Book Review : Second Lives by Anish Sarkar

The books or movies about a psychopath or a serial killer  would always heed your ears or grab your eyes into seeing or reading them. The plot either fictional or real has a lot of potential to be explored and minute details will be necessary to make it a hit among the readers and the viewers. I still remember “Mentalist” which had the fictional “Red John” character showcased as the serial killer who  was kept from the eyes of the viewers for many seasons but still the show managed to not lose many viewers.

The viewers were eager to know who Red John was, taunting the protagonist Patrick Jane. The thing is serial killer’s story never seems out of fashioned even in the world of literati and on several occasions we could find many novels and stories come forth on these themes.

Second Lives by Anish Sarkar explores the story of three friends Sara, Omar and Neel who meet in Goa to look into the suspicions surrounding the death of their school friend Rachael. Rachael, a sports journalist by profession had not been usual over the days which is explained by the phone calls she made to her school buddies and her friends think she is not a person to commit suicide. The three then take a decision that sucks them into a whole lot of incidents that they wouldn’t have thought they would encounter.

They finally closed down the suspicions that Rachael was killed while she was investigating the story of a serial killer who is unknown to the world and the victims seem dead due to suicide or reasons unknown to the media and the police. The three battling their inner demons find a shocking truth that the murders are connected from the days they have been studying in boarding school. They realize a friend who was thought dead by the world was alive and a friend close to them was a serial killer and then the story ends in a cliffhanger.

Anish Sarkar has got a very good idea of choosing a psychological thriller relating to psychopath and set the story in a boarding school along with Goa where most of the story takes place. The idea of switching the narration to Neel, Omar and Sara and revealing the things through them was a nice tactic used by him. But to be frank the readers would be confused by the switching almost throughout the entire length of the story. The characters are well etched, stays in our hearts.

Cover Design : Haitenlo Semy 

The trick of introducing a new character at the end as serial killer killing the guesses of the readers was nice one. But still the story lacks the pace and the narration of the serial killer sure confuses the readers very well. The plot has lot of possibilities to take this into a high pitched story but somewhere in the middle we lose the patience and doesn’t thrill us at the end.

The book is a nice read and would make a good pass time; though don’t think of high paced action movie stuff.


About the Book:

Title : Second Lives

Author :  Anish Sarkar

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9789385152887, 9385152882

Copy :Publisher

Rating :


Links :

Amazon : Second Lives by Anish Sarkar

Flipkart : Second Lives by Anish Sarkar 




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