Ramayana Versus Mahabharata: My Playful Comparison – Devdutt Pattanaik – Book Review

Words are our (humans) most powerful and greatest tool. They have the power to inspire people, crush souls, create magical worlds and build empires. The art of storytelling has been hardwired into our lives and deeply rooted inside our brains. We, human beings crave for stories and it is clear as a crystal that we are obsessed with stories. The monomania for stories is palpable ranging from mythological tales from the past to the ultra-short micro-fiction to the latest epigrammatic stories composed within a single tweet and these disparate tales coexist side-by-side without any qualms.

It would be impossible for the people of our country to not being acquainted with the most popular epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata as we would have grown up hearing and reading it, relishing it with the appetite to read more of it. It never ceases to amaze that the zeal to know more about these epics never recedes as time passes but only surges with increasing time and changing periods.

Devdutt Pattanaik‘s latest book “Ramayana Versus Mahabharata: My Playful Comparison” delights us with its lucid cover and the tag ‘playful comparison‘ in the title piques the interest of the readers with an eagerness to discover to what “India’s Favourite Mythologist Writer” offers in this short book of 194 pages. He asserts that measuring is human delusion and comparing, divine play in the inception of the book.

The blurb of the book reads “In temples ritual, Vishnu is offered 8 different meals daily, different on all seven days of the week—56 dishes in all.” which is quite a surprise as the book is neatly divided into eight parts and 56 chapters, and both Lord Ram and Krishna are avatars of Vishnu.  Each chapter begins with the word “Both” and tries to convey the correlation between the epics giving the reader a glimpse into what the chapters offer within its words. The book, by and large attempts to compare the two epics, the idealistic Ramayana and the realistic Mahabharata for similarities and dissimilarities along with neat illustrations.

Ramayana Versus Mahabharata

The book is simple to follow and makes you wonder about some identical themes which have missed our eyes so far. It establishes the theme that each story share enabling us to view the identical building blocks, family structure, forest exile, and war. Devdutt also lays emphasis on the many retellings of both the epics spread all over the world and cleverly compares it with Greek, Buddhist, Jainist and Abrahamic mythologies. The book tries to introspect into the idea of complex casualty which is a key theme across epics. It dwells on karma and dharma as the basis of all happenings in the two epics.

Though the reader gets weary along the initial pages, the book with its beautiful comparison gets the reader on an exhilarating ride which would fill him with an immense knowledge of the epics. The book is a treasure trove of information on various retellings providing new insights into the epics which we would have unheard of. The arduous research that the author had undergone is evident from the unambiguous words and coherent concepts which he explains it with ease. The anecdotes from regional languages/versions of the ithihasas/epics will be a new experience for the readers. Although one couldn’t avoid a debate in the mind about the analysis of the epics by Devdutt Pattanaik, this makes it an interesting book to delve into, making it a staggering ride to remember with its brevity.


About the Book:

Title : Ramayana Versus Mahabharata: My Playful Comparison

Author : Devdutt Pattanaik

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Non-Fiction / Philosophy

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9789353332303

Rating : Image result for 3 stars out five


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Who Owns that Song?: The Battle for Subramania Bharati’s Copyright – A.R.Venkatachalapathy – Book Review

This review was published in Bengaluru Review (Edited version): A.R. Venkatachalapthy’s Who Owns That Song: The Battle for Subramania Bharati’s Copyright by John Corlos Ebenezer – Bengaluru Review


The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “copyright” as the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. Subramania Bharati, the colossal progressive poet of  Tamilnadu whose nationalist writings and poems inspired and is still inspiring legions of people wouldn’t have pondered upon the thought that the copyright of his works would lead to a legal tug of war, with the government eventually acquiring his works releasing it in the public domain.

Subramania Bharati is touted to be the first writer in the world whose copyrights of his works were acquired by the State Government and put his writings in the public domain in 1949. This honor has eluded Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and even Rabindranath Tagore. To remind the readers, a trust held the copyright of Gandhi’s writings until it lapsed and passed into public domain in 2009. Congress party leader Sonia Gandhi holds the copyright to Nehru’s work until 2024 and publishers had free access to Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore’s works only after 1992. The nationalization of Bharati’s work by the Government of Tamilnadu made sure people devour the poet’s work without any hiccups or fears as it is in the public domain freed from the clutches of copyrights.

Even though he was not recognized while he was alive, he became a sensation with his writings becoming a posthumous bestseller. Bharati who spent more than 10 years in exile in Puducherry in his short span of 39 years, fiddled with free verses and haiku, was later came to be known as the “Founding Father of  New Tamil Poetry“. The gaze, his turban, and mustache like his writings, is still etched in the minds of people reminding us of the popularity of the poet in contemporary times.

A.R. Venkatachalapthy’s new book “Who Owns That Song: The Battle for Subramania Bharati’s Copyright” chronicles the journey of Bharati’s life as a writer and the subsequent legal quandary that eventually lead to the nationalization of his works. The cover with its exquisite turquoise blue background welcomes us with Bharati in his high collared black coat and dhoti holding a staff.

At the inception of the book, a section titled Dramatic Personae divulges details and introduces the characters giving glimpses from their lives. Venkatachalapathy sets the tone of the book with this section and begins the prologue with the title Copyright Claws which would make the readers clear of what they are about to encounter in the upcoming chapters making them even more inquisitive.

The book is divided into 4 breviloquent chapters and has a selected few poems of Subramania Bharati translated by M.L.Thangappa at the end. The book draws a meticulous portrayal of events that happened during and after the poet’s life. The author’s fluid and engaging words keep the book a real page-turner and he doesn’t shy away from sprinkling his academic finesse educating the reader all along. He uniquely takes forward the non-fiction which picks up the pace once the legal tussle begins.

The book never once appears hagiographical with the author fixing his focus on the events that lead to the nationalization of the poet’s work. The tale of how after Bharati’s death, his unlettered wife sold the rights for a paltry sum to Bharati’s half-brother and how a movie mogul initiated copyright contempt against another moviemaker for using the poet’s verses in his film is succinctly described through engaging chapters.

The book, even though teeming with details about numerous characters, never once appears insipid or vapid. The book untangles the role played by the Government, people and others who were instrumental in bringing the poet’s work into the public domain. This insightful book will be an eye opener for all the people to know more about the national poet who died in obscurity without knowing his writings would live to kindle spirits even after decades of his death. Another beauty is that the book never ventures into the polemic realms with whom the copyright of an artist must be vested upon.

It also starkly reminds the readers, how we have failed Bharati by not popularising his works, who is a contemporary of Tagore. It is no wonder that Bharati in one of his essays wrote, “From now on support and succor for the arts will come from the common people. It is the duty of the artists to instill good taste in them. It will yield them good returns” in 1916.

To remind, Delhi High Court ruled in 2016 in one of its cases, Copyright is designed rather to stimulate activity and progress in the arts for the intellectual enrichment of the public. Copyright is intended to increase and not to impede the harvest of knowledge. It is intended to motivate the creative activity of authors and inventors in order to benefit the public”. 

The Government of Tamilnadu has since then acquired more than 100 writers work and nationalized it. Remember, it all started with Subramania Bharati.



 Rating :
Image result for four stars book


About the Book:

Title : Who Owns That Song: The Battle For Subramania Bharati’s Copyright

Author : A.R.Venkatachalapathy

Publisher : Juggernaut Publications

Genre : Non Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 978-9386228673                       


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Also you can read it in the Juggernaut App or the Website here.


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Pinto Has An Idea – Rajeev Saxena – Book Review

Have you ever pondered upon this thought? What would transpire if ever human race were devoid of ideas?

“Ideas make the man”.

Pinto Has An Idea

Ideas still remain the crux of change in our world’s sophistication. With new ideas, there emerge changes which make the world a better place to live in. We now have the world in the tip of our hands and have aspirations to reach the remotest place in the far-flung space which is all due to a spark of an idea. Ideas do wonders in making our life simple.


Rajat Srivastava is an eminent scientist known for his research and ideas across the orb. His parents call him Pinto and people prefer to use that name too. Pinto is an out of the box thinker with a keen sense of inventing new stuff to help people ease their lives. He studies hard, cracks the toughest IIT exam, enters IIT Kanpur and does research at the MIT. But he realizes his calling for innovating stuff which he is most comfortable with from his childhood and returns to India leaving behind his works on theoretical physics. He marries Lavanya who is like a pillar to Pinto also helping him with his inventions with her keen eye for research.


Did Pinto find solutions for problems to make people’s lives easier, did he cross all the adversaries which stood in his way in doing so and emerge triumphant forms the rest of the novel.

The book strikes a chord with the readers with its unique characters and a riveting plot which makes it engrossing. Pinto who is the protagonist of the novel carries the entire novel in his shoulders with his hankering for creating things. He strives to untangle the complexities of life with his simple ideas to create things making life simpler. Lavanya, Pinto’s partner who stands by him like a pillar is a character which stands apart in our hearts. The author has made every effort to make a captivating plot which is both intriguing and makes us think.

The book is filled with umpteen ideas which would surprise the readers. The ideas would make the readers ponder upon making it a reality and about its execution. This makes the book a winner compared with its counterparts. The book is not leading us astray even though there are incessant characters and innumerable anecdotes.

The writing is simple for everyone to understand but somewhere in the middle, there is a lag which makes a dent in the book’s brilliance. The brevity in explaining convoluted ideas easing the intricacies make this book stand apart from other fiction which all focuses on love mostly. The writing is also interlaced with wit and some excellent observations on the world.

