Book Review – The Girl Who Chose : A New Way of Narrating the Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanaik


As children, we all would have been flooded with bed time stories from our grandparents with the valor of Ram saving his wife Sita from the monstrous Ravana with the help of Vanaras. So here is our favorite mythology and management writer Devdutt Pattanaik trying to retell the story via Sita for children. The cover design itself briefly explains that its his way of narrating the Ramayana and he hasn’t compromised anywhere inside the story for the gorgeous book.

The cover design is so simple with the usual illustrations of Devdudd occupying the limelight of the cover. The title may seem little bit commanding and may make you think its about female empowerment or about feminism. But he has totally laid it perfect for a beautiful reading experience without much fuss.The Girl who Chose - A new way of narrating the Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanaik

The book is all about Sita and the five choices she makes all along the story and how they change the course of the story impacting all the important and also the not so important characters in the epic. This book isn’t another retelling of the epic but rather focuses on what Sita chooses in  the story and Devdutt narrates fantastically without deviating or indulging in any contemporary thoughts staying true to the epic.

The illustrations by the author are uncomplicated making us inquisitive over reading he book and also looking at the illustrations savoring all our favorite moments from the epic. Even though it’s a children’s book he has made sure it could understood by all with making much complications. The  footnotes that are sprinkled along the pages in the middle enlighten us with more information on things about Ramayana and the unimportant characters. Also the most important thing is that the author doesn’t gives us a plain story with only version but rather they are a melange of various versions of Ramayana spun together that makes the readers cherish every page. 

Devdutt has yet again achieved in winning the hearts of the readers. The central character Sita leads all the way till the end and he hasn’t strayed away from her staying true to the narration he has taken. I think this book would be great introduction to children to know about Indian mythology and Devdutt like his other books such as Fun in Devlok and Pashu series would make this book an interesting even for adults as well as children. This is a short book with all illustrations and information and so doesn’t eats too much of our time.


My favorite lines from the book :

‘Humans make choices. Humans can also help. Thus human society is all about choices and rules. We can choose to help or choose not to ? All choices have consequences. The Ramayana thus shows that it is not easy to choose,  just as it can be very difficult to follow rules.”


About the Book:

Title : The Girl who Chose : A new way of narrating the Ramayana

Author : Devdutt Pattanik

Publisher : Penguin Books, Puffin

Genre : Mythology

ISBN : 9780143334637

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : The Girl who Chose : A new way of narrating the Ramayana


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