ILAYARAJA Sir plays symphony in my mind

life-is-music-facebook-coverHe will be always in White dress , which probably describes the divinity in him and his purity towards music. Whenever you land on Madras (a) Chennai , You will see RAJINI sir fans or the die hard fans of ILAYARAJA sir. Even though AR Rahman is a Academy award winning music director , most of the people in Tamil Nadu will sleep in the night or travel hearing his olden ( It should be Golden ) Hits. I am a Rahmaniac in the new generation , but RAJA sir’s music dragged me to his music through the melodies.

When it comes to a song which will be the best of the best songs in tamil , it will be surely ” Chinna Thayaval ” from the movie Thalapathi. No other songs , would even come to that song.

Everyone in the Southern states will surely have listened to atleast one song of RAJA sir. He has dominated the music world from the 80’s till now and still ruling the music charts. Even music directors such as Santhosh Narayanan , Anirudh , Vivek – Mervin , Thaman give the best , RAJA sir still remains the best of the best with his classics.

Apart from Reviewing , every music director has equal place in everyman’s heart. Music is the only divine thing which joins everyone. While we even have the trend of listening to many english POP albums. We love them. Yet the language of native stills excites youy the most when heard with a good music.

AR Rahaman is at his best and every other music director has his own indijuvality. I’m not going to compare any music director’s here. I want to express , which are the songs comes to my mind and relatres to the situation whichever comes into existence during at a certain period.

Certainly , most of the time , RAJA sir and AR Rahman both comes into my rescue.

If you take into account of the enormous films by RAJA sir you will decide and you will be fascinated to learn that he has composed song for every situation for a human being throughout his journey of music life in the cinema. HE has composed aroud 1000+ movies , many albums.

The one which suits every aspect of life would be ” How to name it ” album by Raja Sir. You will be mesmerised by the way the music goes. If you really want to experience above all that. Open your browser and go to wikipedia and search ILAYARAJA , the discography wil really fascinate you t the most. Lot of movies. Even there were times , when people will still go to the movies for RAJA sir’s music rather than the film.

Usually Rajinikanth movies will have super duper Hits , mostly in the 80’s and 90’s the tunes would have been by ILAYARAJA Sir only. Then the others were Shankar – Ganesh ( Famous Music Duo ) , Vishwantahan – Ramamoorthy , Deva.

Coming into other music directors , AR Rahman Sir gives the best throughout his album. Deva sir , the ” INTRODUCER of Gaana ” in the film industry in the south. MSV sir , the classical music director.

Even RAJA sir have fascinated about the songs of MSV Sir. Moreover it’s the lyrics which have imparted good music in us through the words. The olden songs were mostly written by , Kannadassan , Vaali , VAiramuthu and Metha.

If someone says ” Whenever words fail music speaks “, it’s not music because it’s composed by music directors who speaks through it. My life has a long way to go but it is surely filled with some sort of musical experiences whoever the music directors maybe , the symphony airs in every ears through the mighty music.

With Music ,



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