Book Review : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

I recently completed the third book of the year “Forbidden Dreams” by Madhuri Banerjee and was completely tangled in thoughts over the plot. The cover of the book has Huma Qureshi saying ” Madhuri gives us a peek into the modern Indian housewife who isn’t afraid to love and follows her heart ” and we can’t deny it after reading the entire book.


The book’s title and the cover design are spectacular in it’s own way that the author and the design team has chosen the perfect cover for the book. It is sure to grab the eyes of the readers. ( It has already hit the bestseller in some E-Commerce sites). They don’t mislead the readers and provide full justification to the plot.


The plot revolves around four women (the protagonists of course) Ayesha who is married but never loved her spouse, Kavita who regrets her marriage till date, Naina who has a love marriage and betrayed by the one whom she loves the most & Kaajal who has a complicated relationship deciding not to end up in marital life. Those married women pour all their time, energy,care in their falling bland marriage lives and decide to stay intact for the sake of children and their happy past.


All of them try their level best to make their marriage life boats to stay afloat in the life waters but life provides them with something else. They break the orthodox beliefs and follow their own path leading to their own desires.  They aren’t bound by the customs nor they cling to the life ropes of their failing relationships. This is the story of four women who make their own path and follow their minds.


The author has been successful in making the characters more relative to the readers as we can many women trying hard to make their marriage lives stay afloat amidst many troubles. The characters here too are well edged and particularly the character “Pinky” would stay in the minds of the readers. The events are very much familiar which makes this page turner relatively good. The language is simple enough to understand and the plot is also engaging.


The message that author provides is that all women whatever the hardships they receive must follow their own path and their desires. That is very much the message needed as the book will be a eye opener for many women who are entwined in a similar situation as that of the main characters. Although I suggest they act on their own rather than following the examples of the main characters. They should take the main theme of following their dreams and making their lives happier rather than making their lives worse by staying afloat in a relationship.


The book is a short one, so the plot engages us with a brilliant theme and never gives the opportunity for other thoughts to peep in while reading the book. The book is a light read and can be good for a travel companion. Expecting more thoughts from the author on her consecutive books which are to come in the future.



About the Book:

Title : Forbidden Desires 

Author :  Madhuri Banerjee

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137305 , 9788129137302

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Amazon : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee

Kindle Version : Forbidden Desires by Madhuri Banerjee ( Kindle Ebook)


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