“Autobiography of a Mad Nation” by Sriram Karri – Book Review

Sriram Karri in his second book ” Autobiography of a Mad Nation ” unveils the story of a group of friends along with the background of the ongoings of a mad nation. This is basically a Good vs Bad theme with some drama and history all along the part.

Autobiography of a Mad Nation
     Autobiography of a Mad Nation – Book Review 

The author has used this as a powerful tool to express his views on the ongoings. The use of contexts such as historical events like the Emergency and the right through the economic liberalisation to the Godhra riots is sure to make a bind with the readers. The author had tried to weave in various aspects and provide the reader a good read rather than preaching about the values. The author had sure given his best shot in creating a group of plots neatly woven and given it within 384 pages.

The story begins with protagonist, Vikrant Vaidya writing to the President of India. He has been convicted for a crime  that he did not commit. He did not ask for his mercy and writes to the President of India describing his offence and asks to decide, prove and punish if he is found guilty. His character’s potential is shown by this where he writes “ I don’t like your hairstyle” .The President, intrigued by our angry young man, sends Vidyasagar (Sagar), retired head of CBI to investigate whether Vikrant is guilty or no. He is sent to investigate whether the protagonist did kill the young boy Iqbal. And here begins the entire chase that leads Sagar to unfold conspiracy to conspiracy, involving some of the most influential people in the country.

“I was born in a mentally retarded nation.”

This line is sure to show the readers how the author would have expressed his views in the book. Overall this book was a nice read. But some repetitions made a boring along the way the book travels, rather it was a impediment. The author till the end sticks to the plot and doesn’t give away preachy Easter eggs. But this story contains many a twist within itself and it sure is to get the readers in a awe.

  About the Book :

Title : Autobiography of a Mad Nation

Publisher : Fingerprint

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9788172345655

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

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