Book Reviews

I have done some book reviews which are not really mark giving ones but my personal reviews on the books which have read. I think , I have given a clear picture of reviewing and have certain decisions for my own.

* I will never reveal the whole story ,then no one will have the necessity to do.

* Will give a fair review , even if it is a author specific copy. ( Readers are the foremost deciders , I’m also a reader , so will provide only true reviews on my blog)

* In my point of view , the rating is just a number and the story must be strong and good to reach the readers in a vast.

* Thoughts are my own

Lists of books which I have reviewed on my blog

India on my Platter by Saransh Goila  

There’s Something About You by Yashodhara Lal

Mistress Of Honour by Bhaavna Arora

The House that the BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan

The case files of P.I POJO  : The killing of Mr.Heathcote

House Of Cards by Sudha Murthy

Half Girlfriend by Cheta Bhagat


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