Book Review : River of Flesh and Other Stories ; Edited by Ruchira Gupta

Some stories never wither off our minds; they affect us and make our minds think of the stories and their characters. Ruchira Gupta’s “River of Flesh and Other Stories” which she has edited the stories written by many authors is powerful one in today’s scenario and a much needed one.

I haven’t heard of either Ruchira Gupta before nor read any of her columns. But after reading this book, I searched in the internet about her and was surprised to see her efforts to as an journalist and about her fighting against sex trafficking. This book has been edited by her which summarizes the stories written by various authors. The book contains 21 chapters and sure they will make an impact upon you for sure. The book is all about the sex workers and women inequality.

Kudos to the author for editing this story and bringing it to life. It takes much courage to write things which aren’t popular among the people, about the stories of women who are normal like the others until they are struck by reality by the fate of life or by their surroundings.

Initially it was hard to enter into the book with the title having words which makes us hesitant but it in reality it is true that these things are happening around the world. So the journey of reading the book began with Kamala Das’s “A Doll for a Prostitute Child”.

The story of “The Hundred Candle Power Bulb” by Manto was very moving and would make any reader froze when the story ends. The characterisation of the woman and the climax which is very unexpected must be a new thing to the readers. The stories aren’t fast paced but move in a slow manner enough to keep us finish each and every story without much hurry. Infact every story during their ends would make the readers sympathize over the fate of the characters who are rather pushed to accept the bitter reality of their future. The authors such as Kamala Das, Amrita Pritam, Manto, Premchand and Kamaleshwar stories makes a hard impact after reading them.

This book although containing many short stories would make the readers think of the stinking society that still pushes women taking hard decisions to sustain their lives and its a breaking reality. I wouldnt say the book is engaging but a must read for understanding the situations prevailing across our country beyond the suburbs. Kudos again to the author Ruchira Gupta for editing and giving such a book.



About the Book:

Title : River of Flesh and Other Stories 

Author (Edited) :  Ruchira Gupta

Publisher : Speaking Tiger Publications

Genre : Fiction/Short Stories

Copy : Flipkart Review Programme

ISBN : 9789385755583

Rating :


Links :

Flipkart : River of Flesh and Other Stories ; Edited by Ruchira Gupta


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