Book Review : Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal

Some books pump up your adrenaline when you start to read it. Those sparkling lines of fiction make you turn the pages so fast that you lose tracking time and makes us dive into a world we don’t expect to go before we start it. Losing My Religion is one such book that grabs the attention of the readers through its strong powerful story. The title seems to lead us away during the initial pages, but don’t know if it would grab attention as the plot does.

The characters are well etched and as the plot widens we introduced to a villain that makes the plot even more stronger and let us held the book tightly without allowing us to gaze somewhere else even for a light gaze. The story is about a entrepreneur Rishi Rai who has miserably failed trying to save his gaming company and let alone left all the things of the packed city roaming a wanderer. He meets Alex, a hippie and decides to let life play his fate trying to forget the sore memories of his past entrepreneurial life. Then they escape from Malana after a arduous time time there and Rishi Rai meets his love of life, Kyra in Om Beach where he meets her in a gaming championship. Then the story travels to Kumbh Mela, one of the largest congregations of the world, where Rishi unveils his entrepreneurial skills to forget the drastic events that followed Om Beach and thereafter we are introduced to a reality show where there is a grand finale that is so apt for the book.



The initial pages will test the readers with thoughts of where the plot is leading them, but then the author ties them with his skills by leading them to four different destinations which will make the readers go in awe. The writing style is so simple that readers won’t feel keeping the book away. The interesting events lead us till the climax and the plot is written with such a precision that it seems like screenplay of a movie (It needs some cut anyways). The gaming championship episode and the reality show in USA deserves a great applause from the writer as these episodes are indelible which holds the plot to a greater finale. The flow doesn’t seems too preachy, flows beautifully without making us bored. The story behind Kyra, the paparazzi episode, the contest in the reality show really holds us to the book.

The climax although would be easier to predict for the readers doesn’t sounds too cliched to be ignored. The author could have held something at the end for the readers as it was too early for the readers to guess the end at the inception of the reality show itself. But other than this thing there is no negative about the book. I would be glad to recommend this book for a fun read, an adventurous one and a book which doesn’t take too much of our time (It could be finished in a single sitting). It was an excellent debut for Vishwas Mudagal and I am expecting a sequel for Losing My Religion.



About the Book:

Title : Losing My Religion 

Author :  Vishwas Mudagal

Publisher : Finger Print Publication

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789385755682, 9788172344931

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal


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