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India and Sports :

India as we all know is not only a maslin of cultures, languages, lands, religions, climates and people, but also the land of birth for many games. India and Sport are inseparable. Many games and sports such as Chess, Judo, Polo, and Cards have been transmitted to other countries where they have transformed and developed to its current version and some games like Cricket, Tennis were adapted into our country from other cultures.Even in the ancient times, Pandavas lost their kingdom to Gauravas over a game of gambling. Any festival or a celebration is incomplete without a game in India. Games have been an indispensable thing in every Indian’s life.

“I don’t think there’s any dearth of talent in India – we’ve always had the best juniors in the world”

                                         – Mahesh Bhupati (Indian Tennis Star)

Of all the games, CRICKET stands tall gaining a majority of support from the people. Billions and billions of people are crazy and mad about the game. Incidents such as applying leave for schools, offices and closing of shops during the match days in India is enough to say about the craze, we people have for the game in India. Sitting and watching an entire match even though when the team is about to lose could be seen.  Thanks to the Indian Cricket Team headed by Kapil Dev, who grabbed the World Cup trophy from the then stalwarts of the game, The West Indies in 1983. It was after then the game was much popularized in India. And even more after a particular man came to the game and changed the face of the cricket in the nation. India was known to the world through the World Cup won, but it was known worldwide when he entered and thrashed records.

The young boy entered the game in 1989 and he took the nation’s name to a top level through his efforts. People who were initially his fans, then slowly became his fanatics and at some point of time he became the GOD OF CRICKET. Every match whenever the whole team collapses, billions of Indians eagerly wait for the man to raise the team’s score and lead the team into victory bringing smiles and joy over to the entire nation. SACHIN TENDULKAR, the Demi God of Cricket is an Indian, will always be a moment of joy and proud for every Indian. Thanks to Captain M.S.Dhoni and the younger team that brought all the possible World Champion trophies to India raising our name in the sport, a feat that is still unachieved by England where the sport was found.

” When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones “- Sachin Tendulkar

The man behind the popularity of Cricket in India
The man behind the popularity of Cricket in India

Cricket has become the face of Indian sports and has dominated over other games in the past decades. For this level of popularity and craziness, the only thing which is responsible is the simpleness of the game and the support of media. It’s viewed across all religions and sometimes the reason for the unity in India too. Media focuses mostly on the cricketing side rather than picking news from other sports. A new BCCI president adorns the front page of the leading dailies and the magazines while national champion of other sports are cornered to the last page of the columns.  I wouldn’t say it’s the mistake of the Medias. There are fewer viewers for a national athletic meet or a national games event where IPL matches score the top position in the TRP ratings during the summer seasons. Even movies aren’t released during the IPL times.  The only change is that viewership of Indian Super League, an inter football tournament in India, but still it couldn’t swipe out cricketing actions.

A comparison of Indian Premier League & India Super League
A comparison of Indian Premier League & India Super League

Every game is important in India. Children learn games at a very early age of their life and they learn a lot of life values from those games. The main purpose of a game is the values that we learn from them. And physical games also cater to the improvement of health in the children rather than sitting before video games. They learn the spirit of friendship, teamwork, hard work, dedication and never giving up. These virtues not only make them strong but also discipline them into a good person. So as long as any game provides opportunities of learning these things there is not a problem.

But in India, the sporting action was centered on Cricket. But now times have changed, Sachin has retired and the raise of other sports in the International stage has been on the raise. There was a time when every four years, India would long for a lone medal. But now times have changed. Indian Super League and Pro Kabbadi League are gaining many viewers across the country. Tennis has been on the raise in the recent times with the mounting of grand slam titles to Indians such as Sania Mirza and Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi. Many females have been inspired by achieving sportswomen such MaryKom, Saina Nehwal and Tintu Luka to overcome the odds and lead India into the podium of the World stage in sports category.

“People used to say that boxing is for men and not for women and I thought I will show them some day. I promised myself and I proved myself”  – Mary Kom

People tend to complain about the level of India at the world level in Hockey, where we have eight gold medals in Olympics and Dhayan Chand’s legacy. People tend to brood over the past glories of other games and often tend to complain cricket for their present form. It’s the mistake of the people for thoughts like these.

People’s support for other games is essential rather than complaining about the monopoly of Indian cricket. Remember that people’s support was the main reason for Indian Cricket this much and nothing else. Even the National Sports Day is celebrated commemorating the birth anniversary of Dhayan Chand who is a legendary hockey player.  People’s support was the main reason for Medias to take over the sport over others and if people could support other sports and inspire younger generations, many champions will emerge in different sports.

People change the face of the nation; likewise people could also change the face of sporting in India. All types of sports are available in India and it’s up to the people for making it better and if ample support is given also by the government, then India will achieve many things in the days to come.

India consists of a maslin of sports within itself. Its upto us whether to sit and brood over cricket or support and raise the standards of other supports lies in our hands. Let’s take a pledge to support other games as well and inspire every youth to take sport. The government also needs to allocate sufficient funds need for the raise of sports in India and make sports education a must for all school children. Learning will always be fun through sports and I am sure that India will be brighter in the future both in the international podiums of Studies and Sports.

Yes.. India is my country and it’s not cricket centric !!!!

Jai Hind.




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