Book Review : Skyfire – Aroon Raman

Aroon Raman is back to thrillers in his new 3rd novel Skyfire after dabbling in historical fiction with his 2nd novel “Treasure of Kafur“. This amuses us as these days more crime thrillers tend to make their way into the bestsellers and here is an one that stands as an example that a well written socio-political thriller can withstand competition. Skyfire is now a part of Amazon’s Memorable books of 2016 so far list. Kudos to that.

Skyfire is well researched and the intricate details about medicines, weather and other stuffs proves them beyond doubt. The terms really doesn’t confuse the readers as Arron Raman’s narrative does the explaining part better rather than reading in Wikipedia.

The neat narrative of the events unfolding one by one making the readers petrified of what is threatening the national security and the real status of the street urchins of Delhi makes the readers hold the book without even letting them to keep it down.

The novel has two parallels. Journalist Chandrasekhar, history professor Meenakshi and Intelligence Officer Syed Ali Hasan, the trio from Shadow Throne are the main protagonists. Gopal, a student goes missing who is a regular student of the school run by Chandrasekhar and Meenakshi. When the duo asks Hassan the help they could as Gopal hero worshiped him, the duo finds many children and women being missing from the slums of Delhi.

In a parallel narrative, there are petrifying storms and acid rains happening across India without a giving a clue to the scientists. And there is a connect between the missing of street urchins and the bizarre turn of events in the weather in India. What is the connection, has the national security been upheld, the real reason behind the bizarre events forms the rest of the story.

Like I mentioned above, the narrative hooks the readers to the book. The characters although have a blurry introduction most times and only some characters remain in our minds. ( The intelligence officers meeting and trying to remember who was who was difficult, Really.) The events are well established and there is no problem in following the story with the author explaining everything easily without the need to search things online. (Although searching few things would really give more knowledge).

The subject weather warfare is a new term to me and I was very curious to read this book in the first place and to my great excitement the author hasn’t disappointed me. The ideas, the places where the plot happens and the descriptions leaves us in an awe. The story also ranges from snowy Saltoro Kangri travelling to crowded slums of Delhi, picturesque Bhutan and parts of India such as Indore, Salem,etc.,

So the length is kept short to below 250 pages and that doesn’t deter the author from giving the much needed book to the readers. But the one thing that disappointed me the most was the guessing of antagonist. Right from the beginning he is introduced as good savior, we could sense something was amiss and the truth is his revelation of villainous face doesn’t really surprises us.

The climax was racy enough and gave goosebumps at places. I would recommend this book to all readers who are interested in thrillers and also to new readers trying socio political thrillers.

P.S : You can get more about many new things that will eventually surprise you on finishing the book. Waiting for the author’s next book eagerly. 



About the Book:

Title : Skyfire

Author :  Aroon Raman

Publisher : Pan Macmillan India Publications

Genre : Fiction / Thriller

ISBN : 9789382616610, 9382616616

Copy : Flipkart Review Program

Rating :

Image result for 3 and half stars

Links :

Flipkart : Skyfire by Aroon Raman


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