Roger Federer – The Inspiration

I admire a lot and even dream a lot. In a country like India where people worship cricket as their religion and Sachin as their God and other players like his disciples and even other God’s. I’m no way different from them , I admired sachin a lot, like many people who was saddened by the retirement of ” God of Cricket”, i was also saddened.

I remeber in my childhood days, where I had heard of Karanm malleshwari and Leander Paes winning medals for India and then came Rathore who won a Silver medal for India. I haven’t heard tennis and also tennis was not even a great sport in India , until they heard the names of Roger Federer and then the likes of Rafael Nadal.

The tennis court was dominated by these two greats after the likes of Pete Sampras, andre aggasi , martina hingis, serena williams and Venus williams.

I still remember there was no facilities of home wifi and internet and the only way to know about sports is the “last page of dailies” and sportstar ( a weekly magazine which comes with a poster ).

The first tennis match which I saw in TV was the US open final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and it was the first of it’s kibd where the rivalry between the two greats started. Eventually the ” King of Grass ” won the match defeating the “King of clay” in a epic match. From that tennis became a regular follow up due to the king of grass , “Roger Federer”.

Whenever a tennis season comes , I heard many asking to someone who is talking about tennis , ” What happened to Roger and Rafael”. They have even became the great tennis players , the world has ever seen.

I personally love to see the tweener shot of Roger , which he plays as a late shot inbetween the legs. I closely relate it to the present shots which steve smith plays in cricket.

I don’t compare other greats with Roger. I wish Roger a huge success in his forthcoming days. Let Roger wins as many grandslams as he can. I would love to see your tweener soon in several matches. Add some french opens as the collection of French Open is only in the starting Level.

He holds the record for the most grandslam titles and even holds the record for the player who has been in the World No.1 for consecutively many weeks, which is unbroken yet.

Records are to be broken and I wish a happy birthday to my favourite tennis player of all time, “Fedex , JesusFed , Tweener Boy. Swiss Storm, Switzerland Express”, “King Of Grass” ,”Roger federer”.

I make this as a tribute design to my favourite player, “Roger Federer”

Roger Federer


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