Paintings and drawings have long intrigued people from times immemorial. And with the advent of the Internet Age with all the technological advances, paintings have come over a long time. Into the modern age paintings are rather comical in nature. A picture is worth a thousand words and graphic novels have their edge over fiction, non fiction, prose or poetry.

Amruta Patil, an established author of graphic novels from her first two books “Kari” and “Adi Parva” continues her quest with “Sauptik : Blood and Flowers” too, conquering the readers. Mythology has captivated many authors in the contemporary times where they drew parallels of the epics or try interpret, retell them showing their writing prowess.

We, the readers can sense that this book will offer a totally new kind of experience which we will cherish for a longer time. But a graphic novel is a new try and Amruta Patil has aced it with her “Adi Parva” bring the epics into a new dimension of story telling.

She stays true to the stories and fuses both the elements of Mahabharatha and Puranas in Sauptik. The cover is an absolute stunner which grabs instant attention and will make people inquisitive about the book. Not only the cover but entire book entices us with its retelling that stays honest and engages the readers until the end.

The author has played with her imagination of choosing not the conventional rectangular box borders that we usually see in a comic or graphic novels rather she has played with unconventional borders that doesn’t distract us from the fundamental theme of the book.

I am not a professional to review the kind of drawings of Amruta Patil and I want to be honest in reiterating that the drawings were instrumental in choosing her books from Kari and till now it fascinates me. Sauptik is no different from it and the awe still remains for the drawings that act as a crowd-puller for her fantastic books. The book is divided into many portions to events that lead to the crucial war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and the aftermath of the war. The narration is picture perfect and leads us until the end.

We have to applaud the author for her smartness in blending the Puranas and the Mahabharth into Sauptik, with the author never missing chances to amaze us wherever she can. The finale of the book resonates us with the effects of the fateful war reminding us of the tragic and devastating events. Amruta Patil’s Sauptik just isn’t a mundane graphic novel that passes by in the hoards of graphic novels.

The rich colorful drawings gives us a never before experience and the tones of the portion of Krishna particularly remains in our hearts. It remains unique with its enticing drawings, simple narrative, distinctive characters with her retelling making a fresh experience out of her novel.

I would recommend this book for all graphic lovers who would like to indulge into an experience to cherish for. Happy Reading.



About the Book:

Title : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers

Author :  Amruta Patil

Publisher : Harper Collins India

Genre : Graphic novel

ISBN : 9789352640645, 9352640640

Copy : Publisher

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil

Amazon : SAUPTIK : Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil


Happy Reading,

John Corlos.


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