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Shopping once have been a arduous job of getting into the brick and mortar stores searching the various collection of brands, choosing the right color and texture, choosing the thing which we like and the fit of the particular product. Choosing even a flipflop will take a good search of getting into two or three shoe stores and choosing the right thing is always a tough task. As brands began to make their brick and mortar stores it was even more difficult to choose which brand and where to go.


But in the advent of the online shopping, it grew more popular among the masses as it was less risky than visiting a brick and mortar store in which if we don’t like a particular product we wouldn’t like to embarrass the good workers there. Unlike the physical stores we can search for more products and browse them according to our wish, sorting out our favorite product with cool offers.


Jabong was very famous with my friends and I was very intrigued to try it. I was in need of a flipflop and I decided to hit the Jabong website to search the flipflop of my choice.


The website home page was neatly designed without flashy ads and misleading offers. IT was quite simple and user friendly even for a first timer like me. Then I browsed the product of my choice and chose my thing, a Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue Flipflop.


JAbong Nike .jpg
Stylish, Elegant Flipflop from Nike


It was easier choice as the sort can be done at the right corner on what choice do we need a sort. The brand, sizes, color and the material can be sorted out which are present in the left side of the website. When you enter a particular product the various sizes along with the size chart are displayed there and the colors for the product along with product image can be viewed for a savvy visual experience. The order page wasn’t that much trickier and the order confirmation along with a message to my mail id and to my phone where sent.


The product I received was priced above 1k but on applying the voucher in the payment page I was able to get the product  on a discount of 50% with an additional 15% special offer. The product was delivered within 6 days but the size was little bit tight for me so I returned the product and the return policy isn’t much tougher but it very simple and I received the product of my size in around 5 days.


Pros :

  • Simple & User Friendly Website
  • Myriad varieties of Products
  • Sort out via Pincode
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy Return Policy


Cons : 

  • Bland UI, dull backgrounds ,
  • Mostly Out of Stock Products,
  • Late Confirmation of Products,
  • Plenty of mistakes in the website.


The last one was little bit annoying ( Plenty of mistakes in the website). The product I was ordering was the Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue FlipFlop which was been sorted out after it was my favorite among many others. But instead of the blue flipflop, a grey flipflop of the same model came in the image. This bug was found almost in many products and it was annoying to change and see our favorite product with other name. Also I was careful enough to switch back to blue flipflop (But still the image showing grey flipflop) and order it. I was in a fear whether I would receive the correct blue one or the grey one. I was fortunate that I received the grey one.


JAbong Wrong



Will I try again Jabong ? 

Even though there are some dislike I will try it again. No big issues.


Jabong has also apps which could be used in smartphones making it even simpler. Try the Jabong App here. Visit the Jabong site here.


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For the Caged Bird sings of Freedom

“How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?” ― Anaïs Nin


The sunrise was warm and Joe woke up early to see the vibrant morning. Since being a Sunday, it was the only day he could hang out with his family. Other days would be more stressful and the only relief to him comes in the form of the Sunday. For him, he is the only man in the world who is assigned with the hardest job description on earth or that’s what he thinks.

He thought of going to the movie with his parents. His father who is on the verge of getting retired from his reputed government post and his mother, a home maker. He had booked tickets to a movie which has been recently released featuring Madhavan in the lead. Since the reviews of the movies were good , he wished to see it along with his family.

After finishing their lunch they started to the theater which is close to their home. Joe’s mom was very fascinated as she was going to watch a movie after a very long time. They reached the theater on time. Saala Khadhoos (the name of the movie of course )started and the crowd went crazy. The movie was all about women boxing and how a coach struggles to bring a woman from a fishing town in Chennai to become the world champion in boxing. The movie ended and Joe with his family came out and started to return to their home.

Joe’s mother mind was full of Madhi , the female protagonist of the movie. She was talking about the heroics of that heroine all the way. Joe was too impressed but didn’t want to talk too much about it.

After reaching their home, everyone was too lazy to do their work and found their ways to the chairs and sat before the TV.

Suddenly Joe was invaded with thoughts about his tomorrow’s dress for his work and so did his father about Monday’s office wear. They both reminded her mom that still she didn’t wash their clothes. Joe’s mother had some thoughts raised in her mind with questions like ‘ Why a woman always do the washing , cooking and other works’. ‘Why men don’t care about these works?

Even though she made the washing her thoughts went back to her childhood days where she was instructed to learn cooking , washing and household works , since she had to do all these things in her husband’s house. Suddenly a question raised in her mind again ” Why did the parents didn’t teach their sons about the equal sharing of work or women are in no ways lower than men?”. She was searching answers and she couldn’t find any answers to the question.

The day moved and Monday morning arrived with the questions still in the mind of Joe’s Mom. Joe and his father went to their respective works and their washed clothes were neatly ironed by their mother and she even prepared their breakfast and lunch.

Even Joe was struck with the same kind of question , why he told his mom to wash it. So Joe opened Google (The mind palace of humans) in his office and her mother opened Google in their home desktop respectively.

Google directed them to statistics about these things.

  • Worldwide,200 million more men than women have internet & women are 21% less likely to own a phone

  • Indian women were paid only 62% of salary for equal works.

  • Only 30% of India’s tech force is made up of women.

  • New research suggests banks run by women might be less vulnerable in a crisis

  • In 88 yrs, The Academy nominated 4 women in best-director category,only 1 woman won.

