Book Review – Six Degrees : Game of Blogs


Collaborative writings doesn’t always entice the readers, either they would be lesser than the reader’s expectations due to the hype that circumnavigated about the collaboration of the writers or it would be a let down of enthusiasm for the readers when they don’t find it exciting. Only a few titles that has been collaborated by multiple authors has withstood the expectations and found their places among the bestseller shelves. But, what if a book is completely written by a plethora of bloggers ? Will it be worth reading ?? Shed the thought of fears, for here is an wonderful experiment that tasted success by its fantastic approach even though it is a nascent.


Six Degrees – Game of Blogs is a book that has a bizarre back story to it as the name sounds. Some days back ( couldn’t remember the exact date ), 300 + bloggers participated in a blogging event called Game of Blogs conducted Blogadda. Characters of five people along with hints of description about the people were shared and bloggers were grouped into teams consisting of 8 – 10 members. Each team was asked to come up with a story. Three teams with three stories emerged as the winners of the event and the stories were released as a separate book ( That sounds interesting right ?).


Enticing doodle Cover Design 


As every reader I was skeptical about multiple bloggers co authoring a same story of same characters and released as a 400+ page book with doubts regarding the book making my time fruitful. But I was wrong about thinking about “multiple cooks spoiling the broth example”. The book simply lead me into an awe when I begun to turn the pages. The three stories are the same with almost the same characters but it has different treatment to it as it as written by three different teams (The winning teams – By lines, Potliwale Baba, Tete-a-Ten).  Each would start different and end in an unusual manner providing no clues to the reader about the finale or the changes that are about to happen.


The diversity of writing style and the different treatment to each  characters and the story line making it disparate from each other, reducing their complexity for the readers to understand is where this book stands high. The characters :

1) Shekhar Dutta –  freelance writer staying in Mumbai, A Dad

2) Tara Dutta – Wife of  Shekhar,  A media professional and a woman who is career-oriented.

3) Roohi Dutta – A 9 year girl, Daughter of Shekhar and Tara

4) Jennifer Joseph –  Photographer staying in Kochi (Kerala)

5) Cyrus Daruwala – A law student in Delhi

gives a distinction about their roles and their descriptions which were provided to write about the characters formed an incredible support to the erstwhile bloggers to hone the characters into a story of their own. The teams and the bloggers have done incredible in indulging the characters into the minds of the readers and making them stay even after the end.

The Awakening, Entangled Lives, Missing   (titles of the stories) – although different from each other catch the minds of the readers engaging them with the story. The Awakening dealing with a sci-fi environment even though staying with the story, Entangled Lives provides a nice thriller effect to it and Missing invokes a mystery angle to it. The readers would be spell bound by the difference in the stories and the way the stories have been treated. I would surely recommend this book ( Even though it is a little high price). The experience the book gives is totally a new one and the blogger turner writers need to be appreciated for their extraordinary effort.


About the Book:

Title : Six Degrees – Game of Blogs

Author :  Various

Publisher : Publishing

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 978-9352013890, 9352013891

Copy : Blogadda Review Copy

Rating :

Links :

Amazon : Six Degrees – Game of Blogs


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