The end was so subtle which would have disappointed some readers but that makes this unique because life always doesn’t give you a filmy racing climax. Despite the lag in the middle, the book emerges a clear winner standing apart making its message clear and loud, that Pinto would ace the reader’s heart with his brilliance.

This book is for all fiction fans who look out for out of the box plot with a phrenic protagonist and an engrossing plot.

Would I like a sequel on the adventures of Pinto?

Why not?


 Rating :
Image result for four stars book


About the Book:

Title : Pinto Has An Idea

Author : Rajeev saxena

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing (IN)

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9789386826930, 9386826933                       


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Flipkart Pinto Has An Idea by Rajeev Saxena


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The Boys Who Fought – Devdutt Pattanaik : Book Review

There would never be a day where stories cease to exist, I assure. With technology preponderating most of our valuable time with its zillion apps, hashtag trending, social media posts, and fake news, the monomania for stories still exists and it never been out of focus the whole time. The appetite for epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana never fades away. These were probably the stories we would have read many times and it doesn’t bore us even if we were to read it many a time again.

Devdutt Pattanaik “India’s favorite mythologist” is back with his new book “The Boys Who Fought”, a simpler version of the great epic Mahabharata for Children. It is similar to his previous work of “The Girl Who Chose” which was a simple retelling of Ramayana with fantastic illustrations.

The book presents itself as a compressed version of Mahabharata with the focus on main characters bringing the book under 106 pages. Although this is a condensed version the story is beautifully explained with the help of his illustrations which makes the book compelling and page turning. The book doesn’t delve deep into the aspects of war deviating from it and tends to explain it in the perspective of Dharma which was quite a surprise for me.

The writings are simple and easy to understand which makes it hassle-less to follow the book. The illustrations in the book are the main attraction with laudable efforts from the author denoting characters with a letter for each, which makes it easy to identify the characters for the readers. The book is divided into six parts to describe the Pandava’s fight as orphans, refugees, kings, exiles, warriors and hermits. This further makes it easy for the readers to understand the story better.

The book essentially for children also attracts adults and elders with its own kind of uniqueness among other retellings. The additional information along the bottom of the pages is a notable one as it provides wide knowledge of folk versions of the epic, the characters, and other incidents. The book would a great way to indulge the interest of children in reading books.

The original epic consists of many characters, the focus is only on the Pandavas, Kauravas and other important characters to make the book shorter. Although I would have expected some more characters still to make it full-fledged. Devdutt’s interest in retelling epics in a simple and profound way has to be lauded. Simple language, vivid illustrations, footnotes containing additional information would make this a great book to cherish.

The book, although a short read would be much of much interest to children and would be a great gift for parents who wish to indulge their children in reading stories and epics.


The Boys Who Fought


About the Book:

Title : The Boys Who Fought: The Mahabharata for Children

Author : Devdutt Pattanaik

Publisher : Penguin Random House India

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9780143441618, 0143441612

Rating :  


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What Kitty Did – Trisha Bora : Book Review

What Kitty Did – Trisha Bora: Book Review


Books have to bind the readers with the plot so as to make a conversation with them, nowadays books like the above-said ones are an anomaly. Trisha Bora’s debut novel, What Kitty Did falls in the former category and it binds the readers with the plot of the story and intrigues the reader to read more.

Coming to the plot of the story, the protagonist Ketaki Roy, a fresher out of a college as an Engish literature graduate works in the Poise which is a magazine. The real life of Kitty changes ways with the death of Roxy Merchant, a yesteryear actress and the wife of a celebrated diplomat during the dinner at their central Delhi bungalow. Kitty’s boss gives her the job of writing a profile piece about the dead actress and also hints at promotion to her if it is done well.

What Kitty Did

What kitty did afterward moves the story in a not boring level and did she incur any clues about the death of the celebrated actress, whether she got into any troubles during her work and will this case about writing an article change the whole life of Kitty.

In the meanwhile, she also has to deal with the guy who is not steady on his stand due to her posh mother. The significance of this story is that Delhi as a place is said vividly and the story is set in the streets of Delhi. So if you are from Delhi, you can relate the streets said in the story. This can actually be said of a story from the perspective of a person from Delhi and the lifestyle of the people who live there.

The story can be related to everyone who works out to get a life from that, Kitty is one among them. The story is a thriller and the unearthing of the events makes this book a sure shot page turner.

The cover of the book is very different and also has a significant connection with the story and the designer has to be applauded for his detailing of the cover, A designer’s perspective to the story.

The language of the book is simple and I came to know after a little research that the author has a long publishing history to her credits.  The author has already written some short stories and this is the first stint of the author in a full fledged novel, she has nailed it in saying that she is good in making new stories too. There are mentions of a lot of novels in the story and I’m sure the influence of those books had an impact on this story.

This story is partly romantic and part mystery and we cannot come to a conclusion about a particular one. I would recommend this book to fiction lovers and mystery lovers and also to readers who wish to explore a city in the books. This book is surely a page turner and it took me some time to finish rather than a single sitting. The author has succeeded in her first stint as an author and I will definitely read her books in the future too. Do keep this in your reading list, if you are in search for a new book to read.


Book Details : 

Author:  Trisha Bora

Paperback: 306 pages

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

ISBN-13: 978-9352644476

Copy: Flipkart Review Programme

Rating:  4/5

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Flipkart: What Kitty Did by Trisha Bora

Amazon: What Kitty Did by Trisha Bora


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When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon – Book Review

It intruiged me when I read the blurb that this book is set in United States of America based on Indian people and guess what it is of Young Adult Fiction. So simple that one doesn’t become tired on reading about love. The plots which are based on love never cease to top the bestsellers list and there is quite a frenzy for love stories. It is eventual that the emotion can’t be set aside.

Sandhya Menon’s book alternates between Rishi and Dimple who are the protagonists of the story. The change in the point of view is so exciting that the continuity is explicit and doesn’t stray away leading us to a point where turning the pages of the book becomes an natural ease. The majority of the plot is set in Insomnia Con (a summer web development programme) and beautifully spreads the base for a story wihtout hassle. The book cove could have been better for immediate pciking.

Dimple dreams and breathes programming who aims at winning the Insomnia Con before joining Stanford. She is annoyed at her mother’s thought that she isn’t making her presentable and her neglect to find the I.I.H (Ideal Indian Husband). And thus she reaches Insomnia Con with the dreams of winning it along with meeting her idol Jenny Lindt.

Rishi, who got to join MIT goes to Insomnia Con on the belief that he and Dimple can spend the six weeks time before joining the college on the insistence of his parents thinking that they would be compatible for a long relationship. Dimple who doesn’t seem to know whole fiasco is upset with her parents on setting her to this. Dimple and Rishi are paired to make the protype of the app for the Insomnia Con and did they win the Con and did their relationship workout or fizzled out forms the later part of the story.

The author has to be applauded for including the socio-economic aspects of the American Indians in the plot since it seems to have frimed the story deep into the minds of the readers with a better understand ing. The characters are also well etched with their emotions captured well.

But one cannot deny the fact that somethings were a cliche like Rishi assinged to the team of Dimple and the final climax act which sees to lower the speed of enthusiasm. The setting is superb fun and the flow of the chapters were flawless. The realtionship issues between the protagonist, their friends and parents are caputred well. They show the vulnerabilities of each character and let us realte them with characters we already know. I expect Sandhya Menon to still hone her story for her second novel coming summer 2018 and wish her success.

The story is simple, empathetic and a real page turner, but in the end I felt that there was a dragging in the middle which could have shortened. This is a book that can be perfected in a bollywood movie with its finess and the pleothora of characters involved would sure make for a blockbuster with some finetuning. I would also recommend this book for readers who adore Young Adult fiction and those who want to read a quick story that doesn’t take too much of their time.



About the Book:

Title : When Dimple Met Rishi

Author : Sandhya Menon

Publisher : Hodder Paperbacks

Genre : Fiction / Romance

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 978-1473667402

Rating :  Image result for 3 stars out five


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Flipkart : When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon


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BAAZ – Anuja Chauhan – Book Review

Readers would be in for a surprise from Anuja Chauhan in her new book “Baaz” which has an interesting storyline with backgrounds of Bangladesh Liberation War. Apart from her regular female protagonists in her previous book, this book has a male protagonist with an intensive back story.

Anuja Chauhan is known for her books that strongly portrays emotions filled with befitting family relations, witty sub characters, romance overflowing with absolute Indian flavors.  But here is a romantic thriller that makes us go in awe and without giving us the opportunity to avert our eyes from the exhilarating plot.

The plot is about a fighter pilot named Ishaan “BAAZ” Fajudar aka Shaanu who is from Chakkahera, Haryana, who always finds pleasure in doing things that others dread even thinking about. He is all for the dhook dhook and the initial pages firmly establish his eagerness to attain wings and soar the vast blue sky.


He is in a constraint relationship with his father and have siblings who he loves more than anything in the world. He then joins the Jodhpur flying school and joins the Indian Air Force to fly the famous Gnat aircraft fighting for the army in the Liberation army. He is fueled with a passion of patriotism and justifies the war.

These are until he meets Tehmina Dadyseth aka Tinka, a war photographer plunging into war zones speaking about non violence and war less worlds, although coming from a family of army people. And both people fall in love.

