Everyone has a story – Savi Sharma – Book Review

Some stories are best untold someone said but it’s hard for anyone to keep a story confined in their hearts. But here is an gripping title that grabs our attention on the first thought of it. A blogger turned author Savi Sharma’s “Everyone has a story” is a kind of a book that is to be told and not to be confined and she dedicated it to the readers. So here I am scribbling my thoughts over the book.

An author needs two things to make his book a bestseller nowadays. Those two things are perfect story and perfect time with a little help from a good publisher and a wide spread readers. The later said ones will be a reality who the former said things are at their best. But every author still struggles to get a perfect story. Still people needs stories. The story which is said comprises of Meera , Vivaan, Kabir , Nisha and Cafe kabir. Wait there is also another cafe where the protagonists are introduced , it’s name is Coffee & Us.

Image Credits : Westland

The cafe’s mentioned in this book play a vital role in the development of the story. The story is about how a young women finds her perfect story through love and moves over with the development of friendship , starting of new cafe for a friend, trust, travel.

It is a usual story with different twists. Quest to write and dream to travel are the two things which the novels revolve around.The fiction/romance novels will actually have a cafe associated with it, but the author have made a plot around writing a novel which starts from the cafe.

The writing style of the author varies from others. I still don’t know why every male character in the romance novels have a flashback which may even turn out to be a good novel. The twists which comes in the story are predictable sometimes and surely the author has to be applauded for not increasing the pages of the book, because that would have made it a little boring , A clever thought.

I would suggest this book to Romance readers and readers who loves fiction. The book is also a short one and so you will not be getting bored while reading. I would like to add that the author will do more interesting plots in the future as this is her first book. The budding authors who wish to write a story and are searching for a perfect time should read this , because stories are everywhere and one needs to carefully pick them and release it at a correct time.

About the Book:

Title : Everyone has a story

Author :  Savi Sharma

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9386036754 , 978-9386036759

Copy : Publisher

Rating :      four_half-stars_0


Links :

Amazon : Everyone has a story

Flipkart  : Everyone has a story

Snapdeal: Everyone has a story

Happy Reading,



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