Book Review : Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna


I was quite intrigued when I saw Mrs Funnybones in the Amazon best seller list for many days. I mean, I have heard Twinkle Khanna used to write columns for DNA and TOI but haven’t read any yet. So I wasn’t sure whether to try this book at first. But since my mind was fixed on that book, I placed an order and received the book.

The book was quite hilarious and it was an absolute page turner. The reader cannot get up without finishing it, as it was too engaging. It made smile and laugh till the end like a mad man. That is the magic that Twinkle Khanna makes out of her book to the readers.

The book is all about a regular women (Oh No.. She is already a celebrity of-course) who accounts her random and mundane musings of her day to day life with maximum wit possible. It is not an non fiction which emphasizes what to do.There isn’t a place in the book where there are abstruse explanations and doesn’t make you do laugh spuriously. The places where the prodigal son tells the mother that her jokes are always sarcastic and the places where Funnybones mother comes in to the picture makes you laugh out loud. I would recommend this book to all readers as this one will not be  a regular page turner but will make you laugh out more than anything. It’s hard to find a book that can make you relieve from all tensions and this is the one that will be a tension saviour until you finish reading it. The sense of humour she has got is an extreme one.

P.S : I have started to read the columns of Twinkle Khanna regularly ( might be the sequel of Mrs Funnybones who knows)

About the Book :

Title : Mrs FunnyBones

Author : Twinkle Khanna

Publisher : Penguin Books India

Genre : Humour

Copy : Own

ISBN : 978-0143424468

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

Links :

Flipkart : Mrs.Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna 

Amazon : Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna


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