The plot thickens from here and shifts to sequences which will be better if you read and know what is aftermath of this. The author has touched upon a number of things such as cumbersome parenthood, love filled siblings, effects of war, patriotism and also about incessant arguments that will be the highlight of this book.

Anuja Chauhan always indulge the readers into intricately oven plot line which doesn’t falters or diverges us from the main story and this is also a reason that this book engages us to the end.

The language of the book is simple to understand without any complications and makes for a breezy with characters like Raka, Tinka’s aunt who are as important to the plot line. The book rather than speaking about vanity of wars, the great courage of he army, love for the flying and this is a perfect ode to the Indian Air Force.

This book will surely engage you with its amazing brevity. The Hinglish doesn’t bother us much as this brings genuine Indianess into the crux of the story and the witty places make us laugh well.

The book is a good page turner engaging us till the end with its awesomeness and of course Chauhan’s characters that mesmerizes wanting us know what happens next will sure make to pick the book for a re-read. Also there is much to know about how passion strives thoughts.

I would recommend this book to all Anuja Chauhan’s book and she has’t disappointed her readers and also for new readers who wants a racy plot with genuine Indianess imbibed within it. So do give it a read and share your thoughts.

About the Book:

Title : Baaz

Author : Anuja Chauhan

Publisher : Harper Collins

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9789352644124

Rating :  23bae-4-52bstars


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Flipkart : Baaz by Anuja Chauhan


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Book Review – 50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right – Khushnuma Daruwala

The world isn’t the same as it was before. In the mean time of those changes copious things have changed. Some were good and some were bad. Two things have changed obviously in the tide. Coffee and the art of looking for a Mr. Right/Mrs. Right. You may be perplexed, is this the only two which had a major change. My answer will be a big no, But these were transforming along the period constantly without any notice.

Coffee is something special for the coffee lovers and also to the ones who are on the look for their life companion which includes both men and women. There is a great transformation in this part of life where finding a right person for the perfect person is still a life taking task and the expectations which they have has to match with the others in the lookout.

This Book talks about Dia, who is on the lookout for her Mr. Right through dating site and the persons she meet during that course of time and the hunt for the perfect husband. The emotions she goes through each time she meets a person during the date in a coffee shop and the characteristics of each of them is told hilariously. Also, Finding a perfect life partner who matches with your taste and ideologies is a long process and some lucky ones gets that soon.

50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr RightOn the contrary Dia had to meet 50 persons in different occasions for a coffee date to find the right person. This book is not a mere writing of the agglomeration of those things and also not an inspiration or a guide to dating but an integration of this collection of meetings with the intent of finding the right partner.

At present there are many sites for dating and this book takes us back to those days of matrimonial boom when the traditional way of meeting to find the right one was there. Since the lead character is female the detailing the author included in the ways how each date would go makes this book stand apart. Like how women thinks and what are the characters they are on the look for.

Kudos to the designer who have illustrated a classy design to the cover. This book is a short one and ideal for non-fiction readers and also for those who are on the look to find their right companion. So if you are on the look out for your ‘Right’ partner grab this one.


About the Book:

Title : 50 Cups Of Coffee : The Woes and Throes Of Finding Mr.Right

Author : Khushnuma Daruwala

Publisher : Penguin Random House India

Genre : Non-Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

ISBN : 9780143428206

Rating :

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Flipkart : 50 Cups of Coffee : The Woes and Throes of Finding Mr Right By Khushnuma Daruwala


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Paintings and drawings have long intrigued people from times immemorial. And with the advent of the Internet Age with all the technological advances, paintings have come over a long time. Into the modern age paintings are rather comical in nature. A picture is worth a thousand words and graphic novels have their edge over fiction, non fiction, prose or poetry.

Amruta Patil, an established author of graphic novels from her first two books “Kari” and “Adi Parva” continues her quest with “Sauptik : Blood and Flowers” too, conquering the readers. Mythology has captivated many authors in the contemporary times where they drew parallels of the epics or try interpret, retell them showing their writing prowess.

We, the readers can sense that this book will offer a totally new kind of experience which we will cherish for a longer time. But a graphic novel is a new try and Amruta Patil has aced it with her “Adi Parva” bring the epics into a new dimension of story telling.

She stays true to the stories and fuses both the elements of Mahabharatha and Puranas in Sauptik. The cover is an absolute stunner which grabs instant attention and will make people inquisitive about the book. Not only the cover but entire book entices us with its retelling that stays honest and engages the readers until the end.

The author has played with her imagination of choosing not the conventional rectangular box borders that we usually see in a comic or graphic novels rather she has played with unconventional borders that doesn’t distract us from the fundamental theme of the book.

I am not a professional to review the kind of drawings of Amruta Patil and I want to be honest in reiterating that the drawings were instrumental in choosing her books from Kari and till now it fascinates me. Sauptik is no different from it and the awe still remains for the drawings that act as a crowd-puller for her fantastic books. The book is divided into many portions to events that lead to the crucial war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the aftermath of the war. The narration is picture perfect and leads us until the end.

We have to applaud the author for her smartness in blending the Puranas and the Mahabharth into Sauptik, with the author never missing chances to amaze us wherever she can. The finale of the book resonates us with the effects of the fateful war reminding us of the tragic and devastating events. Amruta Patil’s Sauptik just isn’t a mundane graphic novel that passes by in the hoards of graphic novels.

The rich colorful drawings gives us a never before experience and the tones of the portion of Krishna particularly remains in our hearts. It remains unique with its enticing drawings, simple narrative, distinctive characters with her retelling making a fresh experience out of her novel.

I would recommend this book for all graphic lovers who would like to indulge into an experience to cherish for. Happy Reading.



About the Book:

Title : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers

Author :  Amruta Patil

Publisher : Harper Collins India

Genre : Graphic novel

ISBN : 9789352640645, 9352640640

Copy : Publisher

Rating :

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Flipkart : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil

Amazon : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil


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John Corlos.

Book Review : Toppers – Aayush

Whenever it comes to Young Adult fiction there are only little books that are from India. I wonder why such a attractive genre much sought after is being in the dark. So when Toppers was introduced to me I was really glad, a book with a political thriller edge. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Aayush debuts to the writing universe with his Young Adult fiction and it doesn’t sound a bit like a new writer. So the book’s plot is set in a fictional town named Woodsville. A school clustered with the brilliant minds which is a top shot with the national level of appreciation and the plot is set when there is an election for “Head Scholar:. The narrative really intrigued me as I was visiting my days, I used to be a student.  The characters introduced to us makes the readers really find in their own reflection in the description of the characters and this makes us entwined with the story.


It is the plot and the narrative that keeps the readers hooked to the book although nostalgia plays an important card like I mentioned earlier. The characters although large remains in our heart portraying the emotions we have all gone through all our school life. The plot is also filled with many twists which makes this particular book to be even adapted or worked on to bring as a TV series which will eventually be a winner. The only negative is that there are many sub plots which I personally thought were deviating from the main line and distracting.

But the very thought of a political thriller set in a school atmosphere makes all these negatives become zero and the plot makes the only way to amaze us all through bringing intense emotions and imagined twists. The narrative makes this book to be in our hands without making a pause in the middle or something so that the  curiosity factor doesn’t gets diluted in the mean time. The author is to be lauded for making such as a story in his debut book and introducing to authors and readers alike for what they have been missing most in the Indian contemporary Young adult scene. It may be many books are hidden in the dark but it is the duty of books which will be successful in the future to encourage readers to expect more like these  books and the authors to have the courage to explore the school scenarios or the teenage sections.

This book is a wake up call to be read by anyone who is interested in political fiasco’s and school stories. Don’t miss it, go and enjoy the days.



About the Book:

Title : Toppers

Author :  Aayush Gupta

Publisher : Penguin Publications

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 0143428071, 978-0143428077

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Toppers by Aayush Gupta


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Book Review – Six Degrees : Game of Blogs


Collaborative writings doesn’t always entice the readers, either they would be lesser than the reader’s expectations due to the hype that circumnavigated about the collaboration of the writers or it would be a let down of enthusiasm for the readers when they don’t find it exciting. Only a few titles that has been collaborated by multiple authors has withstood the expectations and found their places among the bestseller shelves. But, what if a book is completely written by a plethora of bloggers ? Will it be worth reading ?? Shed the thought of fears, for here is an wonderful experiment that tasted success by its fantastic approach even though it is a nascent.


Six Degrees – Game of Blogs is a book that has a bizarre back story to it as the name sounds. Some days back ( couldn’t remember the exact date ), 300 + bloggers participated in a blogging event called Game of Blogs conducted Blogadda. Characters of five people along with hints of description about the people were shared and bloggers were grouped into teams consisting of 8 – 10 members. Each team was asked to come up with a story. Three teams with three stories emerged as the winners of the event and the stories were released as a separate book ( That sounds interesting right ?).


Enticing doodle Cover Design 


As every reader I was skeptical about multiple bloggers co authoring a same story of same characters and released as a 400+ page book with doubts regarding the book making my time fruitful. But I was wrong about thinking about “multiple cooks spoiling the broth example”. The book simply lead me into an awe when I begun to turn the pages. The three stories are the same with almost the same characters but it has different treatment to it as it as written by three different teams (The winning teams – By lines, Potliwale Baba, Tete-a-Ten).  Each would start different and end in an unusual manner providing no clues to the reader about the finale or the changes that are about to happen.


The diversity of writing style and the different treatment to each  characters and the story line making it disparate from each other, reducing their complexity for the readers to understand is where this book stands high. The characters :

1) Shekhar Dutta –  freelance writer staying in Mumbai, A Dad

2) Tara Dutta – Wife of  Shekhar,  A media professional and a woman who is career-oriented.

