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Lastly I have finished with (To be continued….) which i ever wanted to do . The situation prevails and it’s mandatory for every other writers to use it some or other ways . I just want to clarify this is my writing and if u wish you could follow me and take these ideas,if not leave it.

College Days – A mere life  

The thought about the college life will be boasted till the end of our life. Everyone will preserve the memories in some kind of things . Some of the things would be a photograph or a shirt (If he s a boy) with full of signatures. The memories will never fade away from them and will be carried away throughout their lifetime. Still i’m boasting about the college life in the last years of the evergreen segment. Why not to take it to the beginning and tell it’s adolescent time memories. Come I share it.


The most college students after entering into their college life will feel the absence of their dear friends in some manner. They find new friends and new environment. Friends are an integral part of life in every human. Even Though there may be some fights between them , they intend to share some moments with them.

The most essential things the student life will get a different scenario are a bit kind of bizarre. They are







Mass Bunk, a word to be remembered by everyone in college days . Plans would be made for a mass bunk and you know the back bench guys will be the 1st one to initiate it and even though the top ranked students will come to the class. The mass bunkers will not be taking these guys into account and on the class the staff would be shocked and let the students who came to he class to go for a break if they wish.


Why the top ranked guys never think of a mass bunk ? . They fear for the marks and for the dignity of them which is engulfed in their name with the staffs .


The mass bunk paves a way to go to movies. That too if the whole department or a class is a fan of a certain star then, FDFS will be a real mass. Nowadays, the trend changed and everyone wish to bunk the class and go to a movie if the class would be too boring .


The trend setter,these days will be VIJAY SETHUPATHI and other GOOD MOVIES which brought that even a low budget can take good name and fame if the concept and storyline is good with no big stars in the movie. Mass bunkers would even go for a Power Star movie if there is no good movies or all the films have been already watched by them. They wish to go movies if they boycott the class . This case will suite for both boys as well as girls .


“If shopping doesn’t make you happy, then you’re in the wrong shop.” – Mimosa Rose

Shopping is a great pleasure for those who have a good ransom to spend if not,Window shopping. The other mean to which the students bunk the class . The best shopping happens if you are in a city like Chennai,Coimbatore,Trichy and even nowadays i heard Salem too has good shopping sites. The shopping places would be mostly Malls and if it is in Coimbatore it would be 100 Feet Road or Crosscut road . Mostly students go for window shopping (75% of them ).

Shopping - Makes a change
Shopping – Makes a change

It gives them great pleasure to be a group going to shopping and if some guy in a group goes to buy something , you would get reviews from others who are accompanying with the reviews which you will not get even in a reviewing site or in google . A review worth a buy from our dear friends.


Travelling sounds a bit strange. Usually students gather a gang for a ride to their nearby tourist spots.Usually they would get their friends bike , who would be day scholar to the college and they would plan with their friends. The spot differs from city to city . A few examples would be better, I think . If the city is Coimbatore , they would prefer for OOTY or KODAIKANAL or ANAIMALAI or KOTAGIRI or KUNOOR .

If it is salem , they would go for YERCAUD . If it is chennai , They will skip the plan ( I Surely don’t know about chennai  ) or they will go to mahabalipuram or the great paradise of alcohol ” PONDICHERRY ” , recently changed as “PUDUCHERRY”. Travelling makes them realise the pain of those college days to be washed away by the energetic sceneries and the new people they see during the trip. Always it will be refreshing and surely this will be never forgotten .


At Last it’s celebration time . A birthday would be a normal scenario during school days but it would be made special with Goosebumps beatings and cake cutting at 12 A.M , which you would have never thought of. If the student who has a birthday , who stays in hostel in college is lucky. He will get the nightmare ( as he would have seen the previous birthdays of his roommates or hostel mates), the first reason is the birthday attacks which even a unknown friend in the hostel would beat him for sure. A cake with his name and some wishes ( Really a splendid one ). It’s a birthday bash with all the others wishing him phone , whatsapp, message , telegram messenger , hike , line, we chat and viber . The facebook wishes would also be there as it would connect known and unknown .

Celebrations Galore
Celebrations Galore


This will all happen only if you are a college student . These will not fade away int he due course of time but will be in memories forever . After college life every person will reverse his memories to the past days and will cherish those wonderful moments .

(Memories will be cherished more …….)

The failure of Engineering

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                                  The post i’m writing here is about the present unemployable situation prevailing in this fanatic country which boasts of MN C’s job as the greatest 🙂 . A real laugh will occur when someone tells U that he is good in Computer Languages but very weak in his department subjects. I still wonder why Anna University is not including it in all departments ???


In Tamil Nadu the situation which prevails is a 11th standard boy will not be studying his subjects . He will encrypted to study the 12th subjects from 11th std for about 18 nmonths and he will be writing his Public Exams . Even though something fails in his instincts and he will be choosing a college of he never thought he would study in his life . He would have never heard of that college before . Ask a student from Tamil Nadu who resides in a city other than Chennai and Coimbatore “Which college U want to study ?” . His reply would be probably ” Anna University ” or ” Whichever college I get “. The situation prevailing in the 1st year is that he doesn’t even know what he is studying .

"The place where evryone wants to study "
“The place where evryone wants to study “

The three years will roll out in a mere seconds of time and he would be put in the boiling water of PLACEMENTS in the final year. Mostly the classes will not be there and he will be attending all the classes starting from aptitude to soft skills.(Speaking too much is strictly prohibited bcoz i’ve been there ) . The 1st company will not yield fruits for his works. From then on the frustration of a Common Man starts. Company by Company he will made to get more frustration if he didn’t get a offer .

On Day One

The main scene opens on the Day of DAY ONE in college. If there is only one firm visiting the college (Paiyan Sethan). He would have been made to write tests in a random process. These test were called as practice tests. The guy gets a offer in a MNC and he will be praised all over. He would have thought  all is over .


When he comes to home on the day he finishes the college Everyone in the city from newspaper boy to neighborhoods would enquire “Have U got any jobs from placement in college ? ” or it would be ” College is over then what is ur plan ? ”  If he has got any jobs he would be the luckiest person to tell “I have got offer from a TOP MNC ” ( Why not to mention a company which gave u a job ?) Here is the reason ” Oh that MNC will not call for two years ” .

On getting a JOB
On getting a JOB

Now coming on to the reverse chronology of the last seen incident . If a guy didn’t any offers from his college placements, the people will tell that “You would have tried some more harder . You would have not tried . That’s why you are not offered ? “.

வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி
வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி

                                The third part is comparing with others. Mostly this happens in every house . The house which doesn’t have comparison is really a blessed home in this universe ( I think it does not exist) .


Test’s decide your life in this State. From 10th , 12th , UG , GATE ,GRE , CAT , MAT , GMAT , CLAT , CEED , IIT JEE , AIEEE and the tests to join different college ( AMRITHA , VIT , SRM and so on ). Even I heard that in my hometown now there is trend that even a school student of 8th standard has to take a test to join a Mathematics tuition and the mathematics staff will take the students will be taking students based on the top hierarchial score of the students .  (Intuition says நல்லா படிக்கிறவன் எதுக்கு எக்ஸ்‌ட்ரா க்லாஸ் வாரான் ???? ) .


After all a BE graduate is taking so many Test !!!!

( To Be Continued…… )

Entry Note

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New posts which will be thought provoking are on the way to enlighten you all . If you want anything to be covered under this blog; please make it as a comment and it will be made into a topic one fine day in the near future . Hope that this will kindle all your minds to think more and also to make your decisions correctly.