Birdman and the Unforgettable Experience

Birdman , the movie which bagged 4 Academy awards out of the 9 nominations it has been nominated. Surely this is a late post after many days. I’m unfortunate to have watched this movie after this much time. The movie also tied for the same amount of nominations from the other great movie ” The Grand Budapest Hotel ” , that too I haven’t seen.

Even though ” Birdman ” is one of the Oscar winning movies in various categories , apart from that it has many things for its kind and it has a wide reach in the cinema world.


In this contemporary cinema , the movie has touched the art form in it’s fullest. The story was not told in a single line. It has got a steps of folds which unveils and many layers formally brings the story in the sequence. The layering story was new to non cinematic persons like me and I was fascinated by the story above the story and it’ s unfold. IT took some time to refrain that scenes which are little complicated to the mind in me.

The film has all the aspects of rational simplicity and the glorification of ignorance. The story is simple and every shot of the filmography has to be praised.

Listen to me. I’m trying to do something important.

Today’s film would be a success if it has the essential two elements. If it doesn’t have the two elements , the film will have to face a tough situation from the viewer side , also in the collection part.

The TWO ELEMENTS which are very important to the modern cinema is

1 ) How new is the story and how it varies from the other stories, only if the story is new the movie will go for a HUGE HIT in the BOX Office. Take the example of the famous HIT movies in recent times and also in the past , the movies which had a different story line won the race in the BOX office.

Long back ago , no one cared about new things in the story , they needed a story that would entertain them for the time of the film and later on the thinking changed and so everything.

The Director and the Cinematographer has to be praised for their efforts. They have crated the legacy for the bird man through their visuals and story. The actor Michael Keaton has a special praise because without whom the film would have lagged in some areas. Dedication is the thing which have made the film a perfect drama. The director has made the link between the stories and also tried to tell the relation between the birdman in a single shot with an additional artist who tries to make an drama. A mixture of stories in a single film.

This is not a review at all and I’m happy to share my thoughts about how art based stories are coming into existence through such wonderful scripts.

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