3) Roohi Dutta – A 9 year girl, Daughter of Shekhar and Tara

4) Jennifer Joseph –  Photographer staying in Kochi (Kerala)

5) Cyrus Daruwala – A law student in Delhi

gives a distinction about their roles and their descriptions which were provided to write about the characters formed an incredible support to the erstwhile bloggers to hone the characters into a story of their own. The teams and the bloggers have done incredible in indulging the characters into the minds of the readers and making them stay even after the end.

The Awakening, Entangled Lives, Missing   (titles of the stories) – although different from each other catch the minds of the readers engaging them with the story. The Awakening dealing with a sci-fi environment even though staying with the story, Entangled Lives provides a nice thriller effect to it and Missing invokes a mystery angle to it. The readers would be spell bound by the difference in the stories and the way the stories have been treated. I would surely recommend this book ( Even though it is a little high price). The experience the book gives is totally a new one and the blogger turner writers need to be appreciated for their extraordinary effort.


About the Book:

Title : Six Degrees – Game of Blogs

Author :  Various

Publisher : Blogadda.com/Leadstart Publishing

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 978-9352013890, 9352013891

Copy : Blogadda Review Copy

Rating :

Links :

Amazon : Six Degrees – Game of Blogs


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Laundry Goes Odd Even

Household works are the sole job of the women. Still living in this kind of reverie ? I would say that the time of this kind of thoughts has long perished ages ago. Today Gender equality has been put forward in every field and women are no less than men proving their prowess almost in all fields, excelling making history. So these kinds of male chauvinistic thoughts has no place in this contemporary times.

I have begun to share my part of helping My Mom with all the household chores in my free time minimising her work in every possible. She even mentions it to her friends about the change that I have made by helping her during the works. Thanks to Ariel challenge which changed my whole perspective that had made me do things which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 

I usually put the clothes that need to be washed in the dump box and expect my Mom every time to put the clothes in the laundry. But now I begun to wash my clothes in the washing machine putting them myself, separating the whites from the colours, setting the correct process and drying them in the sunlight all by myself.  After all during the holidays I would be lazy enough but now I had realized the need to help my Mom as she is toiling all days for the family and let alone toiling for the holiday too. So I decided to hit the laundry thing minimising her work and helping her with the other chores interacting with her the week’s activities of her and this had made more wonders in our home.

Seeing me do my works, helping my Mom, my brother also had picked up his clothes and laundry them and washing his sock separately without expecting Mom to do these things. These simple works done by us though meagre in amount of what my Mom does will sure lessen her burden of the work on the whole and will let her focus in other important works. 

She could read the newspaper in the morning without the need to worry about the laundry so that she can acquire the day to day happenings around the world or decide which dish to cook to make for her sons and her husband without any worries. these little things will increase the happiness and the process that I have made by realising my work isn’t that simple when it comes to the work. Each time I would remind myself of the hardships that my Mom goes all the week preparing everything for us in the home and this wouldn’t be a large help but somehow it will also boost my spirits to take up other wok like this and volunteer myself seeing my Mom proud about her son. What would a son otherwise want other that to make his parents happy let alone sharing these kind of jobs doesn’t make us unhappy either. It will one day be of great use to me when I am on my own so there are double benefits too.


“I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.”





Book Review : The Sialkot Saga – Ashwin Sanghi

It was one of those happy moment of a reader’s life for when he gets a book which has grabbed much eyeballs, savoring through the pages and couldn’t control the joy of the reading with other readers. I am speaking about  the latest book by Ashwin Sanghi that has grabbed it’s berth in the bestsellers realm. The book is the fattest among Ashwin’s Bharat series, but it doesn’t make us feel its too large.


The story starts with a train that has been filled with dead corpses with blood split all over it from Sialkot reaching its destination in Amritsar. The author then takes us to 250 BC, post – Kalinga period where Emperor Ashoka entrusts his nine reliable men to guard a secret. This portion at the inception of the book really intrigues the readers about the enigma surrounding the classified information that’s been withhold to the readers. The information that is to be passed down generations makes the readers quizzing about the things that it can be for a long time when Ashwin jumps to the next chapter with Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech.


Like every other Ashwin Sanghi’s book, this book has been a result of indelible information and arduous research that has proven his versatility in amalgamating historical incidents with fictional characters. The readers are in for an awestruck when they find references of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shayam Prasad Mukherjee and even Steve Jobs finding their places inside the story as characters. Although Steve Jobs doesn’t contribute much to the story, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s fictional character is linked as a friend to one of the protagonists and there the readers will find the brilliancy of Ashwin in blending real life characters turned over as fictional characters which doesn’t upset the readers.

The story continues about two really contrast persons mapping from their childhood till the new ages. Out protagonists Aravind and Arbaaz grew in two different cities Kolkata and Bombay. While Aravind is born in a rich family, Arbaaz is born as a son of a dock worker who later becomes the kingpin of Bombay with both the protagonists finding their way into politics. They both have the same intention of how to multiply their money and they both use different methods to do the same.

The narrative shifts to Ashoka, Samudra Gupta, Harsha where we find the secret that Ashoka entrusts with his nine reliable has been passed down the generations to the new age where the secret is explained over the period with a parallel narrative of Aravind and Arbaaz story. The contemporary Indian politics is sprinkled all over with real life facts and information nudged here and there  adds nuances to the already strong story. The story thus ranges across times of Ashoka adn their followers, Partition times and the post independence period ranging till the modern times.

The pace doesn’t slow down even when the story shifts regularly. There is no wonder if this story is being taken as a Bollywood movie. It has all the key features to be made into an feature film and kudos to Ashwin Sanghi who has engaged the readers into his 588 fictional miracle making the readers forget about he outside world.



About the Book:

Title : The Sialkot saga

Author :  Ashwin Sanghi

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9385724061 , 9789385724060

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi


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Book Review – When All Is Not Well : Depression, Sadness and Healing A Yogic Perspective – Om Swami

Life is really hard for everyone these days. The pressure certain situations exert on us, the fear about the future and the present, the sorrows of the past, thoughts about survival and what not is there that can send us into depression in these days of modern world.


“Just because things seem okay doesn’t mean they are okay at all. This is the truth of depression.”


The book is all about various types of depression and how the author has helped the depression troubled people to overcome these problems by analyzing the cause of depression from the troubled people and helping them with the various ways to overcome the major problem. As the author says in the initial verses of the book, people offer many ideas to depressed people and one such thing is to “Cheer Up” and it isn’t so simple.

However happy we are sadness seems to find its way into our hearts someway or the other and makes us troubled and the prolonged sadness and fear can lead us into deep depression. The book has many examples or rather incidents where the author helped tackle various depressions based on the root of the depression cause. Sometimes it needs medication, sometimes it just needs some change of mind and sometimes its just the change of perceptiveness and a little support from the family members and friends.

I have literally seen man of my friends and relatives move into depression and found it very hard to propel back to their normal life. But with the help of proper medications and a support from the friends and family members many seems to find their way back to normalcy. And the important thing I found during the course of reading this book is to never ask the person in depression to Cheer up or giving my insane advises to them, rather than standing by them to support during their troubled times.


The author has succeeded in bringing life to the book and making the readers to realize the importance of depression. I will never see depression the way I saw it before and understood its seriousness after reading this book. The book is so simple to follow and with apt real life incidents, the author propels the book into the minds of the readers and its indelible for the readers to omit depression hereafter. The readers will be accustomed with various types of depression and they will also try to find the root cause of the depression, rather than cursing over the sadness.


The book is a light read and I would suggest this book to all readers who want a sneak peek on depression. But nevertheless its a abode of information on depression factors and the medications, so I would urge all to read it at least once.



About the Book:

Title : When All Is Not Well : Depression, Sadness and Healing A Yogic Perspective

Author :  Om Swami

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 935177726X , 978-9351777267

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : When All Is Not Well: Depression, Sadness and Healing – A Yogic Perspective by Om Swami

Amazon : When All Is Not Well: Depression, Sadness and Healing – A Yogic Perspective by Om Swami


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Book Review : Beauty Is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan

Eka Kurniawan has been ringing bells in many reader’s minds when his latest book Man Tiger, translated by Labodalih Sembiring made the Man Booker International longlist. I have personally searching the books to read them and when I got one, I was into an awe as I started reading this beauty.


Normally translated books doesn’t touch the readers as they do when they have been translated. But recently these thoughts have been suppressed by the excellent translators who take keen interest in maintaining the essence of the book and the author’s perspective even though it is translated. ( Translated movies have some horrible dialogues which destroy the essence of the original. No Offence but that’s the truth).

Eka Kurniawan starts his novel as “One afternoon on a weekend in May, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty-one years….” and you can guess, the readers are in for an epic novel. The author doesn’t disappoint us and there is not even a part where we fell like dumping the book to take out a new book to refresh and come back. The author stands there in maintaining the curious levels of the readers and imbibing them with the story. The story may be what others think awkward that it is about prostitutes, ghosts, etc., but the readers will never feel it.


The story moves around Dewi Ayu who makes living out of of prostitution. She has four children and the fourth one is named Beauty who is exactly the opposite while the others are ineffable beauty. The story takes off further more like a river flowing from the mountains reaching the readers by going through various characters and etched well to impress the readers. The story doesn’t to move away from the described path which makes it even more interesting. The introduction of Dewi Ayu and the aftermath of her introductions about her are sure to strike a chord with the readers.


