Book Review – When All Is Not Well : Depression, Sadness and Healing A Yogic Perspective – Om Swami

Life is really hard for everyone these days. The pressure certain situations exert on us, the fear about the future and the present, the sorrows of the past, thoughts about survival and what not is there that can send us into depression in these days of modern world.


“Just because things seem okay doesn’t mean they are okay at all. This is the truth of depression.”


The book is all about various types of depression and how the author has helped the depression troubled people to overcome these problems by analyzing the cause of depression from the troubled people and helping them with the various ways to overcome the major problem. As the author says in the initial verses of the book, people offer many ideas to depressed people and one such thing is to “Cheer Up” and it isn’t so simple.

However happy we are sadness seems to find its way into our hearts someway or the other and makes us troubled and the prolonged sadness and fear can lead us into deep depression. The book has many examples or rather incidents where the author helped tackle various depressions based on the root of the depression cause. Sometimes it needs medication, sometimes it just needs some change of mind and sometimes its just the change of perceptiveness and a little support from the family members and friends.

I have literally seen man of my friends and relatives move into depression and found it very hard to propel back to their normal life. But with the help of proper medications and a support from the friends and family members many seems to find their way back to normalcy. And the important thing I found during the course of reading this book is to never ask the person in depression to Cheer up or giving my insane advises to them, rather than standing by them to support during their troubled times.


The author has succeeded in bringing life to the book and making the readers to realize the importance of depression. I will never see depression the way I saw it before and understood its seriousness after reading this book. The book is so simple to follow and with apt real life incidents, the author propels the book into the minds of the readers and its indelible for the readers to omit depression hereafter. The readers will be accustomed with various types of depression and they will also try to find the root cause of the depression, rather than cursing over the sadness.


The book is a light read and I would suggest this book to all readers who want a sneak peek on depression. But nevertheless its a abode of information on depression factors and the medications, so I would urge all to read it at least once.



About the Book:

Title : When All Is Not Well : Depression, Sadness and Healing A Yogic Perspective

Author :  Om Swami

Publisher : HarperCollins India

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 935177726X , 978-9351777267

Rating :

Links :

Flipkart : When All Is Not Well: Depression, Sadness and Healing – A Yogic Perspective by Om Swami

Amazon : When All Is Not Well: Depression, Sadness and Healing – A Yogic Perspective by Om Swami


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