Shopping With Jabong – II

*** Jabong has apps which could be used in smartphones making it even simpler. Try the Jabong App here. Visit the Jabong site here. ***


Shopping with Jabong was fun and cool last time and I was curious to visit the site again to try out a sweatshirt for my personal use. Due to the some constraints and some bugs in the website ( I really hated the bugs), my mind deterred from using the site but my heart went for it and I thought it was worth the wait.


shopping with Jabong - II


I was searching for a good sweatshirt and as I was browsing, the experience was different this time as the Low – High pricing sort was perfect this time. The sorting was also perfect when I selected some distinct brands of my choice.

I was content in narrowing in down my personal favorite sweatshirt. You can find it in here Nike Grey Sweatshirts . The Sweatshirt was uber cool ( at least I thought so!!) and I thought it would be perfect for a morning jog or to waiver off the cold during the winters. Although its been a while since sweatshirt and hoodies began to dominate the Indian markets which came through the people’s mind via various American TV shows, it was the flash that made my mind to try it out. (Thank You, Barry Allen).


This time there was no confusion in choosing the color as I was fixed with the grey color. There was a pretty decent discount there and it was also urged me to click the buy button and go into the payment. Further there was a super cool method from the Nike brand and Jabong for this particular product which I found was very really interesting. The sizes for this particular product was very well given with sizes comparing with other products and what it was meant to be with this size. I liked this approach from Jabong as it would be very helpful for the customers to choose the best fit size from the site. The guide has also helped much from the right side below the buy now button but it was the image that was attached along with the product image that kept aside the fear from the minds.


Also the model stats given below also gave a clear mindset about how it would fit for me and for the others clearing all fears. That was a clever move in making the customers mind urging them to buy. Also the details about the cotton fabric and how to wash them would be very useful. The product was delivered withing the given time but this time there was no worries in the size problems.


Shopping with Jabong post I wrote earlier would be the first experience of mine and it was quite weary that made me to rethink whether to use Jabong or not. But this Shopping with Jabong – II cleared all the fears that reinstated my faith on Jabong. Also try their app or their website to exactly enhance their shopping experience.


You can browse the product here.


Happy Shopping,

John Corlos.








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