The translated book offers much more insight on how the author would have written it and kudos to the translator too. There aren’t any difficulties in finishing the book and it will make our fingers more and more glued to grip the book. Starting a story in the pre World War – II times and drifting with the way Indonesia had been grown along with it was very nice and it must be appreciated as well. Inspired by the myth and Indonesian folklore this is a exciting read and I would recommend all readers to get a grasp of Eka Kurniawan. So go grab it.


About the Book:

Title : Beauty Is a Wound 

Author :  Eka Kurniawan

Publisher : Speaking Tiger

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789385755682

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Beauty Is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan

Amazon : Beauty Is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan


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Book Review : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

I recently completed the third book of the year “Forbidden Dreams” by Madhuri Banerjee and was completely tangled in thoughts over the plot. The cover of the book has Huma Qureshi saying ” Madhuri gives us a peek into the modern Indian housewife who isn’t afraid to love and follows her heart ” and we can’t deny it after reading the entire book.


The book’s title and the cover design are spectacular in it’s own way that the author and the design team has chosen the perfect cover for the book. It is sure to grab the eyes of the readers. ( It has already hit the bestseller in some E-Commerce sites). They don’t mislead the readers and provide full justification to the plot.


The plot revolves around four women (the protagonists of course) Ayesha who is married but never loved her spouse, Kavita who regrets her marriage till date, Naina who has a love marriage and betrayed by the one whom she loves the most & Kaajal who has a complicated relationship deciding not to end up in marital life. Those married women pour all their time, energy,care in their falling bland marriage lives and decide to stay intact for the sake of children and their happy past.


All of them try their level best to make their marriage life boats to stay afloat in the life waters but life provides them with something else. They break the orthodox beliefs and follow their own path leading to their own desires.  They aren’t bound by the customs nor they cling to the life ropes of their failing relationships. This is the story of four women who make their own path and follow their minds.


The author has been successful in making the characters more relative to the readers as we can many women trying hard to make their marriage lives stay afloat amidst many troubles. The characters here too are well edged and particularly the character “Pinky” would stay in the minds of the readers. The events are very much familiar which makes this page turner relatively good. The language is simple enough to understand and the plot is also engaging.


The message that author provides is that all women whatever the hardships they receive must follow their own path and their desires. That is very much the message needed as the book will be a eye opener for many women who are entwined in a similar situation as that of the main characters. Although I suggest they act on their own rather than following the examples of the main characters. They should take the main theme of following their dreams and making their lives happier rather than making their lives worse by staying afloat in a relationship.


The book is a short one, so the plot engages us with a brilliant theme and never gives the opportunity for other thoughts to peep in while reading the book. The book is a light read and can be good for a travel companion. Expecting more thoughts from the author on her consecutive books which are to come in the future.



About the Book:

Title : Forbidden Desires 

Author :  Madhuri Banerjee

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137305 , 9788129137302

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Amazon : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Kindle Version : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee ( Kindle Ebook)


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Book Review : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Anuj Tiwari

There are some books that takes us away to other worlds just by their cover design, some by their exiquisite content and some like this book’s title. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”, the title stands alone giving us a brief good view about the book. The famous Whitney Houston’s R&B song which won her the Grammy’s Best vocal performance is a great way to be held as the title for the book and no wonder I saw the book “OUT OF STOCK” within days of release indicating the right title and the best content reaches the people far and wide.


The cover design is so colorful and gives us a peek about the content of the book making us guess it is a romance book. The cover design plays a crucial part in the success of a book and Anuj & his design team has well read the minds of the youngsters these days. The book would sure attract and catch the eyes of readers in a book store eventually due to its vibrant cover.


I haven’t read Anuj Tiwari’s previous books. So when the book was released on the New Year, I have made my mind to read this particular book and here I am completing the 2nd book of the Reading Year 2016. This book is the author’s third book and it has been an awesome experience reading it. The blurb of the book in various E-Commerce sites has a particular line that caught my eye when I browsed through them,


” If we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future. “

Even thought the line sounded like a line from an Rohit Shetty Movie trailer, this line particularly made me pick up this book with lots of expectations. 


The book is about the story revolving around youngsters particularly about the love story of Angira and Ved. Angira is a career driven girl and Ved is an footballer studying MBA. The fate brings Ved into the life of Angira who have different personalities developing an unexpected bond. The story thereby revolves around the events that happens aftermath and reveals about their dark pasts.

Anuj Tiwari

The story catches up with readers as soon as the book begins and it’s hard to keep the book down. The plot engages the readers with it and doesn’t force the readers into a state of boredom by indulging in giving unwanted plot twists that carry away the story. The characters are well etched like inks in the paper. The conversations between Ved and Angira in the form of messages in the phone (same as phone messages in the book) caught the eye and was a thought provoking idea by the author (scores again apart from the cover design part.) The language in which he has written is in casual form without having the readers to search for the words particularly focusing on the slang. The incidents happening can be much related to the normal people so these incidents doesnt have difficulty in bringing connection to the next ones.


The book finally is  fun light read without much exaggeration in simple terms. The book could be finished within a day as the the plot is too engaging and one would find it difficult to keep it way. The youngsters would be much attracted towards the book and the author kept his good work here. A must read for Indian based story lovers.





About the Book:

Title : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay 

Author :  Anuj Tiwari

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137321, 9788129137326

Rating :


Links :

Amazon : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari

Kindle Version : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari (Kindle)





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Book Review : Kissing Frogs for a While :Pavan Tarawade



This book is Pavan’s first step into the literary world and I am glad that he chose to write his first novella with such confidence and quality. The book is a short one and anyone would be surprised to see that a nascent writer chose “short story romance” as a genre rather than beginning with a currently trending genre such as Mythology or a  Thriller. Congratulations for that boldness Pavan.


About the book, its about Ayesha living in Mumbai who has a illustrious career, short list of friends and had a bitter experience with love relation is on a hunt to choose the Mr.Right of her life through a matrimonial site when she is pushed to the edge by the uprising age and her parents. She is bold and the type of girl who we can see in our quotidian life, but when it comes to marriage and choosing the man for her life she seems to be gone lost in thoughts.  So she signs up in a matrimonial site searching for the man of her life. She is supported all along the way by her parents, her lonely friend who always accompany her to the cafe who has a crush on her. Did the find the right guy or did Piyush (her Ex) came back into her life or the her friend who had a crush on her managed to be the Mr.Right forms the climax of the story.



The book is well written in words and quality that we couldn’t keep the book down until it ends. The book is short so it keeps us engaged till the end without giving much headaches about the number of pages. The titular character Ayesha sticks well with the readers as her character is scripted like a door next girl one, so we can relate what she thinks and how she acts in situations. The other characters like Piyush, her Mom, her Friend doesn’t stick well as they don’t have much job in the book. The twist which is at the end of the story is rather guessable but nevertheless it didn’t make us hate the book. The connection between various events could have been better told which carries us away in our thoughts.


Any good book is judged by its cover design (At least for a non reader book covers act as a great thing to pickup a particular book), and in this particular book the cover design isn’t much attractive with mundane title design. It’s a good book and I want the author to focus well on the cover design and title design part to be much better in his upcoming books.


This book is finally fit for any reader who is interested in exploring new writers and those who particularly indulge in books having an Indian background. Such a short book with a good story and totally enjoyable.

About the Book:

Title : Kissing Frogs for a While 

Author :  Pavan Tarawade

Publisher : Notion Press Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789352062553, 9352062558

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart :  Kissing Frogs For A While by Pavan Tarawade


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Book Review – Shakuntala: The Woman Wronged – Utkarsh Patel

We are at the cusp of the year 2015 awaiting for the new year to be exuberant all through. This year I have been lucky to read many mythological based novels which enriched my knowledge on various subjects. Although I am not the kind of reader who runs behind a particular genre, mythology has attracted me for the sake of how authors try to be different from the usual context of the yesteryear stories and how they make their own stamp in it.

I have been so curious to read the book Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged when I received the mail. The cover design illustration was particularly nice giving a indie feel intriguing the readers. Kudos to the designer for the excellent design. The author Utkarsh Patel tries to present his version of the tale of  Shakuntala from the Mahabharata based on Vyasa’s original characterization.

The author had portrayed Shakuntala as the women who is bold expressing her views without fears, debates with the well learned sages like a modern day woman. He also visually depicts to the readers the patriarchal society that existed during her age. The author has established a link with the readers by presenting the stories in a continuous manner  starting from Shakuntala’s childhood in the ashram, her meeting with the King of Hastinapur Dushyant and their marriage & separation due the curse and their reunion.

Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged (Cover Design) 

The fictional characters he has added as Shakuntala’s friends and Dushyant friends are adding good support for the flow of the story. Particularly when three friends see the peahen when Shakuntala worries about the marriage engaged to Priyamavada. Also the author gives his views on the patriarchal society through the thoughts of Shakuntala which was very satisfying.

The debate made by Shakuntala with his foster father Sage Kanva about Sati Ahalya on how she was made the victim while she was a scapegoat and her conversation with King Dushyant about hunting proves that Shakuntala was no lesser than a bold girl which every woman must acquire but at the same time be humble expressing her views in front of the learned and the aged.

The story was linear and is very helpful to the readers with the continuity without meandering elsewhere staying intact with the main thread of the tale. The peahen ignoring scene and the thoughts of Shakuntala on the same was the one I found particularly wonderful where the author has inscribed his stamp on the minds of the readers.

