Live life – The Biscuits way

LiveThe sky was shiny, unclouded and the land was verdant with bright green plants and trees. The old man was walking along the road which was void. The old man was farmer and lived in the village along the hills. The farmer was lonely as his children went to cities for their work and had sophisticated lives and lost his wife to the old age. He still lived at his old wooden house worrying about nothing but always longing for the summer holidays to come so that he could see his grandchildren arrive to the villages for the vacation.

The grandchildren were very studious and were interested in tech things. When they came last year to the village they were surprised and worried that their grandfather didn’t have an internet connection. Of course nobody in the village has heard of the word INTERNET. The old man had his routines. He would wake up early in the morning; go for his morning tea and biscuits in the teashop amidst the chilly weather. He will have a chat with his friends discussing the daily happenings about the headlines and the other news in the newspaper. He would go for the bank weekly once and discuss with the officials there. The farmer was a charming man. The people would see him as angel who brings happiness in his speech and doings.

That summer his son along with his family arrived there for the vacation. The children brought with them the latest tech gadgets. The children were always indulged in viewing videos and playing games in their laptops. They didn’t wish to see the nature’s beauty or talk with their neighbors. The old man was very sad about the nature of children and decided to change their attitude. Furthermore the old man’s son wasn’t happy that his father was going out in the cold morning to chat with his friends or go to the bank walking along the empty hilly roads. So the son arranged for an computer and internet connection to be installed at his father’s home. He also taught him the ways of transacting money and how to check the balance in the bank account. He also taught his father how to use the Skype so that he chats in the video with his grandchildren daily. The grandchildren taught the old man many times but the old man was little bit late in learning them. The son also got a coffee maker in his father’s home and said him to avoid taking the morning walk. The old man was very worried about this but for the sake of the happiness of his son and grandchildren he toiled hard in learning the tech stuffs. But he lost his happiness of his daily walk or having biscuits and the hot coffee in the cold morning. The thought of sitting idle in the old wooden house seeing the whole village working and enjoying killed his instincts. He took the grandchildren then next day on the habitual route he would take for the shop where he would take biscuits and coffee. The hill road was tough to walk with but the view along the edges was so beautiful that the children were so happy. The old man told so many stories to them that they enjoyed the nature’s beauty forgetting the mundane games. They cherished eating the fruits offered by the neighbor which were freshly picked from their fields, played in the small waterfalls near the road edge and imitating like they were sailing on the clouds. As they reached the coffee shop, the children were too tired of walking the hilly road. But as soon as his friends reached there they were enquiring about the children and shared many fables and tales about the village and the neighborhood that the children even forgot about their breakfast. They enjoyed the biscuits which were homemade and insisted the old man to get some for their friends in the cities. The children on reaching home asked the old man to wake them up early in the morning then next day so that they can accompany the old man along his way to the coffee shop for biscuits and coffee.

It is in these simple pleasures that we find happiness in our lives and not by the tech gadgets or the posh life that we live. A hot coffee along with some tasty biscuits is sure to lighten up the mood for the day making it pleasant and happy. Always do the thing that makes us happy and do not live a life forced by others.

Do learn more about the biscuit way through : McCain India

Come Let’s put a smile on that face,



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