Book Review : Summit – Harry Farthing

Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world with its peak at a height of 8848 meters is a dream for every climber and mountaineer in the world to scale its summit. Though many achieve it by reaching the summit, for many it remains a chimera. It is such a daunting task as one may think of the hazards unseen such as the altitude sickness, coarse weather, avalanches, blizzards and what not.

The eerie silence which they witness along with the frigid winds makes the task more tough. The physical and mental problems faced in the uninhabited spots of the summit, the home to many corpses makes this task even more daunting and unimaginable.

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Summit by Harry Farthing as the title suggests, takes place with the backdrop of the highest mountain. This is the first time I am reading a fiction on the lines of Everest and You can well imagine my enthusiasm in my minds. The author has beautifully captured the landscapes with all its essence and have intertwined two different stories of expert mountain climbers of disparate nationalities and after a period of 70 years their paths cross taking the story to the twists and turns and to three different countries. The author have thoughtfully inserted characters which are well researched and doesn’t fails to sick to our minds with no characters turning feckless.

Josef Becker, German Nazi soldier has been given the humongous task, conquering the Everest – the highest mountain which hasn’t been conquered still and place the Nazi flag on the summit. He is given either to reach the summit or die trying by the Nazi officers. He reluctantly agrees and the aftermath that happens is itself a puzzling, nerve tickling part that follows.

The plot continues after seventy years later when Neil Quinn, a British mountain guide expert accompanying the sixteen year old Tate Nelson, son of an American Billionaire. The billionaire wants his son to claim the record of being the youngest to make the summit and Neil Quinn guides him through the summit. During the arduous task of making it to the summit there happens some unexpected events that span a chain of events in three different countries with some unexpected treasures. It also provides an hint of the history return type of nostalgia to the readers.

The Everest itself plays a role in the book which two men try to tame and conquer this natural beast.Also the native people who are experts in climbing the unfathomable heights of the summit without a pinch of fear, the Sherpas are well said and the thoughts of their belief considering Everest as a Goddess makes the readers know more about them even though some are fictional. The plot plays a major role in enticing the readers hooked to the book. The well researched characters, the not so deviating plot, the unexpected twists and turns makes this 648 pages book even more interesting. Although a fiction inspired from some historical elements, the way they are amalgamated with the thin line of fiction overpowering the readers to give such a tale of awesomeness is a welcome step. So I would suggest this book to every reader who is thinking to read a book which isn’t mundane and some spices of adventure on the go. Enjoy the read.

About the Book:

Title : Summit

Author : Harry Farthing

Publisher : Westland Publication

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9789386224330, 938622433X

Copy : Review Copy

Rating :

Image result for four and half star s

Links :

Amazon : Summit by Harry Farthing

Flipkart : Summit by Harry Farthing


Happy Reading,

John Corlos



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