I haven’t yet read the version of Kalidasa’s Abijnanashakunthalam, so I found Utkarsh Patel’s version more interesting as  this was the first time I am reading more about the wronged woman Shakuntala. The views are expressed clearly without sugar coating and the characters add much flavor to the tale reminding in the readers mind even after finishing.

Any mythology book lover would surely love this book. I finished the book in a single sitting and the narration wasn’t allowing me to keep the book down. The Time chapter was something unexpected. So its time for me to search and read the Shakuntala by Kalidasa.


About the Book :

Title : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged

Author :  Utkarsh Patel

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Mythology

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 978-8129137463, 8129137461

Rating :

Links :

Amazon : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel

Flipkart : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel

Kindle Edition : Shakuntala : The Woman Wronged by Utkarsh Patel (Kindle)


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Book review – Chronicler of the undead – Mainak Dhar

Chronicler of the Undead book written by Mainak Dhar is the first of the horror genre books based on Zombie apocalypse that I have read. Most of us might have enjoyed the movies and series based on Zombies but to read a book will it evoke the same fear, thrills ?


Mainak Dhar proves it right and he brings in the same emotions of curiosity in his lines. The book is about a Zombie apocalypse that makes the people of the world into undead and roam about the streets. The author who writes in his journal thinks he is the only man surviving in Gangtok in bungalow situated on the hill. The events that unfurls after he decided to hit the roads when he is shortage of food and water, to survive the undead from attacking him makes the rest of the story. The transition of the Captain from a failed army men, failed writer to someone who inspires others, instill the will to survive is thoroughly superb.


The author apart from the serious elements of instilling suspense and thrilling, he has an excellent sense of humor that will sure have a hit among the readers. I finished the book in a single sitting and the book was too engaging that makes us to finish it. The suspense element of the name of the Captain revealed in the very last is a good technique. Calling the zombies as Moreko (its Nepalese) was good one avoiding the quotidian word. But I found the end little bit filmy. Overall this book was quite a horror suspense one and the readers will sure enjoy it.


Some of the quotes that I enjoyed during reading the book (No spoilers I suppose) :


What you need most to survive a zombie apocalypse is not a shotgun, but a bloody can of air freshener. 

People study, work hard at their jobs, gain impressive degrees and qualifications and then, at the end of it, it turns out that grunts shall inherit the world. 

When all else is gone, holding on to decency and honor is the best a person can hope to do.


About the Book :

Title : Chronicler of the Undead

Author :  Mainak Dhar

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Horror

Copy : Writersmelon

ISBN : 978-9385152498, 9385152491

Rating :



Links :

Amazon : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Amazon)

Flipkart : Chronicler of the Undead (Flipkart)

Kindle Edition : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Kindle Edition)


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The Thirteenth Day by aditya iyengar – Book Review

What is the need for a new novel on Mahabharatha ? Well the epic contains a store house of ideas to be re-invented whenever the authors saw it in a disparate perspective. Aditya Iyengar’s debut novel “The Thirteenth Day” is that kind of a novel which provides a panoply of the events that takes place from the Tenth day to the thirteenth day.

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As the readers of the epic knew the firsts dozen of the days in the war is not that much to exaggerate but the days from the tenth day to the thirteenth day has been told in a awe by the author. He makes a difference in the re-telling by taking a very diverse route.

The author narrates the story by using three main characters that are often not chosen – Yudhishthira, Radheya (Karna) and Abhimanyu. What bemuses me is the handling of the narration by the author by not providing any importance to a particular narration and balances it between them making the story more important rather than the characters. Although the characters are very powerful in their own, Aditya Iyengar brings in on the human aspects of the characters and avoids the usual asuras and the other things focusing the readers on the particular days. He also takes great pain in avoiding the romances and the other stuffs to focus more on the battle.

The character of Yudhistra particularly attracted as he was often misunderstood the most. Aditya shows his other perspective and his thoughts on how he is the sole authority vested to make the decisions while the others defy him of his troubles and the war is fought to claim him the throne.

The book on the whole was an interesting read and it wasn’t the usual blah blah of the famous Jaya story. Those who like the epics which are told in an different perspective will sure like the book, but for the other readers this will sure be a lagging one. But on the whole, the author needs to be lauded for a disparate attempt.

About the Book :

Title : The Thirteenth Day

Author :  Aditya Iyengar

Publisher : Rupa Publications India

Genre : Mythology

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 9788129134752

Rating : four_half-stars_0

Links :

Flipkart : The Thirteenth Day : A Story of the Kurukshetra War

Amazon : The Thirteenth Day : A Story of the Kurukshetra Wara

Kindle Edition : The Thirteenth Day [Kindle Edition]

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Book Review – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s really hard to find a self – help book that touches the very soul of the reader and kindles a about- face of ruminations of the reader. Elizabeth Gilbert, a celebrated author for her Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia” and “The Signature of All Things”  has come yet again with a brilliant book. The cover design is so vibrant and prismatic that it provides a hint that book is going to be a psychedelic journey with vivid explanations. A special appreciation to the cover designer of the book.

What is Creativity ? 

“The relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration” 

The book embark on a astounding read with above quotes at the inception. Big Magic is all about how one can lead creative living in his/her life without immolating our quotidian activities. Creative living can make a difference in our mundane lives and make it more enchanting. The book reveals about how creative living can be achieved by six things : Courage , Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Truth and Divinity. 

Vibrant themed cover of the book 

Liz (Elizabeth Gilbert) emphasizes that creative living can be done without abandoning our daily works and stresses throughout the entire context that her words mustn’t be mistook on this particular concept. She beautifully leads the readers through the ways through which creative living can be done by simple and astounding anecdotes all along till the end. The way she has handled the process of explaining creative living and the phenomenon of Big Magic happenings really instil a hope in the readers.

The author also unravels the faults that each arts seeking people make along their way to attain creative living and the places where they slack in the process. The anecdotes of the Brazilian idea she got inspired from Felipe and the big magic that happened with her author friend Ann Patchette, sure made me thrilled. Each anecdote was related with respective title and doesn’t deviate anywhere else and brought us back to the main plot : Creative Living. 

Overall this is one awesome book that I would recommend to all readers and also to the ones who are not interested in reading self – help books. This is not an mediocre self help book that stresses out to do out of the box things but rather do the typical things to make sure we make our lives happily creative by doing the quotidian things we do along with time spend in our creative field daily. The explanations aren’t too enigmatic and the author is careful not to mislead the readers. Sure I would re-read this book and this one has inspired me to take my life in a creative way.

P.S : Started to read her other books too in the process of discovering her writing style more. 

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book :

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.”

“One of the Oldest and most generous tricks that the Universe plays human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can find them all”.

“I never asked Writing to be easy, I only asked Writing to be interesting.”

“We are all beginners and we shall die beginners.”

About the Book :

Title : Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Author :  Elizabeth Gilbert

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing

Genre : Self – Help

Copy : Own

ISBN : 9781408866733

Rating : four_half-stars_0

Links :

Flipkart : Big Magic : Creative Living Beyond Fear (Hardcover)

Amazon : Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Kindle Edition : Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear [Kindle Edition]

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Book Review : Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna


I was quite intrigued when I saw Mrs Funnybones in the Amazon best seller list for many days. I mean, I have heard Twinkle Khanna used to write columns for DNA and TOI but haven’t read any yet. So I wasn’t sure whether to try this book at first. But since my mind was fixed on that book, I placed an order and received the book.

The book was quite hilarious and it was an absolute page turner. The reader cannot get up without finishing it, as it was too engaging. It made smile and laugh till the end like a mad man. That is the magic that Twinkle Khanna makes out of her book to the readers.

The book is all about a regular women (Oh No.. She is already a celebrity of-course) who accounts her random and mundane musings of her day to day life with maximum wit possible. It is not an non fiction which emphasizes what to do.There isn’t a place in the book where there are abstruse explanations and doesn’t make you do laugh spuriously. The places where the prodigal son tells the mother that her jokes are always sarcastic and the places where Funnybones mother comes in to the picture makes you laugh out loud. I would recommend this book to all readers as this one will not be  a regular page turner but will make you laugh out more than anything. It’s hard to find a book that can make you relieve from all tensions and this is the one that will be a tension saviour until you finish reading it. The sense of humour she has got is an extreme one.

P.S : I have started to read the columns of Twinkle Khanna regularly ( might be the sequel of Mrs Funnybones who knows)

About the Book :

Title : Mrs FunnyBones

Author : Twinkle Khanna

Publisher : Penguin Books India

Genre : Humour

Copy : Own

ISBN : 978-0143424468

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

Links :

Flipkart : Mrs.Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna 

Amazon : Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna


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India is a

India and Sports :

India as we all know is not only a maslin of cultures, languages, lands, religions, climates and people, but also the land of birth for many games. India and Sport are inseparable. Many games and sports such as Chess, Judo, Polo, and Cards have been transmitted to other countries where they have transformed and developed to its current version and some games like Cricket, Tennis were adapted into our country from other cultures.Even in the ancient times, Pandavas lost their kingdom to Gauravas over a game of gambling. Any festival or a celebration is incomplete without a game in India. Games have been an indispensable thing in every Indian’s life.

