The ways to have a Radiant skin – Come Closer

People fight against various things and also towards their on a daily basis. Health care has been a major concern for everyone , ultimately living in this world. Everyone cares for their skin and their health. On the event of travelling in a bike on a traffic filled day and on the end of the day , you will feel the polluted air which will make the face dark due to the particles present in the air.

Probably everyone nowadays wears a helmet and even a head cover inside their helmets to protect their skin from getting any infections or from being a victim to the polluted air.

Due to the introduction of various cosmetics related products , they still insists , you get fairness and also instant relief from all those allergies and also from skin related problems. Take a note that it will still worsen the health and also leads to health problems in terms related to skin.

We have almost forgotten the Ayurveda and the natural products which is still there, but we don’t take them , because we want instant in anything and in no time.

I hereby tell some instant natural care tips which could also help you to take a makeover of the things you use and also become a natural byproduct user and not a supernatural thing.

Avoid the risky Artificial facial products 

When you use the artificial products for your skin care , you are making the devil to come in the form of those by products. Rather than using those products go natural. Even there may be so many natural skin care plants in your garden which you may have forgotten in the due course of time. Search for it. The best way to get the information about it is the older aged people in our house, who will be a expert in those things. Take help from them.


Whenever there is extreme heat in our locality we tend to drink more water , that too refrigerated water, beacuse it is cool. The reason behind that is , water has natural coolant and it keeps the dry side away from us. So drink as much of water as you can for a day. Water is the best repellant for all ailments.

Almond + Milk

Rich in many flavours and milk is the next product after water. Milk contains many nutrients and it is the first thing which keeps us healthy. Almond also contains many nutrients which when combined with milk gives good protection from many ailments.


Honey has a natural power to reduce the wrinkles and also protects the skind from various things. But usually we don’t honey often. Also bring into practise of milk + honey which can be better collobration for your skin care.

Fruits and Vegetables

We have customed ourselves with various transformations on the due course of time. Also we have changed the way we eat and have the custom to order foods, which is not too bad at the intial stages , but often eating fast foods will have a huge impact of your health. So avoid fast foods for the maximum and go GREEN. Eating veggies and fruits will also have high effect of skin care , and a popular skin care therapy is keeping the cucumber cutted piece in the eyes as it would give a cooling effect. can also be applied to the face , to get a cool skin.

If you wish to know more things about it , check : and also the name  “VICCO Turmeric Cream” and VICCO Turmeric Cream .

With Love,



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