Laundry Goes Odd Even

Household works are the sole job of the women. Still living in this kind of reverie ? I would say that the time of this kind of thoughts has long perished ages ago. Today Gender equality has been put forward in every field and women are no less than men proving their prowess almost in all fields, excelling making history. So these kinds of male chauvinistic thoughts has no place in this contemporary times.

I have begun to share my part of helping My Mom with all the household chores in my free time minimising her work in every possible. She even mentions it to her friends about the change that I have made by helping her during the works. Thanks to Ariel challenge which changed my whole perspective that had made me do things which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 

I usually put the clothes that need to be washed in the dump box and expect my Mom every time to put the clothes in the laundry. But now I begun to wash my clothes in the washing machine putting them myself, separating the whites from the colours, setting the correct process and drying them in the sunlight all by myself.  After all during the holidays I would be lazy enough but now I had realized the need to help my Mom as she is toiling all days for the family and let alone toiling for the holiday too. So I decided to hit the laundry thing minimising her work and helping her with the other chores interacting with her the week’s activities of her and this had made more wonders in our home.

Seeing me do my works, helping my Mom, my brother also had picked up his clothes and laundry them and washing his sock separately without expecting Mom to do these things. These simple works done by us though meagre in amount of what my Mom does will sure lessen her burden of the work on the whole and will let her focus in other important works. 

She could read the newspaper in the morning without the need to worry about the laundry so that she can acquire the day to day happenings around the world or decide which dish to cook to make for her sons and her husband without any worries. these little things will increase the happiness and the process that I have made by realising my work isn’t that simple when it comes to the work. Each time I would remind myself of the hardships that my Mom goes all the week preparing everything for us in the home and this wouldn’t be a large help but somehow it will also boost my spirits to take up other wok like this and volunteer myself seeing my Mom proud about her son. What would a son otherwise want other that to make his parents happy let alone sharing these kind of jobs doesn’t make us unhappy either. It will one day be of great use to me when I am on my own so there are double benefits too.


“I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.”






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