Game of Dishes  & Fishes

What is precious than a hand of food that is been fed by our mother or a dinner made by our sister/brother/ friends/relatives. The mere word “FOOD” is sure to bring loads of fondly memories and the taste will sure to linger in the tongue for a life. The smell of the freshly cooked food is more than enough to kindle the hungriness and the interest to eat anything in the world.


No wonder Food after a feast after any special occasions or festivals finds an important place in our Indian tradition. Our ancestors found the best way of uniting our souls through the craving for foods. What an insight.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 
Virginia Woolf

Our country has “Unity in Diversity” in food too with a plethora of food dishes and cuisines around our country. From the North to the South and across the East to West, thousands of dishes made with the recipes that were passed down through the ages and the culture that has been woven around our food is fascinating history.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

                                              George Bernard Shaw


Food is related with love. No one can forget the days when we were fed by our mothers or the food that we savored during a festival or the food that has been presented to us by our friends or relatives. School or college lunch hours are unfinished memories if we hadn’t grabbed our friend’s lunch and savored it.

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Food brings peace of mind and when one savors his favorite food, he sure is to be transcended to a different where the memories of the taste, the smell and the instant that we eat the particular food will remain in our mind for a life as pleasant beautiful thing.

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.



There is an anecdote of mine which I would like to share that made me to cook myself thereafter making me a better cook and the love for foods that has been cooked by me and the happiness of sharing my cooking with others.

                                      “Any food can satisfy the tummy, but only a good satisfies both the heart and the tummy.”

– Ustad Hotel 

Good Food

I used to spend a lot of time with friends during the holidays where we would be trying various food stuffs in the garden in our friend’s home. Mostly we would try Grilled Chicken which would be a much easier task. We would use the wood for firing/heating the chicken and cook in the traditional way which is been still in use in many parts of our country – the woods, dried leaves to make fire and use bricks walled up to make stove like things. Those were some happy days of making along with my friends and savoring it was a different story.

As we were passionate in riding bikes for a long drive, we planned for a long drive to a seashore town near our home some 50 kms apart. That was one fond memory where we were welcomed by the rains during the drive and we were a bit late in the evening when dark clouds were busy wandering the sky. As we reached there we saw a lot of boats untying the fish that’s been caught, weighing and selling them. As we were fully exhausted by the rains and driving for a longer time, we decided to get some fresh fishes. A local fisherman offered a load freshly caught fish for a very low amount (Nearly 7Kgs).


It was late when we returned and my friend’s parents were surprised at the fishes we bought and also the thought cleaning it brought nightmares to them. As my parents were not in my home, me and my brother along with my friend’s got this fishy idea of cooking fresh fishes with fried fishes and fishy curry with rice for the dinner. But no one in our gang knows to cook fish or clean it either. One of my friend’s mother took the task of cleaning and giving us guide on how to cook fish.

After immensely cleaning the fish (the all fishes at the same time), she said “I will cook and give you”. But we were determined to cook and taste it as it would be the best thing to do on a rainy night. So I and my friends started to cook with the steps as told by my friend’s Mom. The rice was being prepared in another room by my brother who wasn’t confident enough that I will prepare fish dishes and was ready with some curd to be savored for safety. As the masalas were rubbed and the basic ingredients were churned out on the pan, the smell was superb and we were in a transcending happiness.

I was bit ignorant on the amount of fish to be put in for curry as this was my first time. In a minute of eating soon, I put out only two fishes inside the curry that was being made reserving the others for being fried. (Gosh I couldn’t how I did that still). After the dishes were made, my brother was craving for the dish to be savored. Everyone was ready with their plates.

But as soon as they got their mouth of the curry everyone’s face was like Mr. Bean. I had in a hurry put only two fishes in the curry which must be put according to the ratio. (I must have put around 8 to 10). My brother was kidding me like anything and asked my friends not to share the food to the pets as they would be serious if they eat it. And then we took the whole pan consisting of the curry to my friend’s home where my friend’s mother couldn’t control the laugh on the ignorant decision I have made and she promised to rectify it. Then she added the other fishes in there and in 20 mins we were savoring our food that we made so drastic and been rectified.

What a Day it was, the day where we had bought the ingredients and the fish ourselves, cooking ourselves and sitting and eating with all my friends and their parents was joyous day that I couldn’t forget in my life. The craving to eat the fishes and the foodfix I made to savor the dish that I made myself had made me a better cook these days I suppose.

P.S. : We didn’t have the super cool food delivering startup giant “Tinyowl” at that time. If it were we would have ordered our favorite dishes like now which would have been les messy in the kitchen and messier in the dining tables with lots of football matches and sitting in the couches and ordering stuffs. Missed it badly during those times way back in 2012 in our cities. But anyway now that I found it would recommend my friends also to take a notice and try them.

Image Credits : TinyOwl Facebook Page (
                        Image Credits : TinyOwl Facebook Page                                (

Trust Me, they are more speedy even though they have only a mobile app version. Who needs a web version these days ? (only Facebook)

Check them out “TinyOwl” app versions over here : Android and iOS 

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