Palace of Assassins – Aditya Iyengar – Book Review

Writing about the non spoken one’s in a mythology is a trend now and this book follows the same. Nowadays readers are looking for the history based thematic fiction which are selling like never before. Even though many stories are fiction people like what the author writes. Many books are written based on Mahabharata and the lead characters and now the author tries to reveal the aftermath of the battle and it’s lone survivor, Ashwatthama from the kaurava camp.

The author has already written The Thirteenth Day and the book was a good read. This is his second book based on Mahabharata. This book is purely a fiction and apart from some of the things in mahabharatha , there is no reference to the other parts written by the author which is purely fictional.

One could ask why many authors take only Mahabhratha and make fiction in many ways , the answer lies in the question itself. Since there are many characters involved and not all of them are detailed very deeply may be the reason.

Coming on to the plot of the palace of assassins , The Mahabharatha war comes to end in the eighteenth day and the lone survivor from the kaurava clan is Ashwatthama. He was cursed by Lord Krishna for killing the sons of Pandavas and three other warriors in the sleep. Since a warrior is not likely to do such a thing , Lord Krishna curses him with leprosy and a life of immortality. He find these things after he regains his memory.

He finds a life of immortality in the midst of those sufferings. There after comes the story with a fictional plot from the author. Ashwatthama conspires to kill all the pandavas and their last one in their clan. The one thing which was interesting was regaining the Shyamanataka which will not only sole the immortality but also will cure the leprosy. What happened in the end whether Ashwatthama regained his powers and was he out of the deadly leprosy ends the story.

The author has a maintained a good flow that the readers are not bored till the end and the one thing which lags at the last is , this is only the author’s version and it’s purely fictional. Since there were too many fictions coming out one after another , but the enthusiasm of every reader increases to read all those fictions. Nevertheless how many books out of the characters of the Mahabharatha , it is of much interest to the readers.

I would suggest this book to readers who love mythological based fiction and also a short one. Readers will not be get bored during the read as the plot is interestingly written by the author. So Mythological Lovers grab the book as your next read.

About the Book:

Title : Palace Of Assassins

Author :  Aditya Iyengar

Publisher : Hachette India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9351950824

Copy : Publisher

Rating : 

Links :

Amazon : Palace Of Assassins


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