The Leadership Sutra: An Indian Approach to Power – Book Review – Devdudd Patanaik

Power is such a ” powerful ” weapon which can be used to create or to destroy anything. IF that is the scenario then the above said one could be easily connected with the organisational scenario in our country or even in any part of the world.

A famous quote describes this power as knowledge but after reading this book , you will get to know that power is always a combination of power itself and knowledge. In India we always follow a western cultural business model , which would contribute to the development of the company. But the whole process of these , lies in the leadership of the leader and their employees.

This book attempts to share different aspects of leadership mantras and sutras in an Indian way.This book offers advices and insights on leadership and power. It also gives us and idea about how mythology is connected in a way related to management and business and leadership. The author tries to break the leadership qualities and its essential things into simple myth stories in a connected way and enlightens the readers about the leadership qualities.

As you would be aware , the author is an illustrator and again he included sketches for easy understanding of those myths. The examples which are provided in every mantras gives us a quick reap of the myth in the present scenario.

These myths were from Hinduism , Jainism and Buddhism and they all speak of Leadership and power. The book is basically a derivation from the previous in this series called   ” Business Sutra “. This Leadership sutra answers the questions of how leadership can be done wisely and how effective a leadership can be.

This book also reveals the significance, property , rules, stability of leadership and the ways to achieve it. It also have various explanations about what a positive mind of leadership would have and that of negative one.

Whenever leadership comes into the scene, the other things which is always with it are power and rules. What would the significance and the rules make impact on the leadership is clearly portrayed in the form of letters and illustration with myths.

The book has a part titled ” Innovation is not possible unless rules are broken “. This is entirely true and the fact that is explained with the example connected with Krishna. Krishna defied rules and was considered as a real innovator ,but he always done these innovation without considering the rules. Unless these innovations are good , there is no harm when rules are broken. Like these things there are many such rules and insights which would definitely arouse your inner thoughts of leadership.

I would suggest this book to readers who are in want of motivation to improve their leadership qualities. Also to all mythology lovers who would like to know more in addition to myths and facts. Rather than these two categories the other set of readers will definitely find it less interesting. This is also a short book and that adds to the advantage of the readers.


About the Book:

Title : The Leadership Sutra : An Indian Approach To Power

Author :  Devdutt Pattanaik

Publisher : Aleph Book Company

Genre : Non Fiction/Business

Copy : Review Copy

ISBN : 9789384067465

Rating :

Links to Buy 

Flipkart : The Leadership Sutra : An Indian Approach To Power

Amazon : The Leadership Sutra : An Indian Approach To Power



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