House of Cards – Book Review

Starting with the title “House of cards ” , which is enough to say the plot of the novel in that. Yes, as the title projects it is the story of a women in a family. Usually in a set of cards , there will be king , queen , jack , ace and numbers and this also relates with the characters in the story.

Penguin Publications
Penguin Publications

Sudha Murthy’s way of writing would surely impact the young readers. To say something about the specialty of some of the things about the writings it is simple to read and not too many twists and turn.

Characterization is aptly shared between the charters and eventually every characters makes a strong impact that they are needed for the story. The main protagonist Mridula and Sanjay are well portrayed in this. The story mainly revolves around them.

The story in a word would be, how a girl from a village in Northern Karnataka grows up there and married to a guy called Sanjay and moves over to a far away place in Karnataka. The other characters like Mridula’s mother , father and the potrayal and description of the Village in which Mridula says the power of Sudha Murthy to make the readers virtually think of the same village. The couple moves and due to the much heard politics in between the government officials in a Government hospital , the main lead , Sanjay gets frustrated over the job. Also during the course of time , a boy child was born to them. Due to this Mridula also goes for work and their child is taken care by the senior of Mridula who was a senior staff in her school , where she worked.

LAter due to these circumstances Sanjay leaves his job and starts his own clinic in Bangalore with the help of his friend , who became rich in a sudden period of time. Time changes fast and the couple attains all the wealth which they have dreamed of. They buy every needed thing and what initially they had was missing.

The author finishes with the story in a kollywood style . like what you tell as a old fashioned women. The end of the story reveals the whole length portrayal of changes made in the life of a girl turned wife and the impact it has made in her life.

The way in which the author written the story is in a female perspective. The story runs in that way , no way the author could be blamed. The story is not of a MUST READ type, but if read it will make a impact.

The areas in which the author scores are characterization , portrayal of the places , the serious twists , the arrangements of the characters , the knot between the events . I think the story revealed the happenings in the hospitality management and it’s outcomes.

Title                     House of cards

Published by      Penguin Books India

Imprint                Penguin

ISBN13                9780143420361

Category             Fiction

Language            English

Source                Own Buy (bought)

Verdict                 If you love to read a village based family story this is the one you are looking for.

                             Those who are looking for ” how revolution has impacted the society “.

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