Book Review – Bhima : The Man in the Shadows by Vikas Singh

I always wonder why in the recent times many authors chose to take the epics and re-interpret them with neoteric narratives and disparate perspectives. New books on the epics with new interpretations are all flooded there (May be it is the season for mythology and epic related series). All we have to do is rightly pickup the one which would amuse us with their words and perspicacity that they enrich within us.


Only the past week I have finished reading the Thirteenth Day by Aditya Iyengar which is based on the epic Mahabharatha. On finishing it, the book Bhima : The Man in the Shadows by Vikas Singh came as an astonishment from Writersmelon as a part of their #FestiveReading series. So here I am scripting my reflections of thoughts that I had after reading the book.

The blurb that I saw in the Internet when I googled about the book in Amazon gave me a brief vista of what the book contains.

The book is all about Bhima, the brave warrior about whom we have heard a lot of fables and tales and read a lot in the epics and seen in the movies. The author has to be appreciated and lauded for the thought of taking Bhima as the protagonist of the book amidst the plethora of characters in the epic, as we may have read more about the epic in the views of Draupadi, Karna, Yudhistra, Arjuna (the most) and even the Kauravas. But this is the first account I am reading which focuses on the feelings of Bhima and how he thought throughout the tale.


The book takes us through Bhima’s maslin of thoughts and emotions. It tries to portrays the other side of the hard grim faced, muscled warrior of his passion, honesty, love towards others, humor senses. The thoughts that Bhima has whenever he thinks of what he will doing if he was there will evoke humor in the readers for sure.

“What would have I done if I were in his place…maybe I would have just taken Draupadi’s hand and walked away from there forever…” 


He was always a warrior on the field while the whole focus fell on Yudhistra and Arjuna. He fought valiantly although Krishna chose to be Arjuna’s charioteer. His thought process on the whole thing of ignorance and the things about his side of feelings will sure make the readers wonder why they haven’t thought these for many days.


But I found the book to be a little bit akward boring as the in the whole book Bhima is seen lamenting about different things. It may be thought process of the protagonist according to the author, but how can a warrior we heard so long great can be only lamenting throughout. I found it little bit misleading there and the other thing is about the consummate thing. Every book finds somewhere a place about the consummating or sex even if it is not needed. It is been as if it has been forced or something. But the author had in some pages tried to incorporate life lessons through the eyes of Bhima. That was interesting to read.


The book is a good read those who want a disparate attempt on an epic and rave for mythology based stories. This book could be finished in a whip as it is easy to follow (The ideas are new though).  Though boring sometimes, this could be a savior during travels and those who prefer to read mythologies.The cover of the doesn’t instantly attract as it seems too dark at places. (May be they should have planned an alternative cover)


About the Book :

Title : Bhima : The Man in the Shadows

Author :  Vikas Singh

Publisher : Westland Limited

Genre : Mythology Fiction

Copy : WritersMelon

ISBN : 9789385152504

Rating :

Links :

Amazon : Bhima : The Man in the Shadows (Paperback)

Kindle Edition :  Bhima : The Man in the Shadows (Kindle)


Folks, this is my book review for the #FestiveReading that’s been initiated by Writersmelon.

Visit them here to more more about the #FestiveReading series and you can also follow them on Twitter  @Writersmelon.


Happy Reading,



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