I see the Joy of togetherness

Image credits : Kissan Facebook Page

I relish the days were as a child , I played with my neighbourhood friends. I had many friends and I actually know all their names. Even in the schooling and college days , I still remember the names of every friends and neighbours from my childhood days.

Togetherness is the word which I enjoyed during those days. Suddenly days passed and I found things slowly changed over the course of time. Transformation came and devices were invented , I think for everything which made our life simple and even simpler.

Everyone had mobile phones and laptops and kindle and Tablets and hand held devices which made life easier. I sensed the change over and playing with friends slowly came down and went unseen.

I had a chance of visiting my friends brother’s marriage and I met a child who was 3 years old and he always had a Apple Ipad with him playing games. When his parents were happy meeting their relations and friends after a long time , the child doesn’t seems to be so. He wants to be left lonely and doesn’t even care to speak to their relations and wanted to enjoy the gaming.

My friend and I took him and talked to him and he asked both of our mobile phones and enquired what games do you have and was really worried about us , without games what do you have enjoyment ?

The only way people relish the past is by seeing the social media and laughing at the Lifeless Monitors and screens of the devices. They end their day by hearing to the sings which have high bass and quality headsets.

People travelling in buses don’t enjoy the nature and it’s beauty rather than have their headsets and iPod packed with them to hear songs of different genres ranging from Michael Jackson to Pritam to Ilayaraja to Ar rahman to Anirudh to Katty Perry to Slena Gomez to rapping sensational.

They hate the sound of the public , hate the sound of the whisper sounds and the travelling of the other commutes. Long distance travels are becoming a decision making time to decide which are the songs to be heard while the next travel begins.

Weekends were limited to going to malls, theaters and watching movies or else watching the movies in TV and sitting and moving idle inside the house.

Even festivals were considered to great fun those days and people distribute sweets to those neighbours and would see others and greet them and have a chat with them , when they visit other houses. Usually parents will send the children with sweets to distribute to the neighbours so that children would talk to others and gain good habits and be a good one. Nowadays we cannot see such happenings. The technology have changed those things and made a fast forward to the world in such a small time.

we cannot blame the whole worl for this but we can make reforms and can bring back the world and change the situation upside down in a matter of time.

Nature has given so many things to relish but always we wonder the screen of the ,mobiles and tablets and talk with that. Rather than talk with neighbours and friends and play with your friends and go outside and enjoy the nature and make a way to spend at least the weekends without mobile phones and tech savy devices.

I don’t insist in changing in playlist from Kolaveri and Ganganam dance to RD Burman and Ilayaraja. Change the joy of being lonely to the joy of being together.

Wish to know more about togetherness

Visit : Kissanpur

Still want to know how it will be see this video

Relish the real joy of togetherness

With Joy of Togetherness,



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