“I don’t think there’s any dearth of talent in India – we’ve always had the best juniors in the world”

                                         – Mahesh Bhupati (Indian Tennis Star)

Of all the games, CRICKET stands tall gaining a majority of support from the people. Billions and billions of people are crazy and mad about the game. Incidents such as applying leave for schools, offices and closing of shops during the match days in India is enough to say about the craze, we people have for the game in India. Sitting and watching an entire match even though when the team is about to lose could be seen.  Thanks to the Indian Cricket Team headed by Kapil Dev, who grabbed the World Cup trophy from the then stalwarts of the game, The West Indies in 1983. It was after then the game was much popularized in India. And even more after a particular man came to the game and changed the face of the cricket in the nation. India was known to the world through the World Cup won, but it was known worldwide when he entered and thrashed records.

The young boy entered the game in 1989 and he took the nation’s name to a top level through his efforts. People who were initially his fans, then slowly became his fanatics and at some point of time he became the GOD OF CRICKET. Every match whenever the whole team collapses, billions of Indians eagerly wait for the man to raise the team’s score and lead the team into victory bringing smiles and joy over to the entire nation. SACHIN TENDULKAR, the Demi God of Cricket is an Indian, will always be a moment of joy and proud for every Indian. Thanks to Captain M.S.Dhoni and the younger team that brought all the possible World Champion trophies to India raising our name in the sport, a feat that is still unachieved by England where the sport was found.

” When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones “- Sachin Tendulkar

The man behind the popularity of Cricket in India
The man behind the popularity of Cricket in India

Cricket has become the face of Indian sports and has dominated over other games in the past decades. For this level of popularity and craziness, the only thing which is responsible is the simpleness of the game and the support of media. It’s viewed across all religions and sometimes the reason for the unity in India too. Media focuses mostly on the cricketing side rather than picking news from other sports. A new BCCI president adorns the front page of the leading dailies and the magazines while national champion of other sports are cornered to the last page of the columns.  I wouldn’t say it’s the mistake of the Medias. There are fewer viewers for a national athletic meet or a national games event where IPL matches score the top position in the TRP ratings during the summer seasons. Even movies aren’t released during the IPL times.  The only change is that viewership of Indian Super League, an inter football tournament in India, but still it couldn’t swipe out cricketing actions.

A comparison of Indian Premier League & India Super League
A comparison of Indian Premier League & India Super League

Every game is important in India. Children learn games at a very early age of their life and they learn a lot of life values from those games. The main purpose of a game is the values that we learn from them. And physical games also cater to the improvement of health in the children rather than sitting before video games. They learn the spirit of friendship, teamwork, hard work, dedication and never giving up. These virtues not only make them strong but also discipline them into a good person. So as long as any game provides opportunities of learning these things there is not a problem.

But in India, the sporting action was centered on Cricket. But now times have changed, Sachin has retired and the raise of other sports in the International stage has been on the raise. There was a time when every four years, India would long for a lone medal. But now times have changed. Indian Super League and Pro Kabbadi League are gaining many viewers across the country. Tennis has been on the raise in the recent times with the mounting of grand slam titles to Indians such as Sania Mirza and Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi. Many females have been inspired by achieving sportswomen such MaryKom, Saina Nehwal and Tintu Luka to overcome the odds and lead India into the podium of the World stage in sports category.

“People used to say that boxing is for men and not for women and I thought I will show them some day. I promised myself and I proved myself”  – Mary Kom

People tend to complain about the level of India at the world level in Hockey, where we have eight gold medals in Olympics and Dhayan Chand’s legacy. People tend to brood over the past glories of other games and often tend to complain cricket for their present form. It’s the mistake of the people for thoughts like these.

People’s support for other games is essential rather than complaining about the monopoly of Indian cricket. Remember that people’s support was the main reason for Indian Cricket this much and nothing else. Even the National Sports Day is celebrated commemorating the birth anniversary of Dhayan Chand who is a legendary hockey player.  People’s support was the main reason for Medias to take over the sport over others and if people could support other sports and inspire younger generations, many champions will emerge in different sports.

People change the face of the nation; likewise people could also change the face of sporting in India. All types of sports are available in India and it’s up to the people for making it better and if ample support is given also by the government, then India will achieve many things in the days to come.

India consists of a maslin of sports within itself. Its upto us whether to sit and brood over cricket or support and raise the standards of other supports lies in our hands. Let’s take a pledge to support other games as well and inspire every youth to take sport. The government also needs to allocate sufficient funds need for the raise of sports in India and make sports education a must for all school children. Learning will always be fun through sports and I am sure that India will be brighter in the future both in the international podiums of Studies and Sports.

Yes.. India is my country and it’s not cricket centric !!!!

Jai Hind.



Book Review : Rise of Kali by Anand Neelakantan

The gripping tale of the epic Mahabharatha in a never told before way unveiled when I got to read the new book on the series of the Ajaya. The new book is titled RISE OF KALI : DURODHANA’S MAHABHARATHA and to its name it is been said in the perspective of Duryohana. I have heard Mahabharatha in Krishna’s perspective, Arjuna’s perspective but I wonder why no one chose to say the tale on the sides of the Kauravas.

Rise of Kali
                              Rise of Kali

The author has always tried his ways on establishing the tales on the lineso f the anti heroes from his earlier books. His Asura : The Tale of the Vanquished was about Ravana’s perspective of the epic Ramanaya and the first book on the series Ajaya : The Roll of the dice was on the Kaurava’s perspective. This single aspect is sure to catch the readers and assure us that we are on for a fun filled epic read.

The author tells about the dharma and adharma in this gripping novel. This tale included some of the best works that I have read in his books and became my favourite one among his novels. He has written in a non boring fashion and the readers are sure to keep the book till the end without closing it. The very different perspective ushers us to read nad know more about it and we are not disappointed anytime. The story begins with the  Panchali Cheerharan and continuees go on. The part where Suyodhana explains on why he chose his path to be right is excellent and a delight to read.

I would recommend this to all mythology lovers. This would sure usher the readers to read more about the mthology. A brilliant read is sure assured.

About the Book :

Title : Rise of Kali: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata

Author : Anand Neelakantan

Publisher : Platinum Press

Genre : Mthology

ISBN : 978-9381576045

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

Links :

Flipkart : Rise of Kali : Duryodhna’s Mahabharatha

Amazon : Rise of Kali : Duryodhana’s Mahabharatha

Kindle Edition : Rise of Kali : Duryodhana’s Mahabharatha (Kindle Edition)

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“Autobiography of a Mad Nation” by Sriram Karri – Book Review

Sriram Karri in his second book ” Autobiography of a Mad Nation ” unveils the story of a group of friends along with the background of the ongoings of a mad nation. This is basically a Good vs Bad theme with some drama and history all along the part.

Autobiography of a Mad Nation
     Autobiography of a Mad Nation – Book Review 

The author has used this as a powerful tool to express his views on the ongoings. The use of contexts such as historical events like the Emergency and the right through the economic liberalisation to the Godhra riots is sure to make a bind with the readers. The author had tried to weave in various aspects and provide the reader a good read rather than preaching about the values. The author had sure given his best shot in creating a group of plots neatly woven and given it within 384 pages.

The story begins with protagonist, Vikrant Vaidya writing to the President of India. He has been convicted for a crime  that he did not commit. He did not ask for his mercy and writes to the President of India describing his offence and asks to decide, prove and punish if he is found guilty. His character’s potential is shown by this where he writes “ I don’t like your hairstyle” .The President, intrigued by our angry young man, sends Vidyasagar (Sagar), retired head of CBI to investigate whether Vikrant is guilty or no. He is sent to investigate whether the protagonist did kill the young boy Iqbal. And here begins the entire chase that leads Sagar to unfold conspiracy to conspiracy, involving some of the most influential people in the country.

“I was born in a mentally retarded nation.”

This line is sure to show the readers how the author would have expressed his views in the book. Overall this book was a nice read. But some repetitions made a boring along the way the book travels, rather it was a impediment. The author till the end sticks to the plot and doesn’t give away preachy Easter eggs. But this story contains many a twist within itself and it sure is to get the readers in a awe.

  About the Book :

Title : Autobiography of a Mad Nation

Publisher : Fingerprint

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9788172345655

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

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Game of Dishes  & Fishes

What is precious than a hand of food that is been fed by our mother or a dinner made by our sister/brother/ friends/relatives. The mere word “FOOD” is sure to bring loads of fondly memories and the taste will sure to linger in the tongue for a life. The smell of the freshly cooked food is more than enough to kindle the hungriness and the interest to eat anything in the world.


No wonder Food after a feast after any special occasions or festivals finds an important place in our Indian tradition. Our ancestors found the best way of uniting our souls through the craving for foods. What an insight.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 
Virginia Woolf

Our country has “Unity in Diversity” in food too with a plethora of food dishes and cuisines around our country. From the North to the South and across the East to West, thousands of dishes made with the recipes that were passed down through the ages and the culture that has been woven around our food is fascinating history.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

                                              George Bernard Shaw


Food is related with love. No one can forget the days when we were fed by our mothers or the food that we savored during a festival or the food that has been presented to us by our friends or relatives. School or college lunch hours are unfinished memories if we hadn’t grabbed our friend’s lunch and savored it.

entrance sign

Food brings peace of mind and when one savors his favorite food, he sure is to be transcended to a different where the memories of the taste, the smell and the instant that we eat the particular food will remain in our mind for a life as pleasant beautiful thing.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.



There is an anecdote of mine which I would like to share that made me to cook myself thereafter making me a better cook and the love for foods that has been cooked by me and the happiness of sharing my cooking with others.

