The High Priestess Never Marries: Stories of Love and Consequence -Sharanya Manivannan – Book Review

“The High Priestess never Marries” , the tile is enough to make you look puzzled over what experience will this book give me upon finishing it. The title really lured me into getting the book and I’m not judging a book by the name. But the readers are in for a roller coaster ride of emotions through the 26 short stories depicted in this vivid collection of book. I have already been hearing rave reviews on this book and was waiting to read it. The book cover with all those rose textures and the bold title gives you chill over the spine making us look in awe. Kudos to the designers and the team for choosing this cover design.

Each particular story in the book has its own aura of enticing us, be it the words or the clarity that it portrays, the vastness of the plot everything takes the readers into a state of bliss. Every story is blended with a landscape with which we can relate to and it’s vivid describing is sure to entice the readers. We couldn’t believe it is the author’s first attempt in fiction and it doesn’t give a feel like a new comers try. The variations of each story be it, some which last short pages of two to some which goes lengthy doesn’t really impedes reader’s interest with the book.

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The references to Chennai which have a lot of Tanglish makes us connect with the book and stay in our minds relating each and every story somewhere as we read. So the words aren’t italicized or given the meaning in brackets.  In my point of view, this will not be a hindrance in choosing a book which readers will enjoy for its diversity.  A non Tamil reader will get the whole picture even though they will miss knowing those words or the places.

The women in the book are those who choose their own lives for themselves, respecting their own personal choices. Every one of them, be it a house wife or a lonely women or goddesses impress us in their own way of choices and thoughts. This makes us fall in with the book as the characters are well etched with some brilliant touches. Also the men are not forsaken in the book and not told in a bad light but the women characters stand still in our minds.

The stories doesn’t seem alien and each one seems connected with an underlying theme. Sharanya has a good grip over her pen and the themes which she intends to tell is told at an ease showcasing her fluency over the thoughts which she describes. Each story brushes upon the thoughts of nostalgia over the previous story and has a distinction of newness which brings a edge in choosing this book. I had enjoyed this book and would suggest this to every reader out there who looking for a fresh piece of fiction which will make a difference.



About the Book:

Title : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences

Author :  Sharanya Manivannan

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9352640888

Copy : Publisher

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences

Amazon : The High Priestess Never Marries : Stories of Love and Consequences


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2 thoughts on “The High Priestess Never Marries: Stories of Love and Consequence -Sharanya Manivannan – Book Review

  1. I feel sad that my experience with the book so far has been completely opposite of what yours has been. I can’t find any point the in the stories. I fail to comprehend the motive behind the story. The so called Tanglish words made me further sad.

    I wanted to read this book badly. But unfortunately, I’ve dropped it. I might pick it up again after a few months.

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