Shopping with Jabong



Shopping once have been a arduous job of getting into the brick and mortar stores searching the various collection of brands, choosing the right color and texture, choosing the thing which we like and the fit of the particular product. Choosing even a flipflop will take a good search of getting into two or three shoe stores and choosing the right thing is always a tough task. As brands began to make their brick and mortar stores it was even more difficult to choose which brand and where to go.


But in the advent of the online shopping, it grew more popular among the masses as it was less risky than visiting a brick and mortar store in which if we don’t like a particular product we wouldn’t like to embarrass the good workers there. Unlike the physical stores we can search for more products and browse them according to our wish, sorting out our favorite product with cool offers.


Jabong was very famous with my friends and I was very intrigued to try it. I was in need of a flipflop and I decided to hit the Jabong website to search the flipflop of my choice.


The website home page was neatly designed without flashy ads and misleading offers. IT was quite simple and user friendly even for a first timer like me. Then I browsed the product of my choice and chose my thing, a Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue Flipflop.


JAbong Nike .jpg
Stylish, Elegant Flipflop from Nike


It was easier choice as the sort can be done at the right corner on what choice do we need a sort. The brand, sizes, color and the material can be sorted out which are present in the left side of the website. When you enter a particular product the various sizes along with the size chart are displayed there and the colors for the product along with product image can be viewed for a savvy visual experience. The order page wasn’t that much trickier and the order confirmation along with a message to my mail id and to my phone where sent.


The product I received was priced above 1k but on applying the voucher in the payment page I was able to get the product  on a discount of 50% with an additional 15% special offer. The product was delivered within 6 days but the size was little bit tight for me so I returned the product and the return policy isn’t much tougher but it very simple and I received the product of my size in around 5 days.


Pros :

  • Simple & User Friendly Website
  • Myriad varieties of Products
  • Sort out via Pincode
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy Return Policy


Cons : 

  • Bland UI, dull backgrounds ,
  • Mostly Out of Stock Products,
  • Late Confirmation of Products,
  • Plenty of mistakes in the website.


The last one was little bit annoying ( Plenty of mistakes in the website). The product I was ordering was the Nike Chroma Thong 4 Blue FlipFlop which was been sorted out after it was my favorite among many others. But instead of the blue flipflop, a grey flipflop of the same model came in the image. This bug was found almost in many products and it was annoying to change and see our favorite product with other name. Also I was careful enough to switch back to blue flipflop (But still the image showing grey flipflop) and order it. I was in a fear whether I would receive the correct blue one or the grey one. I was fortunate that I received the grey one.


JAbong Wrong



Will I try again Jabong ? 

Even though there are some dislike I will try it again. No big issues.


Jabong has also apps which could be used in smartphones making it even simpler. Try the Jabong App here. Visit the Jabong site here.


Happy Reading,

John Corlos.




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