Wake up to a Gold Morning with good vibes

Colgate BlogEach and everyone of us believes today that the next day should be full of good things exactly like a golden morning with the day occupied with utmost happiness and enjoyment. But every wish will not happen until it is wished by God.

People these days are finding less time even to speak with their family because of various tensions and mainly due to the technological invasions in our houses. Lots of factors decide our sleeping time and our morning times. But there are something that happens to be unchanged even in the course of time and one such event is brushing and a hot morning coffee.

Atmosphere plays a very major role deciding the day with its fragrance. Whenever you search for the longest day and the shortest day , you will get only unique days in google and in the case of our lifestyle which has become so routine instead of lovely gives us many longest days in terms of work and keeps us sticked to our commitments and shortest days are very rare and even there were possibilities of a zero shortened day in your mind Google when searched.


World you are a unsolved puzzle ,

yet you rise everyday, for what ?

Even though it is bad or good , 

I go on with it forever.

How my mornings turns out to be a gold morning which makes me to run that day with good vibes and happiness.

We have forgotten our KG times resolution which have fled like words in air and that is ” Early to sleep”. Following this mantra is difficult , but it may be essential but various research tells that a good sleep is essential to have good health. So take a proper nap.

The other mantra which everyone will say as prayers in the morning. I still believe prayer has its power , as Paulo coelho quotes in Alchemist ” When you want something , the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “. So it can makes wonder. It’s my personal wish though as everyone will not have a morning prayer, but have time to speak with God.

The other mantra is a morning walk with my pets. In the morning after the sleep our minds will be fresh to take in vibes and if it is good our day is saved and if it went the opposite , it’s hard to predict how the day would go. My days would always start with a walk with my dearest pet friends and even though it is small it would eventually make the day good , even though i may face any conditions. Other thing would be watering the plants and wonder the beauty of the nature for God has created beautiful trees to grow up towards the sky. I still find many would prefer a walk with the pets, since it will also benefit due to the fact that it helps to maintain the health process. Also pets always show love towards their owners, how harsh they are to their pets.

Morning brushing would make not only us feeling better but also others who are with us during the whole day. This routine may have changed in a manner with many brands introducing new ways to lessen our burden in these works. Still brushing our teeth makes us feel good and makes the first positive vibe in our mind and a assurance that this day will be good.

There is also another message hidden in that work , which is, forget the old things that happened in the past because your past day yellow stains which has been this long have been eliminated with a simple brushing , so positive vibes will be automatically inflow when we erase the bad old memories which will not be of any value.

Golden mornings are not made , it is created with our thoughts , habits and positive vibes. So don’t worry about the past and never feel for the future , your present day is more precious than those things and be happy all the time.

Hope everyone gets a #Colgate360GoldMornings everyday with good thoughts and lot of happiness.

  Happy Reading with happy mornings,

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