Book Review – When Our Worlds Collide – Aniesha Brahma

I happen to stumble upon this book as a romantic novel and was intrigued to read it. It was a very small novella. The book follows the story of
Akriti who has a sheltered life under Mom without giving a damn about the outside world, secluded.

when_our_worlds_collide_aniesha_brahmaIt tracks how she overcomes her fears and makes her life better making friends, understanding her dysfunctional family and others feelings. It has been mentioned in the novel at the beginning that it would be a disparate one which will never leave your heart and true to that the character Akriti stays with us even after reading the book.

The book is all about realistic moments that we live in. When reading we expect for a different scenario, but the author establishes a simple real life scenario in the book without much exaggeration and discomfort. That doesn’t makes us weary as those are the things that happens in our life and we can relate to it.

The book is a very short novella and it wouldn’t take much time to complete it. The characters are well drawn with their own characteristics and really have an impact on us, especially the Riley & Ayoub characters which appears to be short but doesn’t fails to create an impact.

This rather than to be a romantic novel, feels like a young adult fiction which doesn’t take much of your time giving you a waking experience. IT has only a Kindle edition right now but that is not a problem for the readers as the novel is quite gripping and read worthy.



About the Book :

Title : When Our Worlds Collide

Author :  Aniesha Brahma

Publisher : General Press

Genre : Romance

Copy : Writersmelon


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Kindle Edition : When our worlds collide by Aniesha Brahma