                                      “Any food can satisfy the tummy, but only a good satisfies both the heart and the tummy.”

– Ustad Hotel 

Good Food

I used to spend a lot of time with friends during the holidays where we would be trying various food stuffs in the garden in our friend’s home. Mostly we would try Grilled Chicken which would be a much easier task. We would use the wood for firing/heating the chicken and cook in the traditional way which is been still in use in many parts of our country – the woods, dried leaves to make fire and use bricks walled up to make stove like things. Those were some happy days of making along with my friends and savoring it was a different story.

As we were passionate in riding bikes for a long drive, we planned for a long drive to a seashore town near our home some 50 kms apart. That was one fond memory where we were welcomed by the rains during the drive and we were a bit late in the evening when dark clouds were busy wandering the sky. As we reached there we saw a lot of boats untying the fish that’s been caught, weighing and selling them. As we were fully exhausted by the rains and driving for a longer time, we decided to get some fresh fishes. A local fisherman offered a load freshly caught fish for a very low amount (Nearly 7Kgs).


It was late when we returned and my friend’s parents were surprised at the fishes we bought and also the thought cleaning it brought nightmares to them. As my parents were not in my home, me and my brother along with my friend’s got this fishy idea of cooking fresh fishes with fried fishes and fishy curry with rice for the dinner. But no one in our gang knows to cook fish or clean it either. One of my friend’s mother took the task of cleaning and giving us guide on how to cook fish.

After immensely cleaning the fish (the all fishes at the same time), she said “I will cook and give you”. But we were determined to cook and taste it as it would be the best thing to do on a rainy night. So I and my friends started to cook with the steps as told by my friend’s Mom. The rice was being prepared in another room by my brother who wasn’t confident enough that I will prepare fish dishes and was ready with some curd to be savored for safety. As the masalas were rubbed and the basic ingredients were churned out on the pan, the smell was superb and we were in a transcending happiness.

I was bit ignorant on the amount of fish to be put in for curry as this was my first time. In a minute of eating soon, I put out only two fishes inside the curry that was being made reserving the others for being fried. (Gosh I couldn’t how I did that still). After the dishes were made, my brother was craving for the dish to be savored. Everyone was ready with their plates.

But as soon as they got their mouth of the curry everyone’s face was like Mr. Bean. I had in a hurry put only two fishes in the curry which must be put according to the ratio. (I must have put around 8 to 10). My brother was kidding me like anything and asked my friends not to share the food to the pets as they would be serious if they eat it. And then we took the whole pan consisting of the curry to my friend’s home where my friend’s mother couldn’t control the laugh on the ignorant decision I have made and she promised to rectify it. Then she added the other fishes in there and in 20 mins we were savoring our food that we made so drastic and been rectified.

What a Day it was, the day where we had bought the ingredients and the fish ourselves, cooking ourselves and sitting and eating with all my friends and their parents was joyous day that I couldn’t forget in my life. The craving to eat the fishes and the foodfix I made to savor the dish that I made myself had made me a better cook these days I suppose.

P.S. : We didn’t have the super cool food delivering startup giant “Tinyowl” at that time. If it were we would have ordered our favorite dishes like now which would have been les messy in the kitchen and messier in the dining tables with lots of football matches and sitting in the couches and ordering stuffs. Missed it badly during those times way back in 2012 in our cities. But anyway now that I found it would recommend my friends also to take a notice and try them.

Image Credits : TinyOwl Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/tinyowlapp)
                        Image Credits : TinyOwl Facebook Page                                (https://www.facebook.com/tinyowlapp)

Trust Me, they are more speedy even though they have only a mobile app version. Who needs a web version these days ? (only Facebook)

Check them out “TinyOwl” app versions over here : Android and iOS 

(Windows users and friends just wait, they are on their way to you also soon !!! )

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Love Curry – Pankaj Dubey – Book Review

Have you ever drooled on seeing a colorful palette of luscious varieties of food with the appetizing aroma wafting through the dingy air, clogging our minds with the thought of devouring every single piece of meal stimulating our hunger pangs and brightening our dull minds? Life is like that delectable palette of dishes spread out in the table offering a melange of love, friendship, trust, confidence, victory, and exacting problems.

“Love Curry”, the title of Pankaj Dubey’s new book whets our interests with its sui generis title. The resplendent cover although minimal in its look grabs the eye of the reader with its splendor. The cover designer ought to be lauded for such a detailed thoughtful cover depicting the entire story through this minimal cover without much fuss. Although the title is deceptive to be mistaken for a cookbook (with a supporting illustration of curry in the making), the cover saves the reader from misjudging. The inclusion of Big Ben, London Bridge and the iconic red telephone box in a curry explains that the story is set in London with three red petals denoting the three main characters around whom the story revolves. Kudos to the publishing team, design team and the author for such a detailed cover which will surely catch people’s eagle eyes.

The plot begins with three flatmates rather friends, Shezad, a tattoo artist who hails from Bangladesh, Ali who is a Pakistani Chef and Rishi, an Indian still looking for a decent job who live in the picturesque capital of England, London. Life goes on for the three with their depressing pasts, finding solace with their loneliness until they start loving the same girl. They fall in love with their landlord’s daughter Zeenat who has her own set of problems to deal. The story then revolves around how each tries to woo the girl and the events that transpire because of their love forms the rest of the story.

The common thread which connects this neatly woven tale of love, friendship, mystery, and laughter is their love for food which justifies the intriguing title of the book. The story which begins on a squishy note brings with it the much-needed humor and also interesting twists (although most are predictable). The characters are well etched and established in the minds of the readers with their own interesting backstories. The plot is simple yet deeply moving without any sugar coating scenes which makes this a winner.

The language is easy to understand supported by the author’s crisp writing without digressing elsewhere staying with the flow with lots of humor interspersed all along the way. The climax was an unexpected move would let the reader divulging in nostalgic thoughts of their own. Though the inception of the story would make the reader think they are into another sophomore love story in the offing, the author clearly dispels that thought with the well-etched plot as the story proceeds. The story could be a much-sought potboiler with all the necessary ingredients at hand to be made into a love oozing Bollywood movie.

If you want to read a light-hearted fiction book that would make you fall in love all over again and also with food, this book is for you. Also, who doesn’t love a book which hit the right notes with the reader? Go read this lovely book.



Image result for love curry pankaj dubey



                                               Rating :

Image result for four stars book


About the Book: 

Title : Love Curry

Author : Pankaj Dubey

Publisher : Penguin Random House India

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9780143424505                       


Links :

Flipkart Love Curry by Pankaj Dubey

Amazon : Love Curry by Pankaj Dubey


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Empire – Devi Yesodharan – Book Review

It’s always bewitching to find historical fiction in the bookstores and in your bookshelves. It’s not just because for the information or the plot, it’s rather the landscapes they brief through which the characters saunter, the period or the century to which the plot and the characters belongs to, the kind of nostalgia it brings through the writings, all make the readers crave for historical fiction. Atleast that’s what I think of historical fiction.

And to my surprise there are very few books in English that has offered to describe in fiction about the stories of Cholas. Devi Yesodharan’s “EMPIRE” seems to fulfill that vague fissure by writing a plot set in Nagapattinam about Cholas. The interesting thing is that the plot follows the events that happen after a foreigner is trained to become a Chola, that too a woman named Aremis.

The cover design for the book done by Wasim Helal is wonderful with simple and profound illustrations. The clever placement of Yavani at the backside of the cover revealing only the enraged Chola warriors and the elephants is a good one that will intrigue the reader about the book.

The author has described that this is an accidental novel, but the details that go inside describing the landscapes of the 11th century Nagapattinam, the depiction of the characters of that times, the heirarchies and the extent of the social structures reveals that this is a well researched book that doesn’t disappoints on its grandeur. The plot is well set and the characters are woven around one another in a neat fashion though at some places the story strays from the plot but the author makes sure the plot is back from where it started. The characters of Anantha, Shrey, Aremis, Mandakini are struck in the readers mind and this shows the level to which the author has etched these characters potraying them with the plot.

The canny use of verses based on anonymous poets for a song sung by Anantha and Padma is taken from classical Tamil Anthology “AKANANURU” clearly indicates that the author clearly establishes his genius upon the readers.

The plot reveals before our eyes like a movie and it is easy to follow since the narration is in a first person and no confusion follows because of that. I couldn’t believe this is a debut book that is this grandeur in its plot and I could also see good comments for the book already.

But still, the abrupt ending of the book without mentioning about what happens to Aremis in Nagapattinam, the cunning plans of Perumbil and about the prophecy had me in confusion and cliffhanger. I expect the author would have reserved it for a sequel of the book and why not expect it ? It would be very cool to have a sequel for the Empire and I will be waiting for it very eagerly. With a rich imagination of a plot like this, I could already sense a movie in the making.


Some of my favourite quotes : 

Background Image Credits : Juggernaut Publications Website 

Editing of the Quotes : Corlos Zudin

P.S : Please give due credits to Juggernaut Publications and Corlos John  if you ever use this image. Request. 

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About the Book:

Title : Empire

Author : Devi Yesodharan

Publisher : Juggernaut Publications

Genre : Historical Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN :  9789386228376, 9386228378

Rating :  23bae-4-52bstars


Links :

Get the digital book in Juggernaut here : Empire by Devi Yesodharan (Juggernaut)

Flipkart : Empire by Devi Yesodharan

Amazon :  Empire by Devi Yesodharan


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