at the end we have a greater satisfaction of knowing a great scholar and poet’s life through this. This book is also shorter with twenty riddles to its pages and it is a short read and doesn’t take much time. So if you don’t know the life of Amir Khusrau , this book will fulfill the wish of knowing him on reading.

Have a read and cherish the history of the great poet.

About the Book:

Title : Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles

Author :  Ankit Chadha

Publisher : Penguin Random house India

Genre : Literary Fiction/Poetry

ISBN : 9780143426486

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

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Flipkart : Amir Khusrau: The Man in Riddles by Ankit Chadha

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