  • “Eliminating employment gender gaps could boost GDP by 5% in the US, 9% in Japan & 27% in India”

  • Globally 21% of young women (versus 4% men) say they can’t work b/c of family responsibility & housework.


These stimulated some differences in Joe and his mother closed the browser thinking , women’s empowerment not lies in these statistics but in the reality only when women are given equal opportunities and when these qualities begin at home.

In the evening Joe while returning from work , stopped for the traffic signal and saw a girl selling flowers and when she asked Joe , he bought the flowers fully which costed him the previous day’s movie tickets cost.

He returned home and his father too arrived in a short while. When they were eating their supper , his father told his mom to wash the clothes as it has got stains. His mother got up and Joe stopped him and told that he will wash the clothes. Joe’s mother couldn’t believe what was happening. His father was puzzled.

After that Joe collected the clothes and switched on the washing machine with the clothes. He took out his smartphone and opened the Facebook app and typed a status

” Surely Laundry is not a Women’s work ” and also used ” washing the clothes” and tagged his location. The status ended like but the change towards the perception of work changed that too from his own house.

Joe texted his mom to take the flowers from the reading room and added he will share the load.


Joe 2

Joe 3


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.



***  The above story is purely fictional but the statistics given are taken from The UN Women’s Twitter page. Names of the characters are purely fictional and not intentional (No pun intended)  *** 


*** Images are original and created by me *** (credits to me :p) 


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Book Review : The Dark Side of Light – Sanil Sachar

I was delighted to see the book ” The Dark Side of Light ” by Sanil Sanchar when the mail was delivered to me. When I opened the book , the cover looked interesting and when I finished the book , came to a conclusion that it emphasized the theme of the short stories and it was very well relevant to the title.

This is Sanil Sanchar’s second book and this is an amalgamation poetry , prose and script. His first book ” Summer promises and other poems ” was full of poems of various subjects with different genre. I haven’t read that , but after reading that I got a impression to read the first book of the author.

As like what I have known like the first one , this book too has various genres with different subjects but , this book has a link between them.Moreover this is the first book that I have read in the poetry genre and that too from a Indian author. Sanil through his book told the world that he had made his expertise over the genre.

The book should make the reader to be engaging with the subject of the book , this fulfills that condition and gets a thumbs up. Mostly the poetry are not too long , so you can say it as a short poem which continues into a short story with the subject of the genre.

The book has a collection of poems and short stories and they are in a equal mode. Since the author is a poet by himself , the try over the script and the short story is really worth. Each book which is good has a special mention in that book , this too has many in the poems. He is the maker and the writing makes us re-read it again.

Usually the combination of prose and poetry is a rare one and even then if it comes , it will be less engaging with the readers. The genre ranges with different subject and you will feel the goodness of the poems in each line of it.

The book travels with the theme and stick to that which makes it to be a sure read. The combination makes it a good read.

This book is ideal for readers who love to read poetry and who loves a combination of poem plus poetry. Also this book is simple and can be read in a single read. This book doesn’t takes much of your time. So I suggest this as a sure read for all the readers.


About the Book:

Title : The Dark Side of Light 

Author :  Sanil Sachar

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 8129139766 , 9788129139764

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart : The Dark Side of Light by Sanil Sachar


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Book Review : River of Flesh and Other Stories ; Edited by Ruchira Gupta

Some stories never wither off our minds; they affect us and make our minds think of the stories and their characters. Ruchira Gupta’s “River of Flesh and Other Stories” which she has edited the stories written by many authors is powerful one in today’s scenario and a much needed one.

I haven’t heard of either Ruchira Gupta before nor read any of her columns. But after reading this book, I searched in the internet about her and was surprised to see her efforts to as an journalist and about her fighting against sex trafficking. This book has been edited by her which summarizes the stories written by various authors. The book contains 21 chapters and sure they will make an impact upon you for sure. The book is all about the sex workers and women inequality.

Kudos to the author for editing this story and bringing it to life. It takes much courage to write things which aren’t popular among the people, about the stories of women who are normal like the others until they are struck by reality by the fate of life or by their surroundings.

Initially it was hard to enter into the book with the title having words which makes us hesitant but it in reality it is true that these things are happening around the world. So the journey of reading the book began with Kamala Das’s “A Doll for a Prostitute Child”.

The story of “The Hundred Candle Power Bulb” by Manto was very moving and would make any reader froze when the story ends. The characterisation of the woman and the climax which is very unexpected must be a new thing to the readers. The stories aren’t fast paced but move in a slow manner enough to keep us finish each and every story without much hurry. Infact every story during their ends would make the readers sympathize over the fate of the characters who are rather pushed to accept the bitter reality of their future. The authors such as Kamala Das, Amrita Pritam, Manto, Premchand and Kamaleshwar stories makes a hard impact after reading them.

This book although containing many short stories would make the readers think of the stinking society that still pushes women taking hard decisions to sustain their lives and its a breaking reality. I wouldnt say the book is engaging but a must read for understanding the situations prevailing across our country beyond the suburbs. Kudos again to the author Ruchira Gupta for editing and giving such a book.



About the Book:

Title : River of Flesh and Other Stories 

Author (Edited) :  Ruchira Gupta

Publisher : Speaking Tiger Publications

Genre : Fiction/Short Stories

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 9789385755583

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart : River of Flesh and Other Stories ; Edited by Ruchira Gupta


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