A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India – Book Review – Josy Joseph

A feast of Vultures , the name of the book along with a beautiful and thought provoking cover design made me to choose this book. Vultures prey on dead animals and here the title of the book have something which connects the written content with the title perfectly.

Whenever we have a conversation about our country India , the conversation will definitely leads to a answer of corruption in the country and how the middlemen or the powerful business personalities rule the possibilities of everything that happen in the country. There are many cases still pending before the judiciary on various deals and pacts and many middlemen were involved in those cases. It is a rarity to see a clean deal being done these days. 

This book brings before you the vultures whom we know through the media and who were at their peaks into the limelight. It also interconnects how a government change will not affect these vultures.

The Vultures are the wealthy middlemen who are based in India or from any other wealthy nation and the prey is the poor people. The correct genre will be investigation journalism based non fiction. The first incident which was described in the prologue is about the commonwealth games and the corruption that landed aftermath the games.

There are many revelations in the book. The ones which i would like to mention and which grabbed the attentions are :

# Rise and Fall of East West Airlines – First private airlines in India.

#The Power of the Personal Assistants of The former Prime Ministers of India

#Environment Issues

#Loyalist of Politicians

#Aviation related ones

The book as I said is a must read one , if you want to know how middlemen and the loyalist of the politicians and the capitalists and businessmen who are corrupt made our country to raise in corruption. I also wish to say that the recent escape of a businessmen from our country raised eyebrows about how he used his own power to escape. The Aviation industry has many hidden mysteries which are still to be unearthed.On reading the book , you will get to know many of the incidents which will prove how the vultures prey indirectly on the poor and how governing officials are negligent on their powers and use it directly/indirectly to show support to their beneficiaries.

I would suggest this book for Non Fiction readers and to all who wish to know about the vultures and their effects.This book should be in your definitely read list. The author is a National Security Editor ,The Hindu. So basically the writing style is similar to that of a journalist which adds strength to the narrative. Kudos to the Cover designer who have designed a good cover for the book. I wish more books of this type be released in near future.



About the Book:

Title : A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India

Author : Josy Joseph

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Non Fiction

ISBN : 978-9350297513

Copy : Publisher

Rating  :            four_half-stars_0




Links :

Amazon : A Feast of Vultures

Flipkart : A Feast of Vultures




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