Book Review : The Dark Side of Light – Sanil Sachar

I was delighted to see the book ” The Dark Side of Light ” by Sanil Sanchar when the mail was delivered to me. When I opened the book , the cover looked interesting and when I finished the book , came to a conclusion that it emphasized the theme of the short stories and it was very well relevant to the title.

This is Sanil Sanchar’s second book and this is an amalgamation poetry , prose and script. His first book ” Summer promises and other poems ” was full of poems of various subjects with different genre. I haven’t read that , but after reading that I got a impression to read the first book of the author.

As like what I have known like the first one , this book too has various genres with different subjects but , this book has a link between them.Moreover this is the first book that I have read in the poetry genre and that too from a Indian author. Sanil through his book told the world that he had made his expertise over the genre.

The book should make the reader to be engaging with the subject of the book , this fulfills that condition and gets a thumbs up. Mostly the poetry are not too long , so you can say it as a short poem which continues into a short story with the subject of the genre.

The book has a collection of poems and short stories and they are in a equal mode. Since the author is a poet by himself , the try over the script and the short story is really worth. Each book which is good has a special mention in that book , this too has many in the poems. He is the maker and the writing makes us re-read it again.

Usually the combination of prose and poetry is a rare one and even then if it comes , it will be less engaging with the readers. The genre ranges with different subject and you will feel the goodness of the poems in each line of it.

The book travels with the theme and stick to that which makes it to be a sure read. The combination makes it a good read.

This book is ideal for readers who love to read poetry and who loves a combination of poem plus poetry. Also this book is simple and can be read in a single read. This book doesn’t takes much of your time. So I suggest this as a sure read for all the readers.


About the Book:

Title : The Dark Side of Light 

Author :  Sanil Sachar

Publisher : Rupa Publications

Genre : Fiction

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 8129139766 , 9788129139764

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart : The Dark Side of Light by Sanil Sachar


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