Book Review : Kissing Frogs for a While :Pavan Tarawade



This book is Pavan’s first step into the literary world and I am glad that he chose to write his first novella with such confidence and quality. The book is a short one and anyone would be surprised to see that a nascent writer chose “short story romance” as a genre rather than beginning with a currently trending genre such as Mythology or a  Thriller. Congratulations for that boldness Pavan.


About the book, its about Ayesha living in Mumbai who has a illustrious career, short list of friends and had a bitter experience with love relation is on a hunt to choose the Mr.Right of her life through a matrimonial site when she is pushed to the edge by the uprising age and her parents. She is bold and the type of girl who we can see in our quotidian life, but when it comes to marriage and choosing the man for her life she seems to be gone lost in thoughts.  So she signs up in a matrimonial site searching for the man of her life. She is supported all along the way by her parents, her lonely friend who always accompany her to the cafe who has a crush on her. Did the find the right guy or did Piyush (her Ex) came back into her life or the her friend who had a crush on her managed to be the Mr.Right forms the climax of the story.



The book is well written in words and quality that we couldn’t keep the book down until it ends. The book is short so it keeps us engaged till the end without giving much headaches about the number of pages. The titular character Ayesha sticks well with the readers as her character is scripted like a door next girl one, so we can relate what she thinks and how she acts in situations. The other characters like Piyush, her Mom, her Friend doesn’t stick well as they don’t have much job in the book. The twist which is at the end of the story is rather guessable but nevertheless it didn’t make us hate the book. The connection between various events could have been better told which carries us away in our thoughts.


Any good book is judged by its cover design (At least for a non reader book covers act as a great thing to pickup a particular book), and in this particular book the cover design isn’t much attractive with mundane title design. It’s a good book and I want the author to focus well on the cover design and title design part to be much better in his upcoming books.


This book is finally fit for any reader who is interested in exploring new writers and those who particularly indulge in books having an Indian background. Such a short book with a good story and totally enjoyable.

About the Book:

Title : Kissing Frogs for a While 

Author :  Pavan Tarawade

Publisher : Notion Press Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789352062553, 9352062558

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart :  Kissing Frogs For A While by Pavan Tarawade


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