Book review – Chronicler of the undead – Mainak Dhar

Chronicler of the Undead book written by Mainak Dhar is the first of the horror genre books based on Zombie apocalypse that I have read. Most of us might have enjoyed the movies and series based on Zombies but to read a book will it evoke the same fear, thrills ?


Mainak Dhar proves it right and he brings in the same emotions of curiosity in his lines. The book is about a Zombie apocalypse that makes the people of the world into undead and roam about the streets. The author who writes in his journal thinks he is the only man surviving in Gangtok in bungalow situated on the hill. The events that unfurls after he decided to hit the roads when he is shortage of food and water, to survive the undead from attacking him makes the rest of the story. The transition of the Captain from a failed army men, failed writer to someone who inspires others, instill the will to survive is thoroughly superb.


The author apart from the serious elements of instilling suspense and thrilling, he has an excellent sense of humor that will sure have a hit among the readers. I finished the book in a single sitting and the book was too engaging that makes us to finish it. The suspense element of the name of the Captain revealed in the very last is a good technique. Calling the zombies as Moreko (its Nepalese) was good one avoiding the quotidian word. But I found the end little bit filmy. Overall this book was quite a horror suspense one and the readers will sure enjoy it.


Some of the quotes that I enjoyed during reading the book (No spoilers I suppose) :


What you need most to survive a zombie apocalypse is not a shotgun, but a bloody can of air freshener. 

People study, work hard at their jobs, gain impressive degrees and qualifications and then, at the end of it, it turns out that grunts shall inherit the world. 

When all else is gone, holding on to decency and honor is the best a person can hope to do.


About the Book :

Title : Chronicler of the Undead

Author :  Mainak Dhar

Publisher : Westland Publications

Genre : Horror

Copy : Writersmelon

ISBN : 978-9385152498, 9385152491

Rating :



Links :

Amazon : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Amazon)

Flipkart : Chronicler of the Undead (Flipkart)

Kindle Edition : Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar (Kindle Edition)


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