Redi-Go – Fun freedom confidence

Car has now become a status symbol in our country. During the start of this century a bike or a moped was considered valuable , but nowadays a car in every house is a must. Everyone have lots of aspects and dreams about their dream car. What differentiates their dream car from others is a unique features. Normally people don’t go for big budget cars as their first one. They analyse and research many times before arriving to a conclusion. Like many first comers , I have been researching the necessities form my dream car and then I came across and found this one which is none other than DATSUN REDI-GO.

Ok. Now you know that I have arrived to an answer for a new car, but what are the best things it have. there will be question right. I have many answers for this specific question but to be short and crisp , I state the three most important aspect which i like the most. Certainly my research had provided me with best answers and I’m proud to share with you the most desirable features the car ” Redi-GO” boasts.

Ground Clearance – The Best of All

I am not a great travel expert but a traveller who enjoy rides with my family and friends on trips occasionally. During those trips , the cars which we have used lacked the ground clearance and whenever there comes a speed breaker, my mind actually thinks of how am I going to cross it successfully without any noise in the chase. This happened almost in all the trips or say 75% of the trips.


This one, The Redi-GO has the best in class ground clearance as it sports a 185mm ground clearance. The approach angle and departure angle makes the car stands apart from the others and make it a top class one. So I don’t have to fear  and can enjoy my ride.

Pro Safe 7

The next big things people looks nowadays are the safety measures that the car provides. These safety gears provide added advantage to the travel. The energy absorbing steering and the air bags are the outstanding addition in this car and also the viewing angle which gives a clear view to the drivers who are driving the car.


The other things will be performance augmented brakes , reinforced crash protection steel,suspension system and power electric steering. These gears which I think will be a must have features in the near days to come. These days people want safety measures to be high, so these top the priority list.

Interior and Exterior 

Design will be the next on on the list along with the performance and since performance will be top class in Datsun cars , the list transfers to Looks of the car which absolutely consists of the interior and the exterior.

It has a sporty look with a yukan design with a dynamic performance. The edges sport a silvery finish which gives a royal look and a elegant finish to the car.D-cut grill with a honeycomb frame with a datsun badge gives a neat portrayal of the design which stands apart.


The next one will be the lamp section which consist of Front headlights and tail lamp design. The modernization made to these will make the to look for while buying. This would add beauty to the Exterior look.

When it comes to the interior , I would definitely look for the dashboard and the modular finish of the seating. The power windows and the audio systems fills the next segment of expectations and these are really good and also the spacing which could be apt for a hatchback car. So why I worry about the interiors when everything is in a great look. When exterior and Interior looks compete each other , the greatness of the car increases.

redi-GO (9)

When coming to the performance side , it sports a i-Sat engine and has a perfect fuel economy. So the needs are actually fulfilled one by one when I take note of everything. So this will be a perfect blend of sporty look with a neat interiors and a elegant and superb performing car in this segment. Also the price is within a budget. So definitely this will become the one people will be looking for as a good one.

I would test this car in my native since it is a car which is perfect for city commuting and since my native has roads which are perfect to test a vehicle to its best.The next one will be , what will satisfy me when test driving this car. I should definitely look out for a speed breaker test and should check whether it hits the chase( but it will definitely not). Also how far the car can be pushed while driving in a highway. The actual full performance of the car should be noted while performing a test check. I am sure this will fulfil my dreams of choosing my dream one. Driving should give a best experience not in terms of visuals but in terms of memories. This will surely help to retain it.

redi-GO (5).jpg


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


Image courtesy – Datsun

With Driving dreams




Shopping With Jabong – II

*** Jabong has apps which could be used in smartphones making it even simpler. Try the Jabong App here. Visit the Jabong site here. ***


Shopping with Jabong was fun and cool last time and I was curious to visit the site again to try out a sweatshirt for my personal use. Due to the some constraints and some bugs in the website ( I really hated the bugs), my mind deterred from using the site but my heart went for it and I thought it was worth the wait.


shopping with Jabong - II


I was searching for a good sweatshirt and as I was browsing, the experience was different this time as the Low – High pricing sort was perfect this time. The sorting was also perfect when I selected some distinct brands of my choice.

I was content in narrowing in down my personal favorite sweatshirt. You can find it in here Nike Grey Sweatshirts . The Sweatshirt was uber cool ( at least I thought so!!) and I thought it would be perfect for a morning jog or to waiver off the cold during the winters. Although its been a while since sweatshirt and hoodies began to dominate the Indian markets which came through the people’s mind via various American TV shows, it was the flash that made my mind to try it out. (Thank You, Barry Allen).


This time there was no confusion in choosing the color as I was fixed with the grey color. There was a pretty decent discount there and it was also urged me to click the buy button and go into the payment. Further there was a super cool method from the Nike brand and Jabong for this particular product which I found was very really interesting. The sizes for this particular product was very well given with sizes comparing with other products and what it was meant to be with this size. I liked this approach from Jabong as it would be very helpful for the customers to choose the best fit size from the site. The guide has also helped much from the right side below the buy now button but it was the image that was attached along with the product image that kept aside the fear from the minds.


Also the model stats given below also gave a clear mindset about how it would fit for me and for the others clearing all fears. That was a clever move in making the customers mind urging them to buy. Also the details about the cotton fabric and how to wash them would be very useful. The product was delivered withing the given time but this time there was no worries in the size problems.


Shopping with Jabong post I wrote earlier would be the first experience of mine and it was quite weary that made me to rethink whether to use Jabong or not. But this Shopping with Jabong – II cleared all the fears that reinstated my faith on Jabong. Also try their app or their website to exactly enhance their shopping experience.


