Book Review : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay – Anuj Tiwari

There are some books that takes us away to other worlds just by their cover design, some by their exiquisite content and some like this book’s title. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”, the title stands alone giving us a brief good view about the book. The famous Whitney Houston’s R&B song which won her the Grammy’s Best vocal performance is a great way to be held as the title for the book and no wonder I saw the book “OUT OF STOCK” within days of release indicating the right title and the best content reaches the people far and wide.


The cover design is so colorful and gives us a peek about the content of the book making us guess it is a romance book. The cover design plays a crucial part in the success of a book and Anuj & his design team has well read the minds of the youngsters these days. The book would sure attract and catch the eyes of readers in a book store eventually due to its vibrant cover.


I haven’t read Anuj Tiwari’s previous books. So when the book was released on the New Year, I have made my mind to read this particular book and here I am completing the 2nd book of the Reading Year 2016. This book is the author’s third book and it has been an awesome experience reading it. The blurb of the book in various E-Commerce sites has a particular line that caught my eye when I browsed through them,


” If we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future. “

Even thought the line sounded like a line from an Rohit Shetty Movie trailer, this line particularly made me pick up this book with lots of expectations. 


The book is about the story revolving around youngsters particularly about the love story of Angira and Ved. Angira is a career driven girl and Ved is an footballer studying MBA. The fate brings Ved into the life of Angira who have different personalities developing an unexpected bond. The story thereby revolves around the events that happens aftermath and reveals about their dark pasts.

Anuj Tiwari

The story catches up with readers as soon as the book begins and it’s hard to keep the book down. The plot engages the readers with it and doesn’t force the readers into a state of boredom by indulging in giving unwanted plot twists that carry away the story. The characters are well etched like inks in the paper. The conversations between Ved and Angira in the form of messages in the phone (same as phone messages in the book) caught the eye and was a thought provoking idea by the author (scores again apart from the cover design part.) The language in which he has written is in casual form without having the readers to search for the words particularly focusing on the slang. The incidents happening can be much related to the normal people so these incidents doesnt have difficulty in bringing connection to the next ones.


The book finally is  fun light read without much exaggeration in simple terms. The book could be finished within a day as the the plot is too engaging and one would find it difficult to keep it way. The youngsters would be much attracted towards the book and the author kept his good work here. A must read for Indian based story lovers.





About the Book:

Title : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay 

Author :  Anuj Tiwari

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Romance

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 8129137321, 9788129137326

Rating :


Links :

Amazon : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari

Kindle Version : It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Anuj Tiwari (Kindle)





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