The Curse of Surya – Book Review

Too many thrillers these days made me to think in a different perspective. That’s not the end of reading , you know , So here I am with another interesting book called , “The Curse of Surya” written by the award winning author of “Pitch It”, “DEV PRASAD”.

I haven’t read his previous one “Pitch It”, When I got the book, I had no idea about how it will be. The cover design of the book , well gave me a small idea. Thought that the story would be revolving around a character called Surya, and yes as usual it’s always the opposite.

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What’s this story is all about ?

The story is about finding the precious gem called Shyamantaka , which is a 5000 year old stone and it can make the man powerful who is having that and all the nations are behind the hunt for the most valuable stone. The interesting story starts from singapore , where Ms. Sangeetha Rao, a TV Reporter was sent to India to cover the events which are going to be historic as the most influential political leaders of the governing nations meet in Taj Mahal in Agra. Also another big event is being arranged in Mathura which is The All Saints conference hosted in the Krishna Janmasthan Temple in UP.

Swami Brij Mohan assures the media that he will reveal the place where the precious gem/stone Shyamantaka is there. Sangeetha meets Alan Davies a welsh man who introduces himself as an archaelogical professor from Oxford. Due to unfortunate happenings , they were marked as international terrorists in the media, due to the bomb blasts in the All saints conference killing Swami Brij Mohan. During the escape from the temple in mathura, they meet Anton Blanchard. The three of them , unfolds the quest to capture the stone which will fortunately help them to escape from the big threat ahead of them.

The story travels further and has answers to the questions like

  • Who killed Swami Brij Mohan?
  • Who is Alan Davies?
  • What is the link between the tibetian who was killed in the temple and who killed Swamiji?
  • Was the stone found?
  • Will Sangeetha , Davies and Anton escape from the threat ?

The author have made it very clear about the story of Krishna and why the gem was missing. He unfolds the history through a quest and the link between his dynasties and also how the Kings of the Ruling was wise enough to hide a gem from a tchnologically equipped nation today. The turns during the quest were splendid and also he reminded that always a information has both a original and a duplicate meaning in it.( That was really interesting and when they discovered that they were fooled , they look at that piece of information in a different way). I would make it as a sure read for the newbie’s going to start thrillers.

The history linkage was excellent and the readers will be astonished to unfold the quests through their travel of reading.

This book will suit a reader who wants to read a thriller with a mystery and historical stories involved with a fast paced mythological story.

                                                                  About the Book :

Title : The Curse Of Surya

Publisher : Random House Publishers India Private Limited

Genre : Fiction/ Thriller

ISBN : 8184006225

Rating : Image result for 4 star rating

Links :

Flipkart : The Curse of Surya

Amazon : The Curse of Surya

Kindle Edition : The Curse of Surya

Happy reading.



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