You can browse the product here.


Happy Shopping,

John Corlos.







Shopping with Jabong



Shopping once have been a arduous job of getting into the brick and mortar stores searching the various collection of brands, choosing the right color and texture, choosing the thing which we like and the fit of the particular product. Choosing even a flipflop will take a good search of getting into two or three shoe stores and choosing the right thing is always a tough task. As brands began to make their brick and mortar stores it was even more difficult to choose which brand and where to go.


But in the advent of the online shopping, it grew more popular among the masses as it was less risky than visiting a brick and mortar store in which if we don’t like a particular product we wouldn’t like to embarrass the good workers there. Unlike the physical stores we can search for more products and browse them according to our wish, sorting out our favorite product with cool offers.


Jabong was very famous with my friends and I was very intrigued to try it. I was in need of a flipflop and I decided to hit the Jabong website to search the flipflop of my choice.


The website home page was neatly designed without flashy ads and misleading offers. IT was quite simple and user friendly even for a first timer like me. Then I browsed the product of my choice and chose my thing, a Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue Flipflop.


JAbong Nike .jpg
Stylish, Elegant Flipflop from Nike


It was easier choice as the sort can be done at the right corner on what choice do we need a sort. The brand, sizes, color and the material can be sorted out which are present in the left side of the website. When you enter a particular product the various sizes along with the size chart are displayed there and the colors for the product along with product image can be viewed for a savvy visual experience. The order page wasn’t that much trickier and the order confirmation along with a message to my mail id and to my phone where sent.


The product I received was priced above 1k but on applying the voucher in the payment page I was able to get the product  on a discount of 50% with an additional 15% special offer. The product was delivered within 6 days but the size was little bit tight for me so I returned the product and the return policy isn’t much tougher but it very simple and I received the product of my size in around 5 days.


Pros :

  • Simple & User Friendly Website
  • Myriad varieties of Products
  • Sort out via Pincode
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy Return Policy


Cons : 

  • Bland UI, dull backgrounds ,
  • Mostly Out of Stock Products,
  • Late Confirmation of Products,
  • Plenty of mistakes in the website.


The last one was little bit annoying ( Plenty of mistakes in the website). The product I was ordering was the Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue FlipFlop which was been sorted out after it was my favorite among many others. But instead of the blue flipflop, a grey flipflop of the same model came in the image. This bug was found almost in many products and it was annoying to change and see our favorite product with other name. Also I was careful enough to switch back to blue flipflop (But still the image showing grey flipflop) and order it. I was in a fear whether I would receive the correct blue one or the grey one. I was fortunate that I received the grey one.


JAbong Wrong



Will I try again Jabong ? 

Even though there are some dislike I will try it again. No big issues.


Jabong has also apps which could be used in smartphones making it even simpler. Try the Jabong App here. Visit the Jabong site here.


Happy Reading,

John Corlos.



Wake up to a Gold Morning with good vibes

Colgate BlogEach and everyone of us believes today that the next day should be full of good things exactly like a golden morning with the day occupied with utmost happiness and enjoyment. But every wish will not happen until it is wished by God.

People these days are finding less time even to speak with their family because of various tensions and mainly due to the technological invasions in our houses. Lots of factors decide our sleeping time and our morning times. But there are something that happens to be unchanged even in the course of time and one such event is brushing and a hot morning coffee.

Atmosphere plays a very major role deciding the day with its fragrance. Whenever you search for the longest day and the shortest day , you will get only unique days in google and in the case of our lifestyle which has become so routine instead of lovely gives us many longest days in terms of work and keeps us sticked to our commitments and shortest days are very rare and even there were possibilities of a zero shortened day in your mind Google when searched.


World you are a unsolved puzzle ,

yet you rise everyday, for what ?

Even though it is bad or good , 

I go on with it forever.

How my mornings turns out to be a gold morning which makes me to run that day with good vibes and happiness.

We have forgotten our KG times resolution which have fled like words in air and that is ” Early to sleep”. Following this mantra is difficult , but it may be essential but various research tells that a good sleep is essential to have good health. So take a proper nap.

The other mantra which everyone will say as prayers in the morning. I still believe prayer has its power , as Paulo coelho quotes in Alchemist ” When you want something , the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “. So it can makes wonder. It’s my personal wish though as everyone will not have a morning prayer, but have time to speak with God.

The other mantra is a morning walk with my pets. In the morning after the sleep our minds will be fresh to take in vibes and if it is good our day is saved and if it went the opposite , it’s hard to predict how the day would go. My days would always start with a walk with my dearest pet friends and even though it is small it would eventually make the day good , even though i may face any conditions. Other thing would be watering the plants and wonder the beauty of the nature for God has created beautiful trees to grow up towards the sky. I still find many would prefer a walk with the pets, since it will also benefit due to the fact that it helps to maintain the health process. Also pets always show love towards their owners, how harsh they are to their pets.

Morning brushing would make not only us feeling better but also others who are with us during the whole day. This routine may have changed in a manner with many brands introducing new ways to lessen our burden in these works. Still brushing our teeth makes us feel good and makes the first positive vibe in our mind and a assurance that this day will be good.

There is also another message hidden in that work , which is, forget the old things that happened in the past because your past day yellow stains which has been this long have been eliminated with a simple brushing , so positive vibes will be automatically inflow when we erase the bad old memories which will not be of any value.

Golden mornings are not made , it is created with our thoughts , habits and positive vibes. So don’t worry about the past and never feel for the future , your present day is more precious than those things and be happy all the time.

Hope everyone gets a #Colgate360GoldMornings everyday with good thoughts and lot of happiness.

  Happy Reading